This Tragedy

Prayer written by Dnavarre on Wednesday 5, August 2009

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This revolutionary pain, This closed, locked door. Trapped in disdain, Father, I don't need This anymore. This telltale sign, This cry of failure, Wanting fills veins, Lord, I've fallen to This stature. This screaming rage, This losing Kiss, Just wondering why, God, why is it like This?

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    Sort of how I felt when I made the decision to finally quit smoking.
    Very poignant. Reminded me very much of the swine flu I've just recovered from.
    Nicely written mate. Keep up the good work.
    I can emphize with this. A good one.
    Very impressive how you captured them spiralling out of control as the poem progressed. deep fella, real deep.
    that's how I roll.
    very good, i liked this