The Siren and the Woodcutter By Diana Solano

Children's Story written by studentsofenglish on Tuesday 13, October 2009

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A Peruvian english students short story about dreams that come true

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Once upon a time, a young woodcutter, who lives in a humble wooden house, works every day to bring money to his home , he get up every morning to work. through for a forest and a beautiful river of crystalline waters to his job. One day, walking through the forest, the woodcutter visualized a beautiful fishes in the river bank. the curiosity came over, and unfortunately the woodcutter slipped, but he can not sink to the bottom of the river, noting that was saved he lost his ax. then, very sadly, he sat on the bank of the river and regretting, he said: "I couldnt continue working if I dont have my ax? suddenly , a beautiful siren heared his lamentations, she came out from the bottom of the river, and promised him to find his ax: Good man I will recover your ax, "said the beautiful siren. then plunge into the crystal water and appeared with a golden ax. this is your ax? asked the siren the woodcutter was surprised by the gold ax -he said it was not his tool. Plunging for the second time the siren, soon she came out with a silver ax , and asked: this is your ax?. the woodcutter said no. finally, the woodcutter came home very happy, he told his family what has happened,, while he was telling to his family an Ambitious boy, went to the river and he dropped an ax accidenttally. plunged for the third time, and finished with his real tool, and the woodcutter exclaimed: thanks! that very happy is my real tool. seeing the beautiful siren that the woodcutter was very honest, she said: despite your poverty, you've been very honest with me so you will have the goldax and the silver ax And suddenly the siren came out , and said: do not worry I'll find your ax, then the siren came out with gold ax and said: this is your ax? "- the young man said- yes it is my tool . seeing the siren that he was not honest, she punishment him , and the young man turned into a toad, forever. He pass by the river and visualizing the siren every day, with a beautiful smile.

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    A nice short story. Very good. It could use a bit of formatting on the spacing and seperation of sentences.
    Good job.