Towel Wafting

Joke written by Rob Kosy on Sunday 13, September 2009

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Can't take any credit for this. it was simply a joke my friend sent to me via text, but I had to share it. Please feel free to comment but don't rate as I've only embelished it slightly. Enjoy

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John's wife goes to the doctor complaining that after ten years of marriage she had never experienced an orgasm. The doctor advised her to relax and use a fan to cool herself when making love to her husband. When she told John of this, he refused to pay for a fan and instead asked his friend Ralph if he would mind wafting a towel while he and his wife got down to business. Being the great friend that he was, Ralph agreed but, after many unsuccessfull attempts, John's wife still could not attain an orgasm. Intensely frustrated, she finaly asked John if he and Ralph could perhaps swap roles. Both men agreed and Ralph made love to John's wife for two, glorious hours, during which she orgasmed over and over and over. Finaly, after the best mind-blowing sex John's wife had ever experienced, John turns to Ralph with the towel in his hand and says: "And that my old son, is how you flap a bloody towel.........

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