Impulse Chapter 13

Sci-Fi Story written by blue_veined_hatred on Monday 30, November 2009

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Now is the time to strike back

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Chapter 13 THE PLANNING AUTHOR'S NOTE: Full of facts. Read the ones before if you are new Myu opened her eyes to a darkened room. It took a minute for her to recollect what had happened before she drifted off. She sprang up to sit, blinking constantly to adjust her vision to the semi darkened environment. She was in the motel room bed. Chris was lying on the couch, far beyond consciousness. Nick was franticly packing the duffel bag in the floor. "We gotta move,' Nick said, not pausing. "What happened?' asked Myu, stretching. "Not sure. But I can always guess,' Nick said, finally zipping the chain,' it was an overflow.' "You mean a power overflow?' "Precisely! I sensed a massive leap in Chris' energy levels. It was far more than either of us can ever hold.' "You can detect energy levels too?' "Urm;ya! Kinda like Goku in DBZ! Oh! That's an anime (Myu's eyes widened);'kay, forget it!' "The last thing I remember was that stocky man pulling out an entire table.' "The man showed a high energy level too.' "But this is USA. The man can well sue the diner for using weak tables,' Myu giggled and then got serious, "Why do we have to move?' Nick wore the strap if the bag on his shoulder but said nothing. Instead he held out his cell phone. "What?' Myu did not understand. "Cell phone tracker,' Nick said in short. "That's your cell;' "Mark gave it to me.' "Shoot!' "Let's go then!' said Nick as he went on to nudge Chris up. Chris whimpered a bit and then woke up. Nick quickly explained the situation to him.

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    Cool Smile
    gettin' betta!
    A little overdue. A good chapter. Just needs a bit of a format.
    Some nice little quips and humour in there Blue. Every chapter is better than the last. nice one mate.