What they never told us

Fantasy written by studentsofenglish on Thursday 25, June 2009

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By Claudia Benavides

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What we never told us Like every morning, Mariana and Azul were in the Oxford high school, they are studying in 3rd. They usually listen to the class with a lollipop, it´s customary for them that makes them different from the rest. They´re always together and make crazy things, her friendship looks like greatly strengthened; they´re very sociable, friendly but have some different things but they are united. As in the life of any teenager, exists problems and often do not know how to react; what was happening with Azul was one of the most common problems in a family in which parents are facing a divorce. Although Azul had always been a cheerful and active girl, great partner in every sense; and it was obvious how much the divorce of her parents affected. The only shelter she had was her friend Mariana, whose inexperience, characteristic of her age, tried to help as she could. There were days when her parents were in constant conflict and argue. Azul was totally confused, not knowing who to go to someone who can help her with maturity; on the other hand had her unconditional friend Mariana, who was always willing to listen, but without many results that could help Azul. Meanwhile they continued their pace of life in school, exams, and academy. In the academy is Mariana going to meet a handsome boy in her math class, which falls in love at first sight, while the boy too it "" While it was happening to Mariana, Azul was facing much more difficult problems, without any body to help and serve this great distress. Azul was present in the class, but her mind was elsewhere and did not pay attention to the insistent calls from Mariana to tell about the new guy she had met and stole her hearth. But nothing removed from her self-absorption, which greatly annoyed Mariana, because of the many moments she was willing to listen to her problems and even she didn´t know how to solve them, she tried to find a solution, but always tried to makes Azul fells great and pleased. ***** Had spent a week, in spite of Mariana who felt uncomfortable with the stranger behavior that had taken Azul, therefore trying to understand and put into her place- were times when their friendship cooled. And hardly spent much time together, no longer talking of their common problems, much less their funny anecdotes as they laugh very often; and didn´t go out to walk on weekends at the beach or the park. Mariana decided to find another group of friends, because their relationship with Azul had become unbearable and it was impossible to strike up a topic of conversation while Azul was absorbed in something else, and Mariana trying to tell her latest anecdotes- it was like a monologue, but she could not and looked for another company to spend her time, without intending to hurt her best friend Mariana went to talk seriously with Azul and make a conclusion about what is happening to her and if she wanted to finish her long and beautiful friendship. They spent more than two hours talking and talking, they didn´t enter to the math class. After a long conversation, was not wasted so much time and strengthen their friendship again, by setting certain conditions to help to improve their relationship to become what it once was. Again be best friends that they were, without neglecting the problems she was even happening and Azul was able to overcome. ***** Mariana has shelved the issue of the boy who she was excited out for respect to her friend and she didn´t want to cause her another thing in which spend her time. Well, after a while Mariana did not stand the urge to tell Azul, that Rafael, is his name, is pretending her and asked to go out. She told all the details, she had already accepted to go out with him to drink an ice cream. After two months of going out, to parties, cafes, cinema, he declared his love; Mariana was completely obscured and happy too. She having waiting so long for this moment and it seemed so distant, that had already arrived and she did not know how to react. Mariana agreed to start a relationship with Rafael, and instantly she called to Azul to tell the new. They went out in the afternoon to tell everything, with details. Finally, Azul met Rafael at the academy; Mariana presented them and desired that they become good friends. ***** After six months, Mariana and Azul finished the school year and entered on vacations. At this time, took full advantage to be together and create a new atmosphere of friendship that needed to me renewed. Rafael always went to visit to Mariana and they went to visit to Azul to go to the cinema; so as passed three months of vacation. ***** After the three months of vacation they returned to the school, they were studying in 4th. And again were together in the same class. Mariana and Azul were best friends again and overcame all the obstacles that the life put on the way. This is where you can recognize the truth friends, who in spite of adversity don´t let you and are with you in the great and bad moments in your life.

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    A good story. Some typos that should be cleaned up. Nicely done.