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Story written by Dnavarre on Sunday 28, June 2009

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An overview of the plot to Entai's Journey

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This is the plot to Entai's Journey, rewrit to create less plot holes, a longer lasting plot, and, possibly, a full version of the book later on. Entai lives in secluded forest. Entai meets Leonidas, a golden dragon prince, and becomes great friends with him. Entai tells Leonidas that his parents are followers of the Warlord of Darkness and that they are creating Dark Dragons, spirit creatures of shadow born to kill. Leonidas saves Entai as other dragons destroy his home and his parents for safety and to defeat the Warlord's plans. Entai meets and is helped by Entaral and her family shortly after. He leaves. Entaral runs away from home to help Entai. Entai and Entaral go to town Darius and meet Cinder. In a ceremony, Cinder's parents are taken as prisoners for the Warlord of Darkness' work prisons. Entaral is found by her parents and taken away, and Entai and Cinter flee the town. Entaral's parents get a group from the town to help put out the forest fire and they perish. Entai's mom survives the initial flames and is able to release the Dark Dragons they have thus created. Entai, Entaral, and Cinder live off the land and buy from Darius for six years. Around the middle of that time a druid girl, Sarina, her twin Aniras, and their family have moved into Darius and opened an inn. One day, Darius comes under attack by the Warlord of Darkness for no apparent reason. Leonidas reveals himself and helps in the battle. Sarina and Cinder are taken prisoner. Part of the town is destroyed, the battle is still won, and Entai and Entaral are only remotely hurt. Leonidas leads Entai and Entaral back to the forest where Entai lived and shows them the dragon's cave. He reveals that the Dark Dragons were released years ago and that most of the entire population is dead. A sorcerer of the Warlord of Darkness has followed them and attacks, killing one dragon and capturing another for interrogation. Entai, Entaral, Leonidas, and another, fully grown, dragon pursue and engage in a clearing. The fully grown dragon turns on them, sets the forest ablaze, trapping them, and sheds his skin to show that fully black""a Dark Dragon. Entai, Entaral, and Leonidas defeat the two, but Leonidas suffers grave injuries and dies quickly. With his last breaths, he gives the two necklaces and tells them of a prophecy, that they must save the remaining dragons and kill the Warlord. Entai and Entaral leave the forest once more and travel the north of the land, trying to find information on the location of the Warlord's slave camps. Entai and Entaral are saved in a forest by a mysterious woman who works like an assassin. Her name is Foscel. She defeats spider-like creatures swarming them. Foscel leads Entai and Entaral to a nearby town, only to find that they are charged for multiple thefts and are ordered, by the town's lord, to fight to the death to prove their innocence. Entai escapes mostly unharmed, but Entaral suffers a broken leg. Entai and Foscel leave the town, Entaral stays to heal, and find a dragon's nest. They spend two months searching the area, searching for the dragon's scattered throughout the Tumunce Forest. Two months later, the dragon's nest Entai and Foscel are guarding is attacked by the Warlord of Darkness. A fatherly dragon gives them time to escape with the dozen dragon children. They flee across part of the Te'etheren Desert, losing several of the young ones, but survive. The Warlord does not take pursuit. Entai and Foscel are convinced that it is safer to leave the rest of the dragon children with the faithful inhabitants of a town on the edge of the desert. The people despise the Warlord. Entai and Foscel head south. Entaral, now healed, takes off to the southeast, alone, to what rumors say is the Warlord's Slave camp. Cinder and Sarina escape the prison unheard, but Cinder returns to see if rumors of his parents being there are true. He finds them to be false""that his parents are dead. He is seen and chased out by Intec, a male druid similar to Sarina. Cinder and Sarina manage to defeat Intec by catching him unawares with Cinder's holy magic and Sarina's druid powers. He survives and leaves south in the form of a hawk. Cinder and Sarina run away from the prison as the sirens alert their disappearance. A few days later they find refuge in a town, but are soon sent after. They spend the next weeks running from town to town to avoid recapture. Now north of the camp, Cinder and Sarina head east, sure the men in pursuit believe they are heading west, to safe civilization. After buying supplies they see the Warlord's men looking for them, placing wanted posters up. They head east, into a nearby forest to live for about a week. Entai and Foscel, accompanied by a young dragon that followed them named Leo, come across an occupied temple. To their horror, they find that it is one of the Warlord's fortresses. They spy him sitting in a garden, admiring the flowers. Despite the strange behavior, they try a sneak attack to fulfill the prophecy. The attack fails and the Warlord only defends the attacks, despite several