Sleepy Reflections

Poem written by Mythbhavd on Thursday 10, March 2005

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Written for my Fiance

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Her hair falls softly against my face As I hold her near Her skin on mine, my heart ablaze No longer filled with fear In my embrace, she quietly dreams Of love's soft touch and other things While I, in turn, draw her close And repeat my silent vow I'll love her fully till the end And gladly give my life To see her happy for she's my friend One day to be my wife To my lips, a smile it brings It's such a serious silly thing This vow I make, while she does sleep Within my loving arms I surrender now to sleep's sweet beck And slowly close my eyes I breathe her in and kiss her neck My heart with hers entwined. -MMC ©2005

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    rhythm and flow, rhythm and flow, rhythm and flow. Without these a poem is like a song without a melody. I think this poem is absolutely lovely, particularly the second verse.