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Romance Story written by Malicepoint on Monday 14, December %23

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The light in the room was horrible. At best I could see my Rosalinde's name scribbled on the wall for no apparent reason. The name were now indifferent to me than any other word. Amazing that I can think of her so causally these days. My pulse doesn't rise, I don't break out in cold sweats, and I don't think I love her anymore. Women can be the best at time or the worst at times. It depends on how you see it. I used to see it inside the box. Around the time when I believed I loved by just seeing her for the first time. Didn't change a thing about how she felt about me. She didn't even acknowledge me until I found her by accident( getting ahead of myself) Anyways most guys see inside the box. They see it there way. Just like I did. This show's no inclination that I could be gay. No it's just my state of mind. We believe what we want to believe. The story begins when I just moved to "The boarding school". My parents didn't want and I didn't want them. How should I put this umm, feelings were mutual in the family. I might have fallen for Rosalinde at first because I needed a place to obtain a sort of affection. Not because she is undeniably beautiful but because she was the first to take my feelings in account. By this point you should have realized that I'm more than starved of love. I have no accounts of romance in my 17 years of life and I'm more than sorry of the fact. This is my rendition of the best part of my life.

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  • Needs a bit of mechanical cleaning. A good start; let's see where it goes.
    - December 15 2009 02:39:47
    • Good introduction Smile

      What next?
      - December 16 2009 04:17:49
      • I love how you didn't jump into anything like a lot of people do when it comes to romance. It needs a little fixing when it comes to grammar (but i'm not the best at that either :/ ) It's a good start, and i'm waiting to read more Grin
        - December 17 2009 00:07:41
        • A pretty good start. The grammar needs a bit of sorting out but we all make mistakes (me especially)

          A good intro, looking forward to reading more. Well done.
          - December 20 2009 10:29:54