The insecure boy

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By Luis Salas

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The Insecure Boy ¿ ?. The classes began again and the students are anxious to go to the college to see his friends. Cesar, Stefani and Jorge study in the best school from the city, people who study there have a lot of money. Cesar is in the third grade of secondary, he is fifteen years old. When the class started Cesar didn't know where to sit down he felt insecure because he want to know friends but he don't want to be a problem for the other students since he thought they didn't want that he sit down next to them. That is why he sit down in the last chair. In contrast, Jorge doesn't interest where to sit down because he know he could talk with somebody in the class. So, he sit down in the middle of the class. Cesar felt secure and saved of the bad jokes from other students especially from Jorge in this place until Stefani came and had to sit next to Cesar. Cesar began to be nervous because he loved her since child but he never told anything to her because he don't want to be rejected by her. So, he want to quit from this place because he don't want that Stefani see he have not friends and that he was nervous. Cesar thought that is very import what other people think about himself especially Stefani that is the reason why he felt nervous Cesar want to talk with she but he felt that he can't do it. Moreover, he imagine what she could be thinking about him. He imagined that Stefani thought that Cesar didn't like the girls or that he was a stupid and things like that . These ideas made Cesar felt bad and with a lot of scared. In contrast, Stefani love Cesar but his nervous made her felt intimidated .The class over and Cesar felt very bad, he was a really insecure man. The next day Stefani sit in other place near to her friends and Cesar continue sitting in the same place with scared of talk with the others students. In contrast, Jorge talks with all the class, he makes a lot of jokes, he laugh from his companions of class and his friends love him. He had a lot of friends and he was with a lot of women in his class. Women like him because he was cool. In contrast, Cesar was shy and have not so many friends .Cesar see Jorge and think: " how can he do it?". Cesar was surprised of the naturality from Jorge that he used to talk with the people. The teacher said "We are going to have a exam now". All the students complain but the teacher take the exam. Cesar didn't complain because he had studied. Jorge saw the confidence that Cesar had and he was angry since he envy those who are better than he. The next day the teacher give the exams Cesar and Jorge were the only ones that had a good grade. Cesar think it was an injustice because he had to study a lot to do a good exam and Jorge only had to copy from his book. So, Cesar thought Jorge had all what he want in the class and of a easy way but I had to do a lot of effort to had a good grade and friends. That reflexion makes him felt really stupid and depressed. Stefani saw him depressed and she didn't understand it since she thought he is good-looking and intelligent and there are not reasons to be depressed. In addition, she also felt bad because she wants to know a good person to started a relationship and she thought Cesar is that person. Cesar back to home after the class and being to think how could win his fears that do not leave it to felt good and important. Jorge knew that Cesar study a lot and he wanted to destroy it since he wish to be the number one in his class. In addition, he knew the big problem of Cesar that have not a lot of friends and that is difficult for he to talk with people. So, the next day Jorge sits next to Cesar and begin to talk with he. Jorge said " How are you today?". Cesar said good of a angry way. Jorge see it and think it is going to be easy to confuse him and make him felt bad. Cesar felt insecure because Jorge never had told with he. In this moment, Jorge's friends saw that Jorge was talking with Cesar and decided to talk bad to Cesar but surprised Jorge defend Cesar. Then, Cesar felt confuse, he hate Jorge and he never thought that someday Jorge is going to try to be his friend. After that, Jorge being to talk with Cesar, he make a lot jokes to get the confidence of Cesar. Cesar was enjoying with Jorge and didn't pay attention to the class. When he back to his home he thought he must change and be like Jorge if he really want to have friends and win to his fears. The next day Jorge sit next to Cesar again. The class begins and Jorge try to make Cesar lose his attention from the class and he get it. Cesar remember what he had thought the day before in his house and he begin to saw the behavior of Jorge to copy so, he forget to pay attention to the class. He celebrate all the things that Jorge do and say. Cesar really had problems with his self "" confidence. Cesar in the past was not so shy, the problem was that he liked to talk with the other students and some of they tell him bad things to make him lose his confidence and he had a necessity to have friends because he was boring of the attention from his family. So, he pay attention to all this bad things and finally he make a really bad conclusion: if people rejected me is because I don't deserve the success. Now, Cesar