Revenge (Part 3)

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Friday 11, December 2009

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Kasai's fate. (not a lot of action but a lot of info that was needed for the story. hehe ^^)

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Kasai jerked her eyes open and gasped in a deep breath as consciousness suddenly returned to her. "Kuragari!" she screamed in her own thoughts and forced herself up suddenly into a sitting position. That is when it hit her, like an energy within her body that was unable to escape. It flowed within her like electrified water, setting off every nerve as it flowed and moved, as if seeking a way out. The sensation of her innards twisting and churning into tight knots quickly followed. She curled up into a ball and laid there on her side as she tried to let this sensation calm. "The sword," the memory of what had occurred suddenly returned to her. "I was stabbed," she thoughts as she clenched her jaw tightly. "That must be the pain in my stomach," she thought and released a breath slowly as she stretched her legs out so she could look over the place she recalled the blade entering. Her eyes widened as she looked over her injuries, or actually the absence of injuries. There was no sign or any trace that she had ever been stabbed. Like a strike of lightening, Kasai became very aware of the fact she had no idea where she was. She narrowed her eyes as she glanced around the room. The room was actually very lovely, occupied by expensive furnishings and lavish decorations. Who ever it belonged to obviously had a lot of money. The door of the room cracked open flooding the dimly lit room full of light. Kasai narrowed her eyes from the sudden presence of light as she locked her gaze onto the figure entering. He was rather short for a man, only a little taller then Kasai would stand. He was dressed in a black suit, but it could still be easily seen he was well build by his broad shoulders and thick arms. Shaggy dark hair hung around ice blue eyes that were shocking to Kasai as they came to rest on her. "Forgive me for entering without knocking first," his voice shocked Kasai. It was soft and kind, yet a sadness lingered in it. Nothing she had expected. She was hesitant to respond. "Where am I?" she spoke sharply and demanding as she finally found the words to say. The man let out a soft sigh as he closed the door behind him and moved towards Kasai still partly laying on the bed and partly pushing herself up. "Hell," he spoke just above a whisper after reaching the edge of the bed. Kasai blinked in disbelief of what she had just heard. "Hell?" her voice was thick with shock. He crossed his arms tight over his chest and gave his head a few shakes. "Not literally, but I am sure this is very close to what it would be like." Kasai looked at him with a confused look on her face. The man seen her questioning look and sat down on the bed next to her. "That feeling with in you. You feel it right? It is like something trying to burst out of you." She blinked and nodded. "Yes," she said softly and swallowed hard as it was taking everything within her to cope with this sensation. "How to explain this," he paused as he thought it threw. "That is your soul trying to escape your body," he held up one finger as if saying he would explain it in more detail. "To be absolutely blunt you are dead and to keep you, well as you, your soul has been sealed in your body. It is a dark magic that Kuragari is a master of." "Kuragari!?" Kasai practically screamed the name out. "Who are you! What business have you with that creature!" The man's movement was instant as he put a hand over her mouth with such force that he slammed her down onto the bed as he held her mouth closed. "Do not ever shout her name like that you fool!" His voice was soft but stressed. "It is like calling her and you do not want to be in the presence of her ever." He glanced around quickly into the corners of the room. The dark corners of the room seemed to be growing, spreading, and consuming what little light lived within the there. "Damn it," he said then grabbed Kasai. holding her in both his arms. "We need to get out of here." As quickly as he had spoken the words so they were. Kasai looked around at her new surroundings. Another room, one much like the one she was just in, but the walls were adorned by what looked to be hundreds of swords and a few other assorted bladed weapons. "What just happened?" she asked a little bit disorientated. "Teleportation," he said then laid her down on the bed. "This is my room." He looked over at her, her face was plastered with a mixture of shock and confusion. "I think of a place and I can be there in a second." "Teleportaion?" her words were stricken with shock. He let out a little bit of a laugh and shook his head. "You act like you can't believe it. You who can breath fire from your lips." Kasai smiled slightly. What he said was true but she had never meet another like her. She had convinced herself long ago that she was the only one with such abilities. "We are safe here?" she asked softly as she laid back fully on the bed. He shrugged once and sat down beside her on the bed. "For now perhaps, but it is only a matter of time before you will cross paths with her again. This is our prison and she is our master." "Our prison?" she paused for a moment. "You are dead too?" "Yes," he said and let his eyes move over the floor before him. "You will see in time. We are just toys to her. Just here for her amusement mostly." Kasai blinked a few times as everything was sinking in. "... what is your name?" she said with out even thinking. It was simply the first thing that came out. "Rosuto," he said and game her a slight smile.

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    It's a wicked concept, and it's getting better Smile

    i could almost visualize these.
    u r doing well
    Very good. when you get it completed, repost it all as one entry.
    getting better and better.