The worm and the cricket

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By Betsabe Paredes

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THE WORM AND THE CRICKET Once upon a time, there was a cricket which lived in a castle in a beautiful garden. His name was Toby. He was the king of his tribe so the cricket was very rich. He had many people to his service. He had a lot of possessions. He ate the best food of that place. In spite of his wealth, Toby was very humble and friendly. He was always willing to help needy people. Toby had a sister called Lucy. They lived in the royal palace together because they received the fortune of their parents and the inheritance of the kingdom. However, they had many differences. She was so vain and selfish. She liked luxurious things and she was always bothering her brother because of the kind of friends that he had. On the other hand, there was a warm that lived at the outskirts of the palace in a small house near to a cornfield where he worked. He had a totally different life in comparison with Toby's life. He was poor and he didn't have a fortune like the cricket, but he was so hard-working and kind. His name was Bob. Bob had to support economically his family because he had many children at home who were very young and they couldn't work yet. One day, Toby was walking by the shore of a deep puddle. Suddenly, he stumbled and fell to the puddle. While he asked for help, he drowned more and more in his desperation. But nobody came to his help. When everything seemed lost, suddenly appear a rope next to him and he heard a voice. Calm down, please! Don"t worry! Everything is going to be OK! Take the rope next to you and hold to it strong "" said the worm. Oh MY God! Thank you! "" said Toby. Then Toby could return to the shore with the help of the worm. Are you ok? "" said the worm. I'm ok, thanks "" answered Toby "" but what's your name? I am Bob and you. I'm Toby, nice to meet you Bob. It's nice to meet you, too. I was near to lose my life, but thanks to you I'm still alive. How can I pay you? I did what I had to do. Also, once I experienced a similar situation but a friend helped me. Although I can't see very well, I could hear your voice asking for help. So, in order to demonstrate his gratefulness, Toby invited him to have dinner at his palace. At the beginning Bob refused to accept this invitation, but Toby persuaded him and finally he accepted. After that, Toby came back to his palace. He was very happy because he had known Bob who demonstrated his love to the neighbor. Toby ordered to prepare a great dinner in order to give honor to someone especial. He also asked for his sister but his servants told him Lucy had traveled to an important fair of luxurious things and she would return after a month. He was surprised a lot for this suddenly trip. Nevertheless, he continued with his idea of preparing a dinner for his new friend. In the same way, Bob came back to his home, too. He told his family everything that he did. His family felt proud for him. At dusk, Bob started to go to the royal palace. When Bob was near to the palace, a messenger of Toby told him to enter by the back door of the palace because the king wanted to give a surprise to his tribe. So the hour arrived and all the crickets were waiting for that surprise. Toby stood up and said "" today in the morning I was near to lose my life, fortunately a person came to my rescue. And his tribe cried the name of their king with happiness, so Toby ordered to bring Bob and he introduced him to his tribe. And his tribe cried again the names of both. From that moment Toby and Bob promised each other to be friends forever and ever. They spent time talking hours and hours and making a lot of things together. Toby knew Bob's family and he helped them with food, clothes and studies for the children. Bob knew that his new friend was from another species and rich. Similarly, Toby understood that Bob suffered from blurred vision and he was very poor. After a month, Toby's sister returned from her trip. Lucy asked Toby: How were you the last month? Toby said "" I had a terrible experience just the day you left the palace. Oh really! Come on tell me "" said Lucy I was walking near to a puddle. I stumbled and fell inside it, but a worm called Bob came to my rescue. Thanks to God you are OK "" said Lucy. During this month, Toby and Bob made their friendship a solid relation. So as always Toby left the palace in search of Bob in order to pass good moments together. He didn't say anything about this to his sister because he knew his sister didn't like persons without her same social level. However, one day she knew about the friend her brother had. She was bad-tempered so she started to recriminate him for this. Toby! Tell me that your friendship with that worm is no true. Since Bob saved me I found a real friend on him "" said Toby. Are you crazy? He is poor and without refined customs. Don't judge him without knowing him. He is a good person, kind and hard working. No way! How is it possible? You are wasting your time "" said Lucy altered. I'm sorry Lucy but I can't leave to my best friend "" said Toby. So Lucy went to her bedroom thinking about how to separate Toby from that worm. After a week, Lucy made a plan to persuade her