Solitary Resolve

Roleplay written by Routh on Wednesday 28, October %21

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The Story continues from Chronometric Complications.

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[The scene opens to Cernaek's cabin in the mountains of BC, Canada. The camera moves in through the transporter room window in reveals Cernaek at the transporter controls attempting to locate Julie's biosigns.] Cernaek's face flushes deep red as he smashes the table beside him, breaking it in half, as yet another attempt to scan Archer Industries Ondorkhaan facility for Julie's bio-signature fails. "Damnit it all to hell!" he says in utter frustration, trying to contain the well of anger in him. "If only I had the sensor power of a starship right now. I could beam her right back. What the hell happened over there? She should have returned hours ago..." He shuts the console down, deciding it best to leave the situation for now until he can think about the situation more logically. It has been 24 hours since Julie left for the facility, double the twelve hour time frame they had discussed before they both left for their separate missions. Julie had figured the mission could be done within three hours, however Cernaek urged her to take her time and be cautious, saying she may have to lie in wait for several hours until a real opportunity presented itself. Cernaek decides to head out to the living room and check the computer for Julie's files on his upcoming match. They hadn't discussed the match yet, although Cernaek knew he would be going up against the Genesis Extreme Champion, Cage. Cernaek loads the information Julie gathered for him, and reviews it, stroking his goatee as he thinks. "This guy has a phenomenal record, new to GOW and still undefeated, I'm going to have my work cut out for me this time. No walks through the park this time. Not like that son of Satan freakazoid at the last event." He stands, removing his jacket and heading into the weight room in his muscle t-shirt. "I'll do a good workout to get ready for the event and clear my head, then I'll figure out what to do about Julie after the event." he says to himself as he goes into the room. [The scene fades as Cernaek begins a workout and fades back in revealing him in his GOW wrestling outfit; camouflage pants, a black wife beater, a gold Armani watch and a pair of black army hiking boots.] Cernaek adjusts his watch as he steps out of the bathroom and out into the living room. He's ready to go to tonight's house show to talk about his upcoming match in GOW: Genesis. He looks in the mirror, contemplating his current situation. "Here I am, getting ready to go and wrestle in a competition while an officer I'm responsible for is unaccounted for... I should be looking for her. Well, then again..." He winces at himself in the mirror as he thinks of what Julie would do to him if he blew a title shot like this, and concludes "She'd kill me... I'm better off waiting until after the tournament. She's a tough girl, she could be delayed." He sets his jaw and gives a curt nod to himself as he finds his resolve, narrowing his eyes with determination before turning and heading for the transporter room. [Scene switches to the transporter room, and as Cernaek beams out for the event it fades to black. As the scene fades back in we see Cernaeks fireworks erupting around the ramp as Cernaek walks down it to the ring at the house show. 'Voodoo Child' blares over the speakers.] Cernaek runs as he reaches the end of the ramp, somersaulting himself into a spiraling backflip, which carries him over the ropes and into the ring. He lands with his left knee bent, his right leg extended behind him, and his arms extended for balance. As soon as he lands, fireworks erupt from the four ringposts as if they were triggered by his weight, erupting the crowd into a frenzy. He straightens himself to a standing position before strutting to the center of the ring, holding his right hand up in the air, shaped in the now well known 'Victory' salute. He waits a moment for the crowd to settle before speaking. "My last opponent fell easier than I could have imagined, and as I suspected provided no real challenge." he says, and the crowd shows their approval by cheering. "My next opponent however, Cage. The GOW: Genesis Extreme Champion himself. Now I have a worthy opponent." he says, with a respectful tone. Cernaek proceeds to stroll around the ring as he continues to talk, while the crowd keeps a low murmur, uncertain what to expect from him next. "Cage has an impressive 6 and 0 streak, coupled with two titles, the man is a great wrestler. He's a respectful wrestler. When I came to GOW I spoke of bringing balance, and order! I have no ill will for Cage however.. he is a man I am glad to see in the business." He turns, facing the ramp and the big screen mounted above it on which he is being displayed, as he speaks the last part of his speech for tonight. "So Cage, at Genesis, when we fight for the belt... may the best man win. It will be an honour to fight a good wrestler, not like that Hanson-hugging Satan-freak at the last event. To the best man... " [The scene zooms to show the crowd in the stands as Cernaek stops mid-sentence, throwing his hand in the air in the 'Victory' salute and allowing the crowd to finish his statement for him as they yell "Victory, Victory, Victory...." repeatedly. Cernaek jumps over the ropes and exits the ring, bouncing from one foot to the next up the ramp backwards. All the while holding his hands up in the victory salute and waving them back and forth. Voodoo child blares over the speakers once more and he disappears behind the curtain as the scene fades to black.]

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  • Okay. Now let's get to the fight.
    - October 29 2009 01:52:56
    • Er.. well you won't actually see the wreslting matches on here. The wrestling matches are parts of the events on the GOW site:

      Elijah's in charge of the Fed and he writes those. You can read the matches on the site.
      - October 29 2009 17:48:26