openings. He desperately tries to tell Entai that he is only being controlled by an evil spirit, but Entai ignores him. Entai and Leo run from the battlefield as the Warlord's men come to protect him, and Foscel is taken. He does not pursue. Entai thinks over the Warlord's words, but he half-tosses them away, convinced they are lies. But, the more he thinks about them, the more he begins to doubt. Entaral stumbles into the forest where Cinder and Sarina have taken refuge and finds them when a Dark Dragon strikes. Cinder is killed, moments before the dragon is felled also. As she mourns her friend in the after-battle, the necklace received from Leonidas earlier flashes like the sun and, when the light dies, Cinder is alive, the wound healed. The Warlord, sensing the death of the Dark Dragon, swiftly strikes, taking Sarina, who gives herself up so Entaral and Cinder have time to escape the forest. In the Warlord's temple fortress, in the dungeon, Sarina and Foscel are chained to the wall. Near them, also chained, is the dragon captured in the cave near the beginning of the story, Elza. Leonidas appears in the center of the room, introducing himself to Sarina and Foscel, and Elza lets it slip that they are siblings. Leonidas sets Elza and Foscel free, and is about to Sarina, but the Warlord comes in. The Warlord laughs and tells Sarina that Elza is a spy. When she asks why he tells her, the Warlord only laughs further. Leonidas reveals his partnership with the Warlord and nicks her cheek. The dragon then stabs the Warlord. A mist is visibly seen entering the cut. Sarina is possessed by the Warlord's spirit. The body lying on the floor still lives, but barely. Sarina declares herself the Warlord of Dragons and the two leave. The former Warlord of Darkness finds the strength to heal himself, living thanks to Leonidas not checking his body. Darklight is his true name. He leaves in the last direction he saw Entai running from him in. Entai and Leo arrive at one of the towns Sarina and Cinder stayed in while on the run. Rumors are quickly spreading across the land. They say that the Chrystal Army has shut down the slave camps, but not before they were evacuated and located to another of the Warlord's facilities. The Army has declared war. Cinder and Entaral travel south and are cut off by the Chrystal Army, which then drafts them in, since they each have no family. The army splits and the two are separated once more, Entaral taken north, and Cinder North west, to hold the villages around the freed camps, when the scouts see the Warlord's army forming in an underground stronghold, which they see only because of creatures making their way inside. The half of the army Entaral is accompanied with, traveling north, is attacked days later by a mysterious army of steel men. They lose over half the soldiers and most are taken hostage, though only those with little to no injury. Those hurt are left for dead. Entaral is taken and interrogated by the mysterious leader, Rust, and his army commander, Tryst. The entire group of survivors, save a few, says that they were going to war with the Warlord, and had no idea that the group of metal men existed. Entaral remains a captive. Darklight follows talk of a dragon to Entai and traps him, forcing him to listen to his tale. Darklight was, long ago, forced to be the host for an evil spirit, known now as the Warlord of Darkness to all. While, once, he was, in fact, on the side of evil, he has spent the last decades facing the truth that they have little care for their men. That night, he professes himself to the good Lord, and Entai believes his story, though does not completely trust him. When Entai asks why he now is free, Darklight tells Entai that Sarina is now the unlucky host. He leaves out the fact that Leonidas is alive, well, and as evil as he once was, for Entai's sake. Darklight bids Entai to go west with him, to the grand city to seek council with the king. Darklight plans to reveal the amount of soldiers the Warlord commands. Entai refuses, saying that he needs to make sure any remaining dragons are safe. Darklight reveals that the numbers of the winged creatures have diminished to no more than a dozen. Entai is almost afraid to ask if he was counting the ones he saved, afraid the man will betray him. He keeps those a secret, but heads north in the middle of the night to check, leaving Darklight behind. A few days later he finds the village razed to the ground, with no survivors and flames long dead. Darklight reveals himself, following Entai. He tells him that the village was destroyed for plotting against the Warlord. Entai reveals the secret creatures hidden in the town. They search, but the dragons are dead. Darklight shows that it was the dark dragons that destroyed the place. He then says that there are at least three-dozen dark dragons left. They head back to the town they had been residing in. (Before Entai arrives again) Cinder and the army group he is with receive report from a scout of the attack on Entaral's group. The army splits further, Cinder with them, to find any survivors. They head northwest to where the attack came from. They are attacked again by the same mysterious people and are mostly killed, only a few taken. Cinder is confronted by Rust and Tryst like Entaral was and he strikes a