When friendship goes away

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friendship story by Nelly Galarza

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When happiness goes away By Nelly Galarza Many years ago, Lived in a small community a couple of old person , that lived with their unique son, that they had brought up since he was a baby, because he was forsaken by his young mother, in front of the the house during one night where was not full moon even , in order that they could see that strange thing was. The child were called Pedro, in honor to the old woman`s father . He grew up with the adoptive parents, whom gave him all the love and the fondness of the world, because the old woman in her youth times , she wanted with great yearning be able to have a baby, but nevertheless she wasn't , and well after of many years her great desire was fulfilled, when had lost the hope to adopt one. Well was that during a dark night, someone knocked at the door`s house with a fast and slow knock at the same time, so that the old men opened the door and found a small weird thing with a letter inside that said: " take care and love this baby ", The old men was paralyzed, didn't know what to do, he couldn't believe what his eyes was seeing , