An Offering for All Hallows

Fantasy written by kt6550 on Monday 26, October 2009

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"Dude, why are you always checking that bullshit on the web?" asked Frank. "Why are you so hot for that top-heavy blonde bitch?" asked Jim. Jim Jenkins and Frank Simpson were a genuine odd couple when it came to friendship. They both were juniors and roommates at Villanova University, just outside of Philadelphia. The two had been roommates ever since their enrollment. And, on the surface, it looked this was the biggest mismatch ever. Frank was an all-star athlete in high school, lettering in football, basketball, and baseball. He was six feet four inches tall and weighed around two hundred thirty pounds. He was also quite handsome. He was offered football scholarships by several colleges, and chose Villanova because it was fairly close to home and Philadelphia. He started as a linebacker his sophomore year, and now, in his junior year, he was already getting second looks from NFL scouts. Jim was a literary geek. He jogged to keep in shape, if you could call it jogging. It was more of a brisk walk. He was six feet and skinny. He would rather read a book or listen to Mozart than watch a game. And he was very, very good with computers and the web. So how did these two end up becoming fast friends? Frank hated the fawning and false praise that was dropped on athletes. He thought it bullshit. He loved football, and he loved training hard to be a good player. He worked just as hard at his studies. Jim was not brilliant, but had a need to learn. He worked twice as hard at his studies as Frank did at athletics. It was this work ethic that pulled the two young men together. Each one recognized it in the other. In addition, Frank could count on a straight answer from Jim. The fact that Frank was a star athlete did not impress Jim. To Jim, Frank was just a man with a different set of skills. He treated Frank with fairness and honesty. Jim appreciated that. So the two young men bonded, forming a strong friendship. "Because she is hot, dude! She is a knockout!" responded Frank. "She's a friggin' airhead! All body and no brains," said Jim with a grin. "The body goes, the brain stays," Jim continued, brewing a cup of green tea. "You should drink some of this stuff. It would help heal all of those bumps and bruises you get this time of year." "And," said Frank, grinning and opening a Dr. Pepper, "you need to get laid. I think you should do it with a big-titted brunette with a nice firm, round ass. Hell, the way you are going, you will end up doing the books at Hustler instead of photographing and poking the babes!" This was typical banter between the two close friends. Neither was looking too far into the future, as they were only juniors. Jim, however, was on the fast track for a magne cum laude graduation. Graduate school was a definite possibility. Frank thought that he might have a really good shot at the NFL and some of that big money. But for now, just getting to the Christmas holidays and finishing the fall term of their junior year was their first priority. The two young men also had another thing in common. Jim, while fond of Mozart and Brahms, also like Grunge and Metal. The raw, throbbing sound of the music appealed to him. Frank also liked Grunge and Metal, but for a different reason. The wildness in it appealed to him. He also found it was a great way to meet girls, as girls tended to go crazy dancing to this music. Both guys found a club they liked in Center City. It featured Metal, Grunge, and Goth bands. Frank and Jim didn't dress in costume. They just went to the club in jeans, as did a lot of other young folks. But there were some who did dress in character. Frank found that fun, Jim found it silly. But every other weekend the two usually headed out on a Saturday night to listen to the music and dance. It was that Saturday night after Christmas break when the blonde caught Frank's eye. She was wearing a black tube top that barely covered her very large breasts, a black leather jacket, black leather skirt, black boots, and black fishnets. His jaw hit the floor the minute he saw her. Jim's eye caught her as well. He noticed his friend's reaction, and smiled. Jim knew Frank was thinking with his penis. Frank asked the girl for a dance and got her name and number. They started to see each other on weekends. She dressed a bit more conservatively for her dates with Frank, but she was still partial to too-short minis and too-tight tops. Frank didn't mind, and Jim liked the eye candy. She made no effort to come between the two friends. Jim was pretty sure Frank would forget her the minute he got through spring term and went to the beach. After all, there were bikini babes at the beach. There was one thing about the girl that drove Jim crazy. She seemed to feed off of Frank. When they were together, Frank would become very lethargic, agreeing to everything Jeanette (that was her name) requested. To Jim, it was a very unusual relationship. On his free time, he began to some research on the web. And what he found scared him. ##### Jim's researches on this type of relationship led him to vampirism. He learned that there were "psychic vampires," who fed off of the emotions of other people. The donor, of course, had to willingly give their energies to the vampire; it could not be demanded. And the donor, after being fed upon, would become very tired and morose. This was exactly how Frank was after a date with Jeanette. Jim was worried. "Listen, dude," said Jim, "you should read some of this shit. It reads just like you and Jeanette. I mean, she drains you when you are on a date with her. It is friggin' unreal!" "Dude," said Frank, yawning, "I am gonna take a shower and get to bed. You would be tired after a session with her, too. The girl is insatiable. No doubt in my mind she could take on six guys and not be worn out. She just goes and goes." Jim just frowned and turned back to his computer. He kept up his research on psychic vampires. This stuff was way weird, and Jim was starting to get scared. In this type of vampirism, whether the psychic feeding was real or not, the vampire eventually came to dominate and completely control their victim. The victim was reduced to total emotional slavery. Jim decided he would try to find some way to come between the couple. He didn't like the changes he was seeing in Frank. ##### Jim decided to play spy and check some things out for himself. He had a female friend named Kate. They were just friends, but close friends. Jim explained the situation to her. She thought that he was being overprotective, but