A Resolution of Conflict

Sci-Fi Story written by kt6550 on Saturday 22, August 2009

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A little bit of fan fiction; thank you Frank Herbert.

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Spelling & Grammar:92%
Glossary 0.97 Standard: The rating system for all planets, with Old Terra, believed to be the origin of man, as 1.00. The system takes into account all factors, including weather, water, gravity, and landmasses. AG: After Guild. The modern calendar is dated from the acceptance of the Spacing Guild during The Great Convention as the sole form of interstellar travel. Bashar: High military rank. Equivalent of a colonel or above. Great Convention: The twelve-year conference that formalized the government and rules of humanity, held on Khaitan, the home planet of House Corrino. Great House: A ruler of a planet or group of planets, headed by a Duke, a Baron, a Count, or an Earl. The titles are purely for ceremony. Heighliner: A large, powerful, and fast ship used for interstellar transport by the Spacing Guild. Smaller vessels, such as frigates, were flown into the heighliner and then secured. The heighliner flew to the next star system. Kanly: A formally declared, limited war fought between two Great Houses to resolve disputes. Kanly is only declared after all other avenues, such as negotiation, financial reparation, or a hearing before the Landsraad High Court has failed. Landsraad: The parliament of interstellar humanity, composed of all of the Great Houses. They make the laws, by majority vote, which govern humanity. The Emperor only votes in the event of a tie. The Landsraad meets once every two standard years on Khaitan. Lavreche: Military rank. Equivalent of a lieutenant to a major. Maula pistol: A spring-loaded pistol that fires a single metal or wooden dart. It is accurate up to thirty meters. The dart can be tipped with poison. Mentat: Computers and logic machines of any type were carefully restricted and controlled by the Great Convention. Mentats were specially trained humans with superior minds. Their minds were stimulated by the drug Sappho. The Mentat ranks were: 1. Memorizer 2. Reciter 3. Observer 4. Analyzer 5. Counselor 6. Advisor. Adivsor was exceptionally difficult to reach. There were only three in the entire Empire. Sappho: The mind-expanding drug used by Mentats. It stained their lips a bright purple. Sardarkur: The soldiers of House Corrino, the Imperial House. They are the best and deadliest warriors in the Empire, but do not have the greatest numbers. There are very few survivors of a Sardarkur attack. Spacing Guild: The company responsible for all interstellar travel and exploration. Spice: The geriatric spice, with a taste of cinnamon, found only on the planet Arrakis. Spice treatments prolong life and guarantee excellent health. It is the most valued commodity in the Empire.

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    I read Frank Herbert many years ago and had, in all honesty forgotten a lot of it.
    I read very little sci-fi now, but this tale brought back some excellent memories of houses Atreides and Harkonnen.
    Thank you Grin