Revenge (Part 4)

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Tuesday 15, December 2009

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A new friend? And what has happened to Rosuto?

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It was the smell of cigarette smoke that made Kasai open her eyes. Whether she had fallen asleep, just fallen unconscious, or her mind had slipped away momentarily to escape this reality was unclear to her nor did she really care at all. Kasai arched a single brow as she found an unfamiliar man standing over her. She quickly became uncomfortable by this situation, not because she woke to find him there, but because of his eyes. Amber hues that never blinked nor faltered away from their point of interest. Other then his eyes she found him pleasant to look at. "Hello," he finally spoke in a deep monotone voice. Pushing herself up, Kasai looked this new man over move carefully. A black leather trench coat was tightly fastened around his torso then flared out loosely at his waist. Platinum hair with a single strip of crimson on the left center flowed down his back and over his shoulders reaching down to around his waist. On his left shoulder rested a pauldron. There was nothing spectacular about it, just a dim steal gray pauldron, except for the fact that he was wearing it. He looked somewhat like he was ready for battle at any time. "Where is Rosuto?" she finally spoke and sat up fully. To her surprise the sensation of her soul trying to escape her own body had diminished dramatically. It was nothing more then an annoying sensation now. "Rosuto," he paused and brought a gloved hand holding a half smoked cigarette to his mouth. He inhaled the toxic mix of air and smoke deep into his lung as he looked like he as thinking the question over. "He steeped out momentarily," he replied, releasing the breath of smoke with each word. Kasai watched as the wisps of smoke from his words rolled up over the sharp feature of his face and played threw the few locks of hair that lingered near his face. "Who the hell is this guy," the thought slipped threw her mind. "I wonder if he did something to Rosuto." "You may call me Mitsukai," he said with quick words before inhaling another breath from the cigarette then blowing it from the side of his lip this time. "And I had nothing to do with what happened, or is happening to Rosuto." She narrowed her eyes on Mitsukai as she gave him a distrusting glare. In response he brought up two fingers on his right hand and let them come to rest on the center of his forehead. "I read thoughts, or at least the thoughts of week minded people. No insult intended," he said as he let his eyes close. Kasai opened her mouth as she prepared to throw a slew of questions at him but she was cut off before even a single word escaped from her mouth. "We do not have time for that right now," he cut her off as he dropped the hand that was resting on his forehead. "Rosuto is in need of assistance." He dropped the cigarette butt he held to the floor and extinguished it under the heel of the heave boots he wore. "Let's go," he said extending a hand out to Kasai. She stared at the hand he offered for but a moment before releasing a sigh and taking hold of it. "Tsubasa!" he shouted at the top of his lungs as soon as she took his hand. Intently a flash of white light exploded behind him. When the light dissipated, in its place remained a set of massive cobalt blue wings adorning Mitsukai's back. As he expanded his wings fully a shimmer a crimson seemed to glisten across them to revile each feather was tipped in a deep red. Giving Kasai no time to reject he dragged her over to a window and pushed it open with his free hand. "Out you go!" he said rather calmly and grabbed her by both arms so that he held them against her own torso making it impossible for her to grab for the window frame as he simply tossed her out the window. The window easily stood at least ten stories up. Kasai released a flurry of swears at Mitsukai as she found herself plummeting to the earth below. Mitsukai did not hesitate and jumped out the window behind her. Wings tightly folded against his body, he dived towards her like a hawk after prey. He did not let her get dangerously close to the ground below, though, before catching up to her. He wrapped both arms around her and held her tightly to his chest as he pulled up into the air again with just a few powerful flaps of his wings. Kasai was forcing air into her lungs quickly from the shock of falling when she suddenly came into realization of something. She could not feel her heart. The pure terror of falling like that should have sent her heart into a frenzy of flutters, but there was nothing. "You are dead," Mitsukai chimed in at this point. He had obviously been reading her thoughts. "Your heart stopped a long time ago. You really do not even need to be breathing like that, or at all." She did not know how to respond to his words. She let her eyes drift over the scene below and found that they were approaching a small wooded area not far form the enormous mansion they had just left. "Is that where Rosuto is?" she decided it was better to just change the subject. "Yes," he said with out a moment's pause. "Why does he need our help?" her words were suddenly softer now. "It is a game that Kuragari plays with us. He is out numbered and the odds are against him," his voice now matched her softer tone now as well. "A game?" she glanced over her shoulder to get a look at his face as she asked. Upon doing so she could not help but to think how hansom he was, even though he looked a bit pale in the dim light of a fully overcast sky. He had herd those thoughts and his once fair skin became flushed with a slight tone of red. "Crap he is reading my thoughts still!" she thought to herself. "Dead people blush?" She could not help her thoughts suddenly becoming random as she was becoming a bit embarrassed herself. "We are here," his voice was sharp now and he released her as soon as they were safely on the ground again. "A word of warning, do not let your body be destroyed. If you live threw this then I will explain why. If you do not, then you will find out for yourself." He had already began to enter the forest before finishing his short warning, his wings folded loosely against his back. Kasai followed without question. As she entered as well her eyes began to glow like burning coals and her hair flickered with embers. If there was danger here, she knew she needed to be ready for anything.

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    Good so far. Some minor mispellings. Like I said, when you get it finished repost it as one using page breaks. It makes reading easier.
    looks like the path to a great climax is being paved. very, very minor spelling glitches(e.g week instead of weak). awesome vocab and flow.
    1 ques remains: if mitsuke could teleport, why would he bother to fly?
    *scratches the back of my head* spelling is my greatest enemy. tehe ^^ Will def repost as one post when it is finished, but ... not sure on how long it will be before it is completely done.

    *pokes blue* Rosuto is the one that can teleport, Mitsukai ... is a blue winged mind reader. lol <.< is it just me or does that sound weird explaining it outside of a story. XD

    anyways thanks for the input guys. always very much appreciated. ^^
    As my learned freinds have said, this is very good,and could only get better with a clean-up.
    I am enjoying this tale very much.
    Well Done! Smile
    Loving it so far.