Impulse Chapter 7

Sci-Fi Story written by blue_veined_hatred on Sunday 16, August 2009

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Nick is a teen-ager with thought reading capabilities. He

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Chapter 7 MORE PEOPLE INTO THE SCENE Nick received the phone three seconds later. 'Meet me at the Ritz. You have half an hour.' He hung up before Nick could say a word. Ritz was a plush restaurant down town. Nick regretted letting go of the BMW. Now he had to go into the trouble of finding another vehicle. Nick came out of the alley and scanned the road. He only had to wait for ten seconds. He "read" the mind of a limousine chauffeur. It was headed for the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. Nick's destination would be on the way. Without a second thought, Nick "stopped" the limo and hopped in. The population inside was six. Nick quickly diverted their minds before any of them could yelp in surprise. Due to so many "mind works" in th evening, Nick was pretty tired. He released the weight of his body on the welcoming upholstery. '...then you have to yell thanks to the crowd at the top of your voice. Do you remember the sequence of the songs?' 'You've told me that a thousand times,' said a weary female voice. 'Now now....don't get tired just yet,' said another voice,' you have to look energetic when you wave at the enormous crowd...' The constant buzzing was not very welcome to Nick. He expected a bit of silence and peace. Looks like I've ended up in some celebrity limo.. He leaned forward a bit to see who it was. He almost tumbled forward in awe. O my God! O my God! It is her! It is Megan Foxx! Indeed it was her and of course she was not aware of Nick. The two which constantly chirped were her agents, one male and the other female, both in their early forties. Megan only gave them half a ear. Among the others, one seemed to be her beautician. The other two were blokes, most likely her body guards. Another place, another time: Nick would have pounced forward for an autograph. But at that time, his mind was too full with anticipation and apprehension . He was surprised to see how preset a celebrity life was. It was apparent that Megan was going to her concert venue. Her two agents were constantly talking. Nick pitied her for a moment. Finally one of the agents brought out a champagne bottle, probably to ease the pressure. Nick also nicked a goblet. Nick finally reached his destination. After one more good look at his dream girl, he got down from the limo. Ritz was a splendid effigy of supreme architecture. It was a two storied building, the upper floor totally surrounded by glass. Nick scanned his surroundings. He caught a covered van across the street. Excluding the driver, there were three men at the back of it, with a pile of equipment before them which seemed like surveillance tools to Nick. What tingled Nick's curiosity was the fact that the men talked between themselves in Japanese. Though Nick could not speak Japanese, he could understand what they were speaking."Mind reading" just took a little time, otherwise no problem. Nick spotted another Japanese on the roof of the building the van was parked by. He had a latest Dragonov sniper rifle aimed at Nick's direction. Nick recognized him. Yasuki. Looks like the stakes are pretty high. The blokes are using their own men. Nick waved at Yasuki through his scope. This angered him enough to consider taking Nick down. His mind felt hazed for a second. The next moment, Nick was gone.

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    ok...a bit lengthy but worth i am burning in curiosity!!write write write!!!
    aah... an emotional chapter! HAHAHA. nice one.. [:
    "orderly strewn all over the place" You may want to change this. It is quite impossible to have things strewn orderly.

    A good chapter. I am curious to see how the Japanese fit into the picture.
    It just gets better and better Blue-Vein. You realy nailed this one, a pivotal chapter I think.
    You fittied in your research on brain impulses very smoothly, making it interesting and un-lecture-like.
    Loved the limo scene.
    This can go in a million directions now my friend.
    Still interesting; still hooked.

    A little hard to follow in places, but well worth persevering with Smile Smile

    On to the next chapter.