The Mouse and the Boys By carolina Burgos

Children's Story written by studentsofenglish on Tuesday 13, October 2009

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A Peruvian english students short story about dreams that come true

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THE MOUSE AND THE BOYS Once upon a time in a village far away, Mrs. Flor lived with their three children, Victor, Joseph and Jesus had a large garden with beautiful flowers and delicious fruits, but the flower lady was very worried about that every day they disappeared their best fruits and flowers were damaged. One night Mrs. Flor decided to investigate who was or you were to blame for its fruit and flowers disappear. And he realized that the culprit was a mouse name is Pierre, and so decided to look after the garden and catch the culprit. The first night that Victor would look after a 15-year-old who was the first son of Mrs. Flower was a handsome young man who prided himself on being the most intelligent, who was always underestimated to minors by arguing that he knew to be the largest much more than his brothers and would be the one who would catch the mouse Pierre and surprised his mother. His plan was to place a trap to catch the mouse but unwittingly set a trap for foxes. While the trap was kept awake, but nothing happened, but when Pierre fell asleep, the mouse that came was a very, very clever mouse and eluding the trap, ate the fruit and damage the flowers. His mother and brothers were unhappy lot. When you play the next day the Joseph whom you are a child of 13 years who was known for being very bold who loved to disturb her youngest siblings, who would be willing to show that the Pierre who trap the mouse, we attained a cat, but for bad luck the cat was very lazy and sleepy, leave the unsuspecting cat and he went to sleep. Next day not get the cat to catch anything. Again his mother and his brothers bothered. Mrs. Flor realizing that her older children could not atrap the mouse did not believe that Jesus achieved. Jesus her last son was very sad that her mother did not trust him, devised a plan, since it characterized as a very intelligent boy but he did not flaunt their intelligence and skill as his other brothers. He decided to show everyone that if I could catch the wily mouse. I make a doll of pitch and put it at the entrance garden. Next hid behind a tree to observe how the mouse would fall into the trap mouse to see the doll I salute you - ! Mr., Good evening!,! Mr. Good evening!, " ! Mr Good evening ! I salute you again and again but do not answer anything. Pierre is annoying and said: Now I'm going to punish them for ill-mannered! And slapped the doll, but his hand stuck in the doll body. So the mouse returned to shout me down!! Go! or will punish you with my other hand and I fell. And he hit it with the other hand, feet, head and even the tail, and also stayed close to the body of the doll of pitch. When Jesus saw that Pierre the mouse is stuck woke his family by saying: Here is who ate the best fruits and flowers damaged. His mother Jesus commend his best son and apologized for not having trusted him, his brothers promised not to bother Jesus and trust him more. Mrs.Flor punishment to Pierre to match the mouse hanging on the roof of his house and beat him with a whip, making him promise that he would never eat any fruit or damaging the flowers without asking permission first.

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    A cute story. Nicely done.