Forbidden Love At The Office CH1

Romance Story written by Joanna-Francesca on Wednesday 30, September 2009

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Alan's obsession with Joanna demands immediate action

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It was a boring start to mournful Monday morning. The monotony of being in the office was almost unbearable. Alan was in his early fifties and desperate for a rampant sex life. He looked around him and daydreamt about some of the women that sat near him. Their ages varied from about twenty to sixty. He would be quite content to experiment with all his favourites. Most of the females had boyfriends or husbands, but Alan thought of this as a challenge and a feather in his hat, if he could score with any of them. He sat between Sue, a petite attractive women of forty-nine and her best friend Christine, approaching sixty. They both had enormous breasts, with Sue, definitely a few bra sizes larger than her friend. "Who are you staring at now?" asked Sue impatiently. "I have fallen in love with Joanna," replied Alan. "She is very happy with Paul, so don't go upsetting the apple-cart," warned Sue. " Oh Sue, you are so gullible. Paul is an awkward lanky idiot. They haven't even got a sex life. Did you see that eternity ring, that he bought her for her fortieth birthday? It was pathetic and he probably won it in a fairground," taunted the frustrated man. "They are both in love and you know nothing about their private life," snapped Sue. "Anyway Alan, you haven't even got a girlfriend , so that is hot coming from a single man. You need to smarten yourself up," chipped in Christine. Joanna was no raving beauty, but with her dark hair tied back in a bun, her cute round face lit up like a beacon at the dead of night. She had an infectious laugh, which sometimes could be embarrassing. Her nose was an unusual shape and she had a small pimple at the side of one nostril. Alan found this a cute feature of her face. Some men would have found some of her habits annoying. She regularly had a sneezing fit and would produce a small white paper-hanky and blow her nose loudly. Alan was fascinated, as she would fold the tissue like a sandwich and throw it in the bin. Joanna would not wear much makeup, but occasionally a thin layer of red lipstick. This morning she was wearing a long red skirt, grey tights, concealed with kinky black booties. Her green satin blouse kept her inviting breasts in order. Alan was determined to change Joanna. He wanted to break her from her tedious regime. His imagination started to lose control as he imagined, buying her expensive jewellery. Making love to her, in front of a shocked Paul. Making Joanna pregnant and having a lavish wedding. That would make Sue and Christine eat their words. "Alan! Wake up and get on with your work. Oh my god Joanna is coming over here. Don't you dare try anything, on or I will be very annoyed with you," pleaded Sue. Christine waved her finger at him, in total agreement with her . friend. "Good morning Alan. I am going over the canteen for some breakfast. Do you want me to bring something back for you," asked Joanna innocently. "I think I will join you, as I am starving," replied Alan. Sue glared at Alan as he alighted from his chair and walked out of the office with Joanna. Sitting at his desk, near the door was an obese man in his early thirties. Gareth was well known for reading dirty magazines in the toilet. As Alan passed by, the misfit put a spray gun into his hand. Gareth smiled grotesquely at Joanna. She recoiled at his attempt to make contact with her. Alan gave a fleeting glance at the item that he received, releasing that it was something special, that would help him achieve his sexual ambitions. "That man is so revolting, I wouldn't trust him an inch. He actually asked me for a date once, as if I would go out with that revolting pig," whispered Joanna. Alan smiled at his friends innocence and could feel himself stiffening up in the front of his trousers. He loved Joanna so much, now wanted her more now than ever.

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    This really needs a sequel. Does he score? or doesn't he?
    I agree, needs a sequel. We need to know more!!. Nicely written.
    thank you very much for your comments your completely right of course, i din't even realise. reading this helped me understand what you meant thank you again
    I feel rather guilty enjoying reading a piece like this, but it is very good !