agreed to help. The two came up with a plan that was risky, but might help clear the foggy air a bit. Now, all Jim needed was a Saturday night when Frank was out on a date with Jeanette. Frank grew more and more lethargic. His grades began to suffer. During spring football drills, he got demoted to third team. His intensity in football, a sport he truly loved, was gone. Jim also noticed that Frank was slacking on his workouts as well. All of his weight and speed training sessions he cut short, if he attended them at all. Jim was really concerned, and he needed to find out what was really happening with his good friend. The opportunity came the second Saturday in May, just before spring term finals. Frank took a shower, dressed, and left for his date with Jeanette. Jim called Kate. She would pick him up outside of his dorm in thirty minutes. The plan was risky. Jim was going to change to some Grunge fashions at Kate's dorm room and the two of them were going to the club. He and Kate would go to the club and keep a close eye on Frank and Jeanette. If Frank caught him, it could ruin their friendship. The plan was loaded with risk, but Jim was willing to take the risk for his friend. Jim felt a bit silly sitting at a table in a dark corner of the club. He was dressed in black jeans with tears in appropriate places, worn-out sneakers he had purchased over Christmas break at a thrift store, a faded and worn sweatshirt, and a black jean jacket. He looked sufficiently grungy. His date was dressed in black leather. Both kept watch for Frank and Jeanette. Jim caught him first. He and Jeanette were on the dance floor. Jeanette was dressed in a barely legal style. She had on a midriff top that was much too tight and showed a lot of cleavage. She was also wearing a way too short plaid skirt that showed ruffled white panties. Heels and white stockings finished the outfit. She looked like a tartly and crazy schoolgirl. The two danced together. But, to Jim, they really didn't dance. They just sort of clung to each other and swayed to the music. When the band stopped, Jeanette kissed Frank and led him off to a dark corner. Jim and his girlfriend waited about ten minutes and then got up and followed. He and his girlfriend found the dark corner, but there was no one there. What was there was a heavy, black curtain that led to a corridor. Jim took a quick look around and, seeing that no one was observing, parted the curtain and headed down the corridor. Kate followed. There were four rooms, two on each side of the corridor. Three of the rooms had their doors closed. Jim began to check them. The first was a storeroom. The second was empty. The third had a small chest of drawers and cot. When Jim got to the fourth room, the door was wide open. He took a deep breath and entered. ##### Kate stuck a fist in her mouth to stifle a scream. Then she fainted. Jim froze. The tableau in front of him had put him in shock. Frank was lying on the floor, naked. He appeared to be in some sort of a swoon. Jeanette was dressed only in her ruffled panties, and was laying on her belly. Her head was between Frank's legs. It appeared she was performing oral sex on Frank, but Jim could clearly see Frank's penis. And Frank was not erect. Jeanette heard them enter, waited a second or two, and looked up. The expression on her face was completely feral. Her lips were smeared with blood. And, on the inside of Frank's right thigh, there was a trail of blood. Jim gagged, and Jeanette smiled. The smile was not sexy or lustful. It was pure evil. Then Jeanette stood up and, it appeared, floated to Jim. She stood in front of Jim and leered. She wiped her bloody lips with her fingers, and then cleaned her fingers with her mouth. Under other circumstances, it would have been highly erotic. Jim thanked God that his date had passed out. "Well, child," Jeanette said, her voice deep and lustful, "take your girl and run away. Never come here again. I will not harm you, but your friend belongs to me. He is all mine." Jim simply shivered in fear. Jeanette laughed. She went back to Frank and her feast. Jim managed to regain some composure and revived his date a bit. He guided her out of the room and back into the club. Then they left and went to her dorm room. ##### "Christ, Jim!" said Kate, after Jim had changed back to his normal jeans and sweatshirt, "a blow job! They didn't even have the decency to lock the door! And you took me on there and got me all worked up over that! It was disgusting! Please, just leave. And don't call me anymore." "But . . . " stammered Jim. "Just go! Now!" Jim left and headed back to his dorm. For the first time in his life, he was completely clueless. ##### Sunday morning came, and Jim went to take shower. He noticed Frank on his bed, sleeping soundly. He looked exhausted. When Jim came back to their room, Frank was awake. "How was the date?" Jim asked, limply. "Man, dude! That Jeanette is something else! She just wears me out. I am still exhausted. I am gonna shower, get some breakfast, and I think go back to sleep." Jim would go to breakfast and spend the rest of the day studying. On Monday morning, he would request room reassignment. ##### Frank would become more and more morose. He stayed at school over the summer, and when fall football camp started, he had dropped so far on the depth chart that he didn't even dress for home games. He would flunk out in December, and would not return to Villanova. He basically dropped off of the map. Jim would continue on with a new roomie. He would have a very light course load in the spring, and would graduate with honors. He would attend graduate school at the University of Virginia. Jim's social life would also improve. He began dating a cute redhead named Janet. They were just very close friends, but they were getting closer. For the first time since the affair with Frank, Jim was starting to feel normal. Jim had walked Janet back to her apartment, had a cup of tea with her, and kissed her goodnight. Then he headed back to his dorm, savoring the warm spring night. Out of thin air, Jeanette appeared. Jim was terrified. He stood on the walkway leading to his dorm, shivering. But Jeanette spoke, and calmed him. "Boy, you have done well by heeding my warning. Never seek me out, nor seek out your friend. He belongs to me. You can do nothing. If you obey me, you will be left alone. If you disobey, your life will be quite short and your death painful. Understand?" Jim could only nod. When Jeanette disappeared into the night, he noticed an odd smell. The front of his jeans were soaking wet. #####

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