The little hairdresser by Deisi Abanto

Children's Story written by studentsofenglish on Tuesday 13, October 2009

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A Peruvian english students short story about Dreams that come true.

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THE LITTLE HAIRDRESSER By Deisi Abanto Once upon at time, a girl always dreams to be a hairdresser of the animals,her name was Ross.One fine day,Ross was sitting near the river. She fall asleep and started to dream. With a huge room with many object of beautiful ( mirror, pincers,etc). Suddenly,comino in tres unpleasant personages ;a rabbit,un bear and a mouse.They asking for her that change their look because they feel ugly. Moreover,everybody lauhg of them.Ross said ¡great guns ¡ I Hill have a lot of job with you ¡.¡The first Hill be you my little Mouse! You are very hansome but your long hair cover it.Now, I could be remedy for it. Then ,She took hola the scissors and comb and began her art job with the little Mouse. Later, alter that the animals were full of object on their heads, Ross put on them Ander of hairdryer machina and kept tabs.And the end,the change look was all welland good.¡What mistacle! ¡What look! ¡It is fantastic! The little hairdresser made that the animals werw very happy with their new look.These personages went back to Wood and they are surprised because everybody admired them and never again they will betaunt the others. They said that there is a beautiful girl that helped to change of look them So, everybody wants to visit a little hairdresser . Daily ,the girl combed many different animals lkike cats,dogs,etc She styled everyone with big intertest, to turn into in the little hairdresser more famous and winner of many prizes. When she woke up said ¡ It was the best dream of my life ¡

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    This is a cute story. There are a lot of spelling and capitlization errors. If you correct them, I will re-read the story and then rate it. Fair enough?