Impulse Chapter 12

Sci-Fi Story written by blue_veined_hatred on Sunday 22, November 2009

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the backs of our heroes are now against the wall

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Chapter 12 THE OVERFLOW 'O my god!' Myu cried out, showing evident signs of hysteria, ' O my god! He's gonna kill us!' 'Not if we can help it,' said Chris. Nick and Myu heard him open and slam shut the closet door; c'mon! we need to hurry!' Nick grabbed Myu's hand, who was almost petrified, and dashed after Chris. The first rocket hit it's target when they had just exited the apartment. The three almost tumbled due to the impact, ears hurting from the deafening explosion. The entire building seemed to reverberate for a few seconds. The second rocket came when they had crossed the landing of the stairs. The impact this time, if not maximum, was not quite profound. 'Jesus Christ! These fagots are gonna crash the building!' It was as if hell had broken loose at mid night. Most of the men who swarmed towards the fire exit were bare till the waist. Nick spotted a couple in their underwear, the man frantically dragging the woman by the hand. The trio managed to mingle themselves with the crowd. Chris "stopped" a taxi a block away and all of them huddled in side. 'So there goes you wish come-true!' Chris chewed angrily. They had taken shelter in a motel room on the Phoenix to Glendale highway. Nick closed the door behind him after collecting the pizza box and soda cans from the delivery boy. He did not comment. Someone who had just seen his abode razed to the ground had the rights to be pissed. Nick silently put the load on the coffee table. Chris eyed him silently from the couch on the other side. Nick looked at Myu, who was sitting on the bed, not in her best moods either. Nick fleetingly considered taking a taste of Myu's sorrow but decided better. He was better off without an extra hue of bitterness in his mind. From the corner of the eye, he saw Chis wince. Probably he had taken a surge into Myu's mind and got the usual taste. 'I'm going to be the guard for the first shift. No telling who might show up,' he finally stood up, the induced sorrow being too much for him. The moment Chris had slammed the door shut, Nick was thrust into an even more awkward situation. He thought about making Myu's feeling stoic but ruled that out. He would be compelled to take the taste of her misery in that case. Besides, it would be back the moment the affect runs off.

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    your writing is getting better al the time good buddy;

    Good tale, well done. Smile
    This is good. A nice plot twist. And a bit overdue. Frown

    Could use just a tad of punctuation and mechanical cleaning.
    Nice story. I like the beginning, with the rockets hitting the building. Reminded me of Live Free or Die Hard for some reason.
    Fantastic Blue. Absolutely loved the diner scene.
    Dialogue was great and totaly in character. This flowed better than any other chapter so far.