Do not question my methods

Critical Review written by Dnavarre on Saturday 29, August 2009

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"So, you see, all you have to do is make this motion and say "deathicus" and the target that you have been thinking about for the last seventeen hours--consistently, may I remind you--has a 12.58% of dying on the spot." "But, sir, you didn't understand my question. How does it work?" "I just explained it, you dunce. Performing the right motions in conjunction with the correct phrases will affect the environment and those in it in certain ways." "I understand sir, but how does it work?" "Listen, son, there is no simpler way for me to put it. Take this spell for example. If I were to spin on my heel and sing a verse of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller,' then cough into my fist, all those in a forty-seven mile radius of me would be compelled to dance and have the same song stuck in their head." "But why?" "I don't know, for laughs, I guess." "No! Why would people start dancing to 'Thriller?'" "Because I did the incantation and movements!" "But why, when you do certain incantations and movements, does magic happen? And, speaking of which, why does most magic have a direct link with certain related words? Were people speaking 'magic' before they made words up?" "Well... I never thought about it. I guess it just happens."

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    I loved this.
    It's so simple, and yet, so complicated.
    There is a world of possibility within this short essay.
    More please?Grin