deal. In return for the army's freedom, he and Entaral will find what the mysterious group refers to as a holy artifact, a portal, which will transport their believers to heaven. Entaral, Cinder, and Tryst break to the east as scouts, in the direction that Rust believes the portal is located, as told to him in a prophetic dream. The reason he does not send scouts, or just move the entire army, is that, if they are discovered, they may be destroyed or taken prisoner and never let go. After seeing several Dark Dragons in the sky""they do not tell Tryst the origins of the creatures""the group eventually arrives at the place, an abandoned arena-like shrine. It is the home of the Dark Dragons and their new master's retreat. They constantly are scanning the land and reporting to Sarina. They count a dozen of the creatures there at the time. They reveal to Tryst how the creatures came to be and their master. The man begins to, personally, side with the Chrystal Army. The man, heroic in his homeland, runs down the hill towards the place, meaning to kill the Warlord of Dragons before she can cause damage to the land holding their holy relic. Entaral and Cinder chase after him and the battle turns to three sides""Tryst against Sarina, Sarina against them all, and Cinder and Entaral trying to prevent Sarina's death, only her dispossession of the Warlord's spirit. They only manage to weaken the Warlord's mental hold on Sarina, causing the latter to match him. The dragons, ordered by the mind of the Warlord, go on a rampage and raze the land as they please, enraged by the two minds both ordering them. Tryst, Cinder, and Entaral retreat. In his dreams, Entai is confronted by the mysterious voice again, telling him that Leonidas has completed his ritual that he has been preparing for many years. The voice then states that there are two objects that will give him a great advantage over both the Warlord and Leonidas, but if he fails to get them and Leonidas receives them as planned, then the world will fall. Earthquakes rip through the land, and three towers sprout from the earth, one to the south, one to the east, and one to the west, dangerously close to the grand city. Entai and Darklight plan to leave the town to the tower to the south. Before they leave, Leonidas's sister, Elza, arrives and introduces herself to Entai, though Darklight already knows her, he does not know her intentions, as the Warlord carefully guarded that thought. Elza, Entai, Darklight, and Leo head south, eventually entering the tower. After braving its creatures and forsaken rooms, they arrive at the top of the central tower, particularly roomy. Elza betrays them and releases a ghoul similar in shape to a human. She then tells them that it is the new form of Foscel. It plans to kill them, but Foscel still feels pain as she did before. Entai and Darklight make the choice to kill the creature that was Foscel""Darklight does it himself with a well-placed blow for little pain, for Entai's sake. They turn to kill Elza, but she steals the object""a gauntlet riddled with magical script""that rests upon a pedestal, and she flees. The two run from the castle as it begins to collapse. Entaral, Cinder, and Tryst return to Rust and his people, bearing the news that the portal did not exist in that area of which he thought. Tryst tells Rust the tale of the Warlord and his evil. They interrogate the prisoners again, this time about the Warlord and decide that that it is true. They and the Chrystal Army move to hold the circle of cities near the prison camps, but find them destroyed by Dark Dragons and the survivors moved west by the Chrystal members that had remained to defend them. Entaral dreams of the voice Entai has heard twice and is told to enter the tower to the east, to find the object within. She convinced Rust and Tryst to move the armies east, to the tower, against the way the Warlord would suspect them to go. They make it to the castle and use it as a holdfast, but are shocked by the sight of the Warlord's army close by, approaching from further east. Entaral and Cinder rush to the topmost tower only to find Leonidas gloating over his quick victory. He holds the object""a gauntlet built for the right hand, riddled with magical script like the other""and warns them to tell the army to give up if they want to be spared""that the army at their doorstep is not half of the Warlord's host. They fight with Leonidas, and are helped by Tryst. Tryst is killed by the dragon, who suffers minor wounds. Leonidas jumps from the window and flies west. Entaral and Cinder tell Rust of the warning, Tryst's death, and of Leonidas and his newly obtained glove. Rust decides to give them time to escape west, to warn the rest of the land and the army, and sacrifice themselves. Entaral and Cinder take horses west, and arrive, unhindered, to the grand city. They meet with Entai and Darklight, who have been there for a week. They warn the remains of the Chrystal Army""which has regrouped with the army that remained, which is double the amount of that that left""of the Warlord's host size. The four investigate the nearby castle, which they find that only those with a certain object can open. They hear rumors of dragons being seen near Darius and the forest of Entai's youth. They travel there quickly while Sarina's