brother in order to prove Bob's friendship. If that worm is your friend, why he doesn't come to visit you as you do it? Listen, this is my proposal. Why don't you stay here and wait for your friend? If he is a good friend he will come to see you "" said Lucy. So as Toby were very gullible, he accepted his sister's proposal. Two weeks passed and there weren't news about Bob and Lucy started to recriminate Toby again. On the other hand, Bob decided to go to visit his friend but he didn't know that in the way to the palace he would find several obstacles planed by Lucy. Therefore, bob started the trip early in the morning. While he was walking, suddenly he saw a shadow above him. It was a big bird which wanted to eat him. Bob thought the worst, but the luck was from his side. Bob made a proposal to the bird. I know in these days you and many of your species need to build a nest "" said Bob. You are right but I don't understand what you say "" said the Bird. Listen! What do you think if I build your nest? "" said Bob. I find it well but if you don't make it beautiful, I will eat you "" said the bird. Ok "" said Bob. As Bob was hard working, it didn't take so much time to build it, so the bird had to fulfill the promise. Hence, Bob continue his trip. At noon Bob take a rest in order to eat his lunch but he didn't realize he was in the ants territory. Hence, the smell of the food attracted several ants. What are you doing in our territory? Who are you? - asked The Ants. I am Bob and I am going to search my friend, the king Toby. We have heard about him, but we doubt that he is your friend "" said The Ants. Well, that is not important, I will continue my way "" said Bob. Wait, we will not allow you to pass because you invaded our territory. It is unforgivable "" said The Ants. Consequently, they captured Bob and started to do a sacrifice ritual to give him to their god the spider. When they were ready to throw him to the spider cloth, Bob thought in a fantastic idea. As he was brave, he proposed the ants to make a challenge. Wait! Wait! You don't have to do it. Look! There are two apples so the first who finish eating it will be the winner "" said Bob. If I win, you will set me free and I can go on with my trip, Ok? But if I lose, you can use me as a sacrifice to your god "" he continued. It seemed a good idea to the ants because they were a great number so they accepted. The challenge started and the ants ran to the apple in order to devour it. But Bob went with slowness to the fruit. Bob knew he didn't have opportunity to win, but what the ants didn't know was that these apples produced sleep. When they finished, they looked Bob's apple and they started to laugh so they captured him again. But when they were ready to throw him, they fell in a deep dream. Bob took advantage of that and he escaped. Meanwhile in the royal palace Toby still had the hope to see his friend. He was right because Bob was near to the palace. The first in know it was Lucy. She got anger and ordered her real guard to hit and expel Bob out of her land. Bob saw the palace and felt a great emotion. Finally he could see his friend, but that emotion left when he saw the soldiers come to him. What do you want for this land, worm? "" said one of the soldiers. I came to see my friend Toby "" answered Bob. (They laughing), the king Toby is your friend? We don't let you to enter to the palace so get out of here! "" said the soldiers. This is an injustice. Please call the king Toby and you will see he is my friend "" said Bob. But the soldiers remembered Lucy's orders and hitting him they took Bob to the outskirts of the palace near to his home. The soldiers informed Lucy about what they did so Lucy rewarded them with a lot of many. Meanwhile the king Toby was very sad because his friend didn't come and there weren't any news about bob. Lucy took advantage of this moment in order to persuade Toby to forget Bob forever. You see! That worm is not a real friend. You don't interest him. If he were a good friend, he would have written a letter but there's nothing "" said Lucy. You are right sister. I should have never had a friendship with a worm "" said Toby. Then Lucy returned very happy to his room because of his completed plans but in that moment the loyal servant of Toby informed him about all that occurred to Bob. He also heard that a worm arrived to the palace but the soldiers took him to his home. The light of the friendship revived in the eyes of Toby and immediately he went in the search of his friend Bob. As Toby was so nimble, he arrived just in time to Bob's home. He found Bob in a bad situation on his bed. Bob was dying. So when Bob saw Toby he told him all his feelings and how much he loved him as a friend. The cricket felt embarrassed because he had paid attention only to his sister. He apologized with Bob. One minute later Bob died and his family stayed without support to live. So Toby compromised to help them in remember of the affection he had to Bob. That day Toby learned a good lesson. The friendship doesn't have limits. We don't have to look the economic, the cultural or the racial differences in a friend. The distance doesn't destroy a true friendship. THE END

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    A good story. Very well done.