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By Andy Zare

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THE KINGDOM OF FRIENDSHIP Many years ago, Marcial and Antonio lived in a far kingdom. They were two young farmers and also very good friends. They were 23 years old. Their families were good friends too and also were neighbors. So, they grew together and shared many experiences. They had a pet called Gonchi, an old dog with which they played when they were kids. Since they were adolescents, they have to work together in their farms. They did a great effort to help children who didn't have parents. They were so generous. But sometimes, Antonio envied Marcial because Marcial knew his true parents at least, although they died when he was a child. Antonio was adopted, so he wished to know his true parents some day. One day, while the two great friends were working at farm, an important notice was spread into the castle. The king had gotten sick. He had come down with a so bad disease that his servants and his family did not believe in his improvement. After a few days, the king died and the notice was spread in the entire kingdom. Many people were surprised because the information about the king's health was hidden to the villagers. The villagers had a great affection about the king because he was very fair with all the people. But there was a person who was waited many years for the death of the king: the king's counselor. The king's counselor was called Moises. He did not like the way the king ruled his kingdom. He always tried to get the farmers' lands by telling the king that the farmers were lazy and his servants could work the lands better. Besides, Moises had always wanted to be the king. The king and the queen had had only a child and the queen died during the childbirth. But the king thought that his child had died too. The night when the prince was born, the king was in other kingdom. Moises was in charge of the queen because the king trusted him. Moises took advantage of the situation when the queen's health got worse. She told him that he had to take care of his child until the king come back. When the queen died, Moises took the prince and hid him. Moises had hidden the prince in the house that he had in the town, but the prince cried so much. The king had returned from his travel and felt a great sadness for his son and his wife. One day he decided to leave the prince in the forest, but one soldier saw Moises when he was going to the forest with a small baby. The soldier decided to follow him. The soldier hid behind a group of plants and got out his hiding place when Moises left the prince. He took the prince but he did not what to do with him because the king trusted Moises so much. The soldier decided to leave the prince with a family of farmers. The farmers could not have children, so they felt a great happiness and accepted the baby. That abandoned child, the prince, was Antonio. The poor family decided not to tell Antonio anything until he was an adult. But they had died before it happened. He only knew he was adopted because he did not have any similarities with his supposed parents. So, he always tried to research about his origins, but nobody knew about it. The only person alive who knew that Antonio was the prince was the soldier who gave him to the poor family. Currently, he was not a soldier anymore. By now, he was a respectful general. The day of the king's death, Antonio and Marcial was met with the orphan children. Meanwhile, the general who had saved Antonio from the dangerous forest decided to look for the "lost' prince. He went to the farm and saw two young men who were the same age. But the general knew the king when he was young and was surprised with how similar the prince was. The general told Antonio that they needed to talk. He noticed that Antonio was very confused so he told Antonio that it was about his true origins. Antonio felt so excited because his most longed dream was going to be fulfilled. The general and Antonio walked until they arrived to the castle. Antonio was too anxious because the general had not said any word since they started to walk in that direction. They entered to the castle and went to a huge room. Antonio had never seen this kind of building. Suddenly, the general stopped and Antonio shocked with him. The general told Antonio to sit on the throne. Antonio did not understand. Then, the general said that Antonio was the prince of the kingdom, the song of the dead king. So, Antonio had to rule the kingdom because the king had died. Antonio could not believe it. Moises knew that the prince was alive. Then he said that the general had betrayed the king. He ordered to enclose the general in jail because he had kidnapped the prince when he was a baby. Moises lied to Antonio about how the things happened. Moises said that he knew about his kidnap but he had fear about the general retaliation. The prince, as his father, believed Moises because he was still so confused with the facts which had happened so fast. Antonio started to rule the kingdom, but he had not any experience. So, Moises took advantage of the situation and manipulated Antonio as he wanted. Marcial was so happy for his best friend. He went to the castle to congratulate Antonio, but the soldiers did not let him to see the king. Marcial said that the king was his friend and the soldiers laughed so loud. They could not believe a simple farmer was the friend of the king. Then, Antonio had to go out and saw Marcial but Antonio ignored him. Marcial knew that his friend had changed. He could not believe how a person could change so much in a bit little time. Soon, Antonio forgot the people to whom he loved. Moises advised him to take the farmers land to get a better management above them. Moises told him that his servants could do it better. The prince accepted that idea because of his poor experience. Antonio went out with Moises and some soldiers; and took the farmers' lands by force. Marcial lost his lands too. Many people lost all and they did not have anything else to survive. The orphan children lost all too because Marcial did not have resources to help them. After some months, Gonchi got sick because it did not eat in a suitable way. Then, Marcial took Gonchi and when with it to the castle. When he arrived to the castle, the soldiers did not let him to enter, but Marcial pushed them and run into the castle. Marcial arrived to where Antonio stayed. When Antonio saw Gonchi, he remembered from he had come. He remembered the time when he was poor and helped the orphan children with Marcial. He remembered the great satisfaction that helping caused. And, the most important, he remembered their great friendship. Antonio decided to talk with the general, so the general told him all the truth. Antonio was so furious. He ordered to trap Moises and sent him to the jail. Antonio named Marcial as his new counselor and they worked together again. They returned the lands to his true owners, the farmers. They worked together very hard to improve the lives of the villagers and the entire kingdom. One more time Friendship had surpassed all the obstacles. The End

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    A good story. Very well written.