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friendship by Arturo Marcelo

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" The Game of Life" By Arturo.!! The plot of this story is based on how through sport as famous as football is that you can get to know two or more people and in turn can shape the great friendships, meet great people and make great friends then this is the story where this happens, which begin with a brief explanation of it, and continue with the history of Iran is aware of all the experiences of these two main characters to achieve their dream is to become a professional player football. This is a story which is told in a thousand and one adventures, circumstances, difficulties and life problems of these two young men (Joao and Lucas), who wanted to fulfill a dream, which was to be a professional footballer, these characters had never known, is most have never seen in life, but they had something in common, which was playing good football and chances of life is to find and know the screening test in the search for new values and talents to the creation of a new football team in the city, which in turn is very powerful and popular participation in the state championship and might be tempted to win the title. The story begins one morning in sunny and cheerful, it was summer in the beautiful Everton city in England, everything was very well arranged, very clean town, people are very courteous and polite as ever, and in this city is where there is a screening test to search for new talent for the creation and renovation of a soccer team, then there is a curly-haired boy, slim, brown-eyed semi - clear, of average height, about 16 years old, his name is Joao, this boy is the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil, it led to the selection test for the sole purpose of passing this test and earn a place in this new team, which was name "Toffees FC." and the peculiarity of this name is to be for fans and players of the club by the tradition that a busy candy shop in the city and near the premises of the club gave candy to the spectators. Joao decided to try for selection in the football team, with the passage of all the evidence, remained astonished, incredulous watching Joao play with the football and the great skill and technique that he had, so Mr. Reagan that the coach of the team is about and what one calls and asks: "Hey you, boy, your name, where you are, how you hear about this screening test" to what Joao very polite and with the kindness and humility that characterized him replied: "My name is Joao, I'm from Brazil, the city of Sao Paulo, just a few months and I have lived in this city and my dream is to become a professional footballer and I learned of this screening test for ads in the newspapers" Mr. Reagan says "Well, very good boy, I congratulate you for having a great dream, and you will have thousands of young people who want to become great professional football players, you I am sincere, you have a lot of technique and playing very good football, but you need two things very important guy" as Joao excited by the words of the coach and the bright eyes of happiness as he told the coach said "That is what I am missing coach sir " the coach Reagan said "The first thing you need a partner for you along with him can have fun playing football and seconds you need greater preparation and experience, which let me tell you the last screening test and from today you are part of this new club" Joao excited hugs and thanks him for the coach for having to pass the screening test. After the game, Joao arrived excited and happy to his house and told him everything that happened during the day to Malena, her mother is very proud to embrace his son and spreads the joy of it. The next day of the game comes from a boy named Lucas brown hair, average height, about 17 years, was the German city of Dresden, and as much as Joao, dazzled the coach Reagan on the second day of testing selection and is also admitted to form the team, which he felt an immense joy for what happened and like Joao him to his coach very grateful. The next morning, the coach decided to put together and Joao Lucas for a party of practice, by the way they had passed the screening test and were already part of the team is there when it was the first time they were only greeted It was a hello and nothing more, but at the time of the game, the coach put on the same computer and that is the case that they were such good players, we understand from the start, the coach was fascinated with this, While the others were heard murmuring, talking among themselves, but Reagan was the coach happy, and there is born in a beautiful and inseparable friendship between them began to share everything they had, and also spent days training within the club for the league matches for the state of the city. With other boys in the team were not yet accepted that it had let a boy named Steve, also of 17 years, black hair, thick frame, a bit arrogant and selfish, which until then was the leader and captain of the group and all colleagues did what he asked, Joao Lucas and trying to be nice to Steve, but it sometimes behaves in a rude and disrespectful. After several days of training, comes the first day of play "Toffees FC" state championship in the city, was a highly contested game in which the team "Toffees FC" achieved its first victory and were happy about it. Throughout the day, Joao Lucas and became very good friends, and came to be friends with other boys in the team even less with Steve, because it was a hard and strong, the team went very well in the championship state, but one day one of the games and at the end when Lucas arrives to have a severe pain in the leg, resulting from the sharp play of the team and ill-intentioned, it is no longer where they resist and on the grass strip complaining of pain before the astonished gaze of his companions and sobering trying to help and reassure him, but all attempts were in vain. All were surprised to see that Steve got up and accompanied by Joao Lucas took him to a hospital in the city, the coach Reagan muttered "What a nice gesture to Steve" and all the guys were also talking to each other, surprised by the act of Steve. Steve was in the hospital stay with Lucas care and support as needed and more with Joao and doctors will make the recovery much faster Lucas because both Steve and Joao Lucas did not want to lose football matches remaining, as the team was playing very well and missing a few dates for the end of the state championship in the city and had the chance to be champions. It was then that Lucas already recovered from the pain of the leg returns to the team to the delight of the other comrades and happiness of the trainer who said Reagan "That gives me joy that you're back with us" and Lucas responded "For me it is a joy see again my friends, and especially I can play again, I don't want to miss these last few games, because there can be champions" and all his friends jumped for joy and hugged everyone and Lucas promised to all who win the state championship Steve was a person of strong character and a very early age that he did not live with their parents because they died in the accident, only lived with his brothers and a very early age began to make a living on the street: both for his brothers, because his brothers did not want to have the same life he had and will work for everything that is proposing to do, that's why it was that marked him for life, but the value of the friendship and good friends did Steve start to change that so rude, arrogant and arrogance he had, and became a more kid friendly, treated, educated, good manners, even at the root of evil is that Lucas started talking more and be good friends, as well as Joao, formed a beautiful friendship between three and that reason was very happy for the coach. "Toffes FC." reached the state championship in a game and fought hard to win and achieve happiness for themselves and their coach get champions, is where all hug each other, put aside the anger that once was and blur into tears and hugs, everything is happiness, joy, smiles. The most awaited moment for all of them is when they lift the Champions Cup tournament. This is where all the partners come together in a hug and just burst with happiness and joy, and Joao Lucas is a swear eternal friendship, always help each other in what is most needed. To the memory is in each one of them being champions, having made very good friends, understand the value of a true friend, the value of friendship, that it unconditionally to the problems that may events, such that you always to help in difficult moments, but is always there, giving encouragement and saying "You can get ahead." Thanks for reading my story.! Artur

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    A good story, Arthur. Just one thing. The sport the rest of the world calls football is called "soccer" in America. America has its own brand of football, which is quite crazy. You may want to keep that in mind for future sports stories. Cool