Make Up Your Minds

Poem written by Routh on Monday 18, February 2002

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A poem written to vent frustration about friends coming to me with problems only they can solve. Meant to deliver a strong message.

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My mother raised me To be be a good soul Treat women gentle And act like they're gold But lately I been thinking If it's really worth it all 'Cause ask me who I'm going with And I'll say no one at all Women come to me When they want to complain About their jerk off of a man Who treats love like a game And then they have the nerve To look me in the eye And ask me where the sweet guys are And then they run and cry Well lately I've been trying To keep bitterness away But I feel I'm losing the battle More and more every day This growing bitterness inside me Is a direct result Of seeing assholes with someone While I'm a lonely dolt If I let it all take over And became a piece of shit Then would you love me Is that really it? Or is it maybe that you are Not mature enough to see That you see a sweet guy every time You take a look at me It would be so easy For me to turn mean I could be the biggest asshole That you've ever seen No one seems to appreciate How hard and long I've kept All the feelings inside of me Neatly cleaned and swept My life has not been easy I've got my share of lemons and limes Seen all that TV shit for real Been beat a thousand times No one seems to appreciate How hard I try to please While inside I feel empty Like crying on my knees So all you ladies who have called Someone asshole a thousand times Is that what you want or someone "sweet" MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS!

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    Nice poem- though maybe you need to read through it, I think your missing a word halfway through.
    "If let it all take over" ?
    I don't understand how girls can go out with guys that they know'll just end up hurting them. I am content with waiting. And I know if I ever complained about a boy to my guy buddies they'd scream in my face to just fucking dump him then. ^_~ Awesome buddies.
    *frown* I wish I could rhyme. *slinks off* Can't rhyme worth crap...
    Wow - you know you're the first one to notice that in 10 years? I wrote this poem when I started this site when I was 15.. and I never noticed that. Haha..

    I've been thinking about going over this poem, some parts of it bother me now that I'm older, but it was a 'written out of anger' work. Took me a whole 15 mins to write it down, it just came from no where and found it's way onto paper through my pen.
    i like it.. i can relate very much
    I can dig it.
    I'd put the apostophe from "cause" in front of the "c". I can relate to this poem in some regards, and definitely in the sense that I see this kind of thing happen a lot to other friends of mine.