life is like pickles

Critical Review written by sasquatch on Monday 5, October 2009

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thought it was a good analogy

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Life is like pickles. You're kept in a jar your whole life swimming around with other pickles/people and when you are finally let out you get put as a side order or you're eaten straight away. When does anyone ever savour a pickle, no one that is why we are like pickles. We spend our entire lives waiting. Waiting for something anything whether it's to be put on the side or to have a sudden burst of excitement and then its over. I don't think anyone knows what he or she wants from life. Do they want the side dish or straight from the jar? I suppose everyone wants to be happy whether that's from money or love or even sex. Happiness how do we really achieve this. I enjoy many things and to be honest I take every day as it comes. Whether I am spending money on a piece of crap if that piece of crap gives me excitement for a couple of minutes or just a second the money and the crap would be worth something. Everything is worth something as long as it provides you with a slight amount of happiness. A penny "" an inconsiderate form of currency, in today's world a penny will buy you nothing but for that little boy who saves his pennies for a toy, those pennies have served a purpose. A penny spinning on the table. If it gives you a small amount of amusement while waiting for something else. That penny has served a purpose. In today's world a penny was invented so people could not just stick a pound in their pocket, they had to run it through the till to give the buyer their change. That serves a purpose. Everything in the world serves a purpose of happiness. But happiness is not entirely material. It can be a thought or a smile, which makes someone happy. Whoever invented the world is a genius.

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    A quite Zen observation.
    Nicely don.
    I personally think that this could benefit from a little punctuation cleanup, and maybe a paragraph or two.
    Saying that, it's well observed and cogent.
    cheers i really have to tidy my work up a bit
    it was just something i wittled down earlier
    Pennies and pickles? Interesting.
    Enjoyed this. You've thought a bit about this haven't you?
    yeh just a little
    i got quite worked up while i was writing it