The Game of Life

Poem written by Routh on Friday 1, April 2005

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A poem on decisions, very simplistic but it gets the point across.

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Take another problem And put it on the scale Try to balance the equation And hope that you don't fail Life has put another fork In the road that you've been on Another place to choose What is better and what is gone What makes life so great And it's moments of such value Is you have to let go of something Before you can go through You look for answers from your friends And from your family, to begin Then for answers up above But never answers from within You need to remember one thing That is known to very few In this game that is your life The only player is you You can look for answers from your fans And others in the stands But in the end the seats will empty The choice is in your hands There has to be a decision But make sure it's made by you A decision made by someone else Will divide your heart in two The answers do come easily To those who look within Believe in yourself and you will see Exactly how to win

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    I enjoyed this, Chris. Reading it reveals another side of you that I don't see often, though perhaps you were younger when you wrote this? I have no idea, in any case, I liked the thoughts it inspired.
    I actually wrote this the day it was submitted... my mind is diverse an complex, I just often keep my thoughts to myself.. mostly due to an in-born shyness I've a hard time shaking.
    Yeah life is too short. I would say compress the poem to reflact that (but that would do more harm than good) on the other hand, decision making takes time I wouldn't change the length. I enjoyed reading it very much. I have many decisions to make myself actualy, thanks for reminding me.