Poem written by Natasha on Monday 18, February 2002

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To leave this atmosphere would be my dream, To be in my own place and not have to be seen. Space for my mind to think without it being an obligation or task, Time for myself is all I ask. No need to maintain the lack of trust, I will do no harm nor imitation. No damage nor destruction, I will do only what i must. My eyes wish to see their freedom, My body seeks it's space. There shouldn't be any allowance for worry, I will be anything and everything but lonely. A new and exciting life ahead of me, With but one old familiar face. My sweetheart with whom I triumph each portal and their solid gates, Together, we will build, our new and amazing place. The walls will be blessed with our love, As they are sealed by our trust. No protection will be needed, not a cask nor glove. Just you and I together as one, sweetie, it's good enough.

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