Impusle. Chapter 15

Sci-Fi Story written by blue_veined_hatred on Wednesday 16, December 2009

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breaking and entering continues :D

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Chapter 15 BREAKING AND ENTERING II Myu tapped ENTER. A chain of events then followed in a narrow space of time. Nick rushed out first, and took grip over all the men on patrol. Fortunately, there were no valets coming in. So the other two rushed towards the concealed elevator, which was already down. Nick slid in at last. Nick and Chris were not surprised to see five doors open before them when the elevator had reached its destination. The brothers knew it was done to keep the shaft hidden from an X-ray scan. Myu's living room was tidy and huge but nowhere near girlish. The furniture was mostly of wrought iron. The carpet was grass green. A huge plasma screen sat majestically on the wall. Myu glanced at the stop clock in her hand. They had five more minutes. No words were exchanged among the three. Two guards who were just passing Myu's living quarters were nowhere near alert. They had seen the level of security arranged all around. Their eyes widened as the door of Myu's quarters burst open. Before the poor guards could react, they suddenly felt high, only for a moment though. Then they dropped down into a deep slumber. Chris already had the plan of the building memorized. He was leading the pack, "knocking out" anyone they met on the way. They reached their destination a minute early than they had expected. A huge door with oak panels blocked their way. Nick "convinced" two men from inside to do them the favor. The ball room was titanic. The carpeting was red. Huge, luxurious chandeliers were the ornaments of the ceiling. A circular dais was set at the dead center of the room. Chris and Nick immediately recognized Zaki on it, formally dressed in dinner jacket. He was sitting on a throne -ike chair. Seventeen more chairs (a bit less luxurious than Zaki's own) were set on either side of him. Those were for the Family Heads. Nearly all of them were occupied by men above sixty. The brothers only saw one man there with black hair. One chair was empty. Chairs were set in concentric circles around the dais. Seated there were handsome Japanese young men in tuxedoes, gorgeous Japanese young women in cocktail dresses or kimonos, children ranging from eight to twelve (formally dressed as well) and a few old people. There were people standing too. The men in white suits were the waiters and attendants. The ones in charcoal black were the body guards. "Hello, my people!' Myu greeted the room as cheerfully and loudly as she could. The reaction was unthinkable. The entire room, which was previously buzzing with its own frequency due to the constant conversation of so many people, immediately dropped silent and turned at the door. Some people gasped in harmony as they saw Myu standing there in black combat overall, looking pretty and furious as ever. They momentarily ignored Chris and Nick on her either side.

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    now, please read ur own work before u post. in that way u will get rid of slips like 'you have signed you own death warrant...'
    the story's still mindblowing. go on
    What can I say?
    Still loving this,,
    Very good. A good plot. Just a few things.
    Lucrative chandaliers - that doesn't quite work. The adjective is wrong.
    'The crowd was stoned' Don't you mean stunned?
    Cliff hangers as well Blue? Glad I'm going to read the next chapter right now.
    kt does have a point but nothing to get your nickers in a knot over.
    Great chapter.