Little Bastard

Poem written by Seanwhat on Tuesday 8, March 2005

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The title says it all.

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Ms. Field's son was nuts The teachers all proclaimed But she just wouldn't hear it Henry couldn't be insane She always did her best To keep little Hank in line She made him eat his veggies And put him to bed on time He biked around the block As innocent as could be Until he saw a kitty cat In the old crab apple tree So up the tree he went And held the kitty high "Now, now, kitty, it's okay... everything has to die." The neighbours all screamed "No Henry, not the cat" But Henry wouldn't listen And the kitty went 'splat' Girls skipping rope All began to bawl His mother then realized He's not right, after all

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    Great fun! I think that this illustrates what I have said before - that poetry doesnt always have to be long bleak accounts of broken relationships, suffering and death. Poor Kitty ! Grin
    Darn you, you're trying to make me a fan. Wink (I must say, it's working! Grin)
    I thought this was good. One mistake on the third to last line, "ball" should be "bawl".
    Damn, thanks for the heads up.
    Top points...though a little dark it was entertaining congratulation on a nice piece of work