was decided to change and win to his fears. He thought that doing what Jorge do he is going to have more self "" confidence. First, He treats badly to the other students such as Jorge do and he insult them. He begin to do it with the more quiet students. Jorge is tall and strong that is why he treats bad to the others but Cesar is not strong and the others students can hit him however, he had the protection from Jorge. Jorge like this behavior from Cesar and he enjoy a lot seeing him doing that things. Cesar felt good insulting but he only make it because he had fear that the others students begin to insult him and that Jorge bored from he. Stefani look this strange behavior and she felt confused. She never had saw Cesar doing that things. Jorge take advantage of Cesar and make him do bad things in the class until the teacher was angry and call to Cesar's parents to tell what is happening with he?. The class finished and Cesar back to his house where his parents punished him however, it was not important for he because he wanted to be different and he wanted to have the corage to tell what he felt to Stefani and he thought that the only way that he can do this is to change his personality and coping the behavior from Jorge that is very popular in his school. The next day Cesar had a exam but he had not study because he didn't pay attention that is going to be a exam. However, Jorge that was a expert coping help to Cesar to get a good grade and he pass the answers from the exam , this was the first time Cesar had copy in a exam. Cesar felt a bad boy. Cesar said Jorge "I thought I never back to study for a exam because is too easy copy" and Jorge thought" I am getting what I want and he is destroying alone" Cesar thought I am a bad boy and I am secure that Stefani want to be with me now. However, Stefani felt really bad because she see that the boy she had to know since child have been change and making a bad person. So, she decided to forget him and not pay attention anymore. Cesar was very confused , he didn't know he was in the wrong way. Moreover, he was losing the little friends he had. He didn't understand that he can not be friend of all the world. In addition, he didn't know that to love a woman first, you have to learn to love yourself. His parents never taught it him and nobody had said it him, he had to learn it. Cesar didn't know what to talk with Jorge because he had fear to bored him that is why he only insult to the others students to make Jorge enjoy. Jorge was a man who make others see him like he want sometimes he look responsible, other times he look funny. In summarize, he use people to get his interest usually for bad things. Cesar knew it but he was so depressed that he forgot it and thought Jorge was a good person. Cesar had change he was not responsible, respectful and honest. Jorge make him change a lot. Cesar felt angrier than before but he felt good with the idea of being a bad boy and he continue doing what Jorge do in the class. Jorge usually answer of a bad way to the teachers, he and his friends laughed of the teachers. Jorge do this things because he had problems with his family and he felt depressed. So, he thought nothing were so important more than make people felt bad. Cesar see it and begin to answer bad to the teachers and he laughed of them. He didn't respect them and he felt proud of it. That is why all the teachers talk about how he had change and they want to expel from school. However, the director from college disagree with it because Cesar had good grades and his parents pay a lot to the college. The only way to make Cesar change was to talk with him. His tutor try to talk with he but he never pay attention to what the tutor said and he continue with his bad behavior. Cesar thought that if I pay attention to what my tutor said, I would be the same stupid of before. In contrast, the teachers don't worry by Jorge because they knew that he never would change. That is why Jorge had a lot of freedom in the school and do what he want. The days pass and Jorge get what he wanted he had to change to Cesar and make him a irresponsible and disrespectful man. Now, Cesar never study, only copy in the exams, never do his homework, insult to the teachers and students and his only "friend" was Jorge. Jorge introduce to his friend to Cesar and they quickly became friends. Cesar felt good because he had the more popular friends in his school. They usually smoke in the school and Cesar imitate it and begin to smoke. Also, they steal to the students and hit, they take advantage of the others students. Jorge bored of Cesar and being to ignore him and to insult him. Cesar felt confused and not said nothing so, Jorge take advantage of it and being to humiliate him. Then, Jorge's friend saw it and being to insult Cesar and hit him. They were bad friends. Cesar back home and felt depressed again because his new friends take advantage of his fear. The next day, Jorge talk with Cesar friendly and said it was a joke. However, Cesar have to understand that it was not a joke because he remember that Jorge and his friend use people to make them felt bad. The next days, Cesar try to move away from Jorge and his friends but Jorge always call him and he had fear to rejected Jorge. That is why he continue been his friend but he wish to stop it. Cesar back to