army advances, and find the evil creatures assaulting the town. They bring the dark dragons down and destroy a dozen""the entire group there""led by Elza. Entai prepares to kill her and she reveals that Sarina already has the glove of power and that nothing can stop her and Leonidas now. Elza dies. While staying in Darius for the next few days, Entai, Entaral, and Cinder are personally attacked by shadows of themselves that reflect darkness within. They hold the summoned creatures off, but cannot kill them. Every time they are defeated, they return by the next day. Darklight knows the spell, and that the caster is the Warlord of Darkness, designed to keep them weakened and tired. They return to the grand city, desperately keeping the shadows from killing them. One day, a week after they began, the summoned disappear and do not return. Sarina's host appears on the horizon two weeks after their return. The siege begins. Entaral and Cinder fight in the lines, while Entai and Darklight help back up the army with magic and healing those wounded. The attacking army backs up, out of distance from arrows and magic and waits. Knowing they can't stay there forever, the Chrystal Army leaves the city to take the attack to the Warlord's army, twice their size. Cinder finds that one of those leading the assault is his father, who gave his life and soul to the Warlord while in captivity. Cinder pushes to the front, trying to get at his father, to kill him, but only angers the now-evil man. They manage to push back the army somehow and Entai realizes what will open the tower: The necklace that Leonidas had given him. He opens the door and enters with Darklight. Instead of a complex building, there are stairs winding to the top. They head to the top quickly, expecting some great weapon. Nothing waits within. The Chrysal Army is pushed back, and Cinder and Entaral enter the castle, expecting the same thing as Entai and Darklight. Sarina and Cinder's father enter and lock the door behind them. They fight and Cinder manages to kill his father, while Entaral knocks out Sarina. Cinder purges Sarina of the Warlord's spirit. With no living body to enter, the purple mist that is the Warlord's spirit fades away with some of Cinder's holy powers taught to him long ago by Darius' priest""his father. Entaral and Cinder head up the tower with the magical gauntlet from Sarina's body""they leave her downstairs, hidden from sight""and are frozen by the sight. Leonidas and Intec, long healed from his wounds, have trapped Entai and Darklight in a corner. Leonidas is wearing the second gauntlet. Leonidas reveals that it was he that forced the balance of good and evil to become balanced with Sarina, therefore causing the three castles""remnants of a war long ago""to sprout from the ground. They get the glove to Entai. Cinder and Entaral fight Intec, while Darklight and the physically empowered Entai fight the stronger Leonidas. Intec is killed, thrown down the stairs. His body lay in a crumpled heap, but a spirit, hidden by shadows, disappears through the walls, physically manifested unlike the Warlord's. (That is, he does not fade or die from lack of host, like the Warlord's did) Leonidas defeats Entai and throws him back against the wall. Darklight retreats, knowing he can't win alone. Leonidas then easily beats Entaral and Cinder without warning. Leo, Entai's dragon, flies in from the window and distracts Leonidas enough for Entai to steal the gauntlet from him. He gives both to Darklight as Leo is tossed to the wall angrily. Leonidas steals Entai, Entaral, and Cinder's power from their life force and adds it to his own. Entai forces Leo to flee the building, but thanks him. Leonidas and Darklight grapple, both powered and equal matches. Darklight has a drastic idea, which Leonidas senses. While Darklight summons his mental strength, Leonidas hastily creates a portal in the center of the room. Darklight latches on to Leonidas and sacrifices himself by an internal explosion caused by magic. Leonidas somehow steers himself into the portal. His body is weakened and badly damaged as it fades away without his thoughts focused on it. Entai, Entaral, and Cinder look sadly over their deceased friend, the former Warlord of Darkness, Darklight, who so gallantly sacrificed himself for them. Outside, the battle turns bad for the Warlord's army, as their leaders""Sarina, the Warlord, Intec, and Cinder's father""is gone. The army is mostly defeated, while many retreat, others are taken, and some give themselves up. Entai, Entaral, Cinder, and Sarina all receive thanks from the king and return to Darius, letting the rest of the land rebuild from the ashes. There seem to be no signs of the remaining Dark Dragons, and the threat is seemingly over. Dragons are still alive in the land, the evil army is defeated, and the Warlord is no more. (Please comment if you see any plotholes.

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    By the way, whatever happened to this epic fantasy you were going to write?
    Hah. Hah. HAH! As you've said before, it'll take ten years to write. I've been at this for nearly four now and I'm no closer. Over time I've given up and tried different things ranging from an epic poem version and making a video game out of it.

    I've given up on so many things.