To My True Love...

Poem written by Routh on Monday 18, February %2

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A poem written for a loved one.

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Holding you is incredible Kissing you is a dream You are the most beautiful Thing I've ever seen Your freckles are so tiny Your eyes blue as a lake And when I see you smile It's the icing on the cake I'm afraid to show you too much love And at the same time not enough Cause too much love can smother And too little is pretty rough To find a perfect balance is A struggle inside of me And so I search high and low To find the perfect key And when I search I tend to stare And I get your what's and why's Just know these words are how I feel When I look into your eyes

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  • The poem was quite easy to understand and they were a few amazing lines i liked like 'cause too much love can smother and too little is pretty tough'
    - December 05 2017 10:10:12
    • simple poetry, but very heart felt. Really wonderful to read.
      - January 06 2019 18:54:46
      • Like it, made me smile.
        - March 25 2020 21:46:34
        • Very simple and precise, which is what I admire in a poem. My favorite line was "cause too much love can smother, and too little is pretty tough." Simple, heartfelt, just lovely. I love how you didn't overcrowd it with too much imagery or unnecessary metaphors, so thank you so much for that. I can easily see this as being one of those poems that are sent in pretty calligraphy and flowers to someone.

          My only critique is auto cap. It's just a major pet peeve of mine. Not all lines have to be capitalized, and the lack of punctuation. Some commas might make it flow better. Nice job!
          - February 22 2021 14:42:36