his home and felt angry, confused and powerless since he had friends that take advantage of him and make him do bad things. Cesar know that he do bad things in the school but he had change a lot. So, he don't want to be the same as before because he continue want to have this popular friends and he thought if I want to have a good reputation and make Stefani love me , I had to continue with this friends . So, he believe It was not important that they treat bad him. His parents look him confused and try to talk with him but he never listen what they said. H e thought that his parents were bored people and he didn't want to be like them. He wish to be a cool person and with a lot of friends and girls. Cesar continue with this behavior but he didn't understand why Stefani didn't pay attention and he thought she pay attention more before than now. In the class, Cesar saw Stefani to try to know if she is interest in he or not so, Stefani see that Cesar was looking her a lot of time and she felt angry because she thought he want to laugh of her and she felt bother. Then, Cesar saw it and felt really bad, he understand that Stefani didn't like him. However, She loved him but she thought that Cesar was a bad person. That is why she ignore him. Cesar back to his home and begin to reflect about it and about what he was now. Then, Cesar depressed and Jorge saw it and felt happy because he was destroyed. Cesar back to home and decided to felt good and not depressed only by friends or by girls. So, the next day he didn't pay attention to Jorge and Jorge was angry and try to hit him but this time Cesar had learn to love himself first and he defend so, they fight in the class and the teacher quit them from the class. Then, the next day Jorge insult him in the school to make felt bad Cesar but Cesar had learn to insult because Jorge taught him and he defend again. So, Jorge angry decided not to talk anymore with Cesar but it was not important for he. He had made a strong man and only try to be the same that before but with more self confidence. He had to learn what important is to love oneself without important that he had defects. So, he decided to change again and he become responsible, respectful and honest however he had not so many fears like before. He begin to make new friends and learn to not thought bad things about himself. He improved himself and now have been more self "" confidence. Cesar begin to studied again, do his homework and get good grades. In addition, he left the cigarettes and begin to practice sports especially soccer. His teachers were happy with this new change of Cesar. The year over and the class too, Cesar had good grades and have good friends but the more important thing is that he had more self "" confidence. In contrast, Jorge felt angry and humiliate because he wanted to destroy Cesar but he finished create a more strong and secure person. However, Cesar felt a little bad since he had all the year to talk with Stefani but he never do that and she finished ignored him. He felt a little frustrated by it because Stefani was the reason why he had change at past and now but she never pay attention him. Stefani felt a little bad because she didn't understand why Cesar had been Jorge's friend and imitates to Jorge. However, she look that Cesar had change again and now he is more respectful, responsible, honest and mature person. She felt happy because Cesar back to be the same of before but with more self "" confidence and frustrated because now Cesar never try to talk with she. Now, Cesar had to talk with a lot of girls but he felt never love them such as love Stefani. That is why he decided to talk with Stefani and invite to go out. It was difficult but finally he found Stefani in the street and he told her if she want to go out with he and Stefani said YES. He felt really happy and saw that it was not too difficult to talk with she only he had to decide to do it. Cesar go out with Stefani and he talk that He love her since child but he had fear to be rejected by her so, Stefani said that she also love him but his changes of behavior make her be insecure about her feeling . So, they decide to start a relationship. Finally, Cesar learn the important to be a self "" confidence person and not to felt defeated by fear. In summarize, he know that you had to be who you want to be without important what others people think.

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    Is this a scenario or the actual story? You should really review your english, it's hard to follow a story which has poor grammar. Until you answer my question, that's all i have to say. Have a nice day!
    This is a very good story. I think you must be a very good writer in Spanish. You do need to work on grammar more. I think tenses would be a good start. I study Polish language right now and try to write in Polish. It can be very hard. One thing that helps me is to read news papers, because they have simple grammar and can show you how native speakers put words together. One example from your story: "He treats badly to the other students" just change the order of the words and remove the word "to" "He treats the other students badly." Once again, this is a good story and your English is understandable. I hope soon that I will be able to write in Polish as good a story as you wrote in English.