The best friends are forever

Fantasy written by studentsofenglish on Thursday 25, June 2009

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By Ismael Lou

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THE BEST FRIENDS ARE FOR EVER One day, a person who had many problems was in his house thinking in why it was occurring to him. He had problems with his parents, with his girlfriend, with money, with his job and others. His life wasn't easy since He was a child; He started to remember all bad times that He had in his childhood. This person was thinking the suicide was the best solution for his problems. However, He thought that He couldn't surrender quickly; his best friend always said this to him when He had problems. Ten minutes later, the telephone started ringing and with a slow walk He answered the call. -Andres: Hi, How are you Dante? It's Andres. -Dante: Really? Are you Andres? -Andres: Yes, I have already come from Europe. And I want to see you. Can I go to your house? -Dante: Yes, of course! I didn't know that you were here! Come on fast, I'm waiting for you! -Andres: OK! In some minutes I would be there. Dante was excited because Andres was his best friend who always helps him with his problems. Dante was looking back on good moments with his friend. Ten minutes after the call the bell was ringing, Dante ran to the door and He opened this. His friend was smiling him and with a big hug they greet each other. It was a thrilling scene, the reunion of two best friends who hadn't seen many years ago. Dante: Thanks you for come. Andres: Haha! Why did you thank me? Dante: Because I just need a friend as you, someone who could listen my problems. These years were the worst of my life and I don't know what to do. Andres: Don't worry! You know that a real friend always listen you and I am a real friend. Dante: Thanks you! I know that. Pass into please. Andres: Ok. In the living room they were talking all the night. Dante didn't stop to talk about his feelings, about all his problems and Andres as always was listening all his bad moments. When Dante finish it was seven O'clock. Dante: impossible! It is seven O'clock Andres: Yes, sorry but I have to go to my job it's late. Dante: Really? I'm so sorry! I didn't know that you have to work. I am a complete thoughtless. I was talking about my problems all night and I didn't ask about you and know you will arrive late to your job. Andres: Don't worry! You know that I am your friend and a friend is who listen to you! And thanks you for trust in me and for tell me all your problems you, I know that you would have done the same. Dante: Andres you are a real friend! I am a good friend, too. The next time I promise you that I would listen to you! Andres: Ok! Thanks you. Sorry, but I have to go to my job. Dante: Ok! I can go to your home? Andres: Mmmm;Maybe at night because I have to go to the doctor at afternoon. Dante: Did you say doctor? Are you sick? Andres: It's a large story, I have a serious problem. Dante: What's happen? Are you kidding? Andres: Dante I prefer to talk about this tomorrow. Dante: Nooo! I want to listen what it's the problem and now. Andres: Ok! ; Dante: Tell me now because I'm getting nervous. Andres: Dante ; I have cancer. And it doesn't have solution because my cancer is advanced. Tomorrow we will have much time for talk about. Bye! See you later. Andres left Dante's house with a big smile and with the appearance that nothing was passing. Dante was remaining motionless and thinking about how Andres is possible that Andres had cancer, his best friend the person who was as his brother. And How Andres could be smiling all the time and giving encouragement to him. Many questions were over his head. How He could think that his life was painful only for some little problems and how Andres with a fatal cancer was smiling and helping to other with less problems than him. Andres was always a real friend. A tear fell at the time that Dante remembered that many years ago in the beach they were walking and He slapped to Andres because of nonsense. And Andres smile to Dante and wrote in the sand: "My best friend slapped me". They continued walking and they decided to swim in the sea. Andres didn't know how to swim and Dante rescued to Andres who was been drowned. When they were in the sand Andres wrote in a rock: "My best friend saved my life". Andres couldn't stop crying at the time that he remembered the nice conversation: Dante: Why did you write in the sand and in the rock different things? Andres: I don't know if you could understand me. Dante: I don't understand you and I am asking you because I want to know the reasons because I think that it's stupid. Andres: Haha! Ok! Listen! In a friendship one can live bad and good experiences. And Bad experiences are like the words in the sand because in few time the air would erase them. Dante: Yes I know, but what's the similarity between them? Andres: It's easy. The bad experiences would be erasing easily as the words in the sand. Dante: That sounds nice. Andres: Yes, but I don't finish yet. Listen! The words in the rock couldn't be erasing. Dante: And the good experiences, neither. That's the best thing that I had listened in my life. Thanks you and sorry for the slap. Andres: Don't worry! I know that sometimes I'm a little annoying. Dante: Only sometimes? Hahaha! It's a joke me, too Dante was crying so much because of Andres' disease, He didn't want to lose to a friend as Dante, who was someone who was in good moments and in the worst moments of his life, someone who always listen to him when He need him, someone who knew to forgive his mistakes, He will miss so much to his friend. Five months later Dante was with his friend in the clinic where Andres was attended. Andres was bald, but He was as a normal person, It's seems as him is from other planet because He never give up, He didn't know what was be depress. He was an admirable person. Andres: How are you with your problems? Dante: Well, I solved the problems with my girlfriend and we are very happy. But, I don't have enough money for some things. Andres: That's sound fantastic. Dante: Do you belief? Andres: Yes! Of course! Life is like a scale, if you look up you will be always the last of the line but if you look down you'll notice many people who would like to be in your place. Dante: You are right! Sorry! Since today I promise you that any problems would be as bad as for give up easily! Andres: Ok! I know that you will fulfill our promise. But, if you want to be a better person you have to help to the people who are down of you in the scale. Dante: You have a big heart! Andres: You, too. Remember that the person who doesn't know to serve ... is someone who don't know to live. Today Andres' friends remember three months of Andres' deadlock, in special his real best friend. Dante's life change completely with the death of Andres, nothing is the same, but now He resolves his problems maturely, without thinking that his problems are more than his own life, now nothing is impossible, nothing is so bad as to give up easily as He promise him. Promises are forever and Friends are for after the ever.

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    A good story. The use of verbs needs a bit more study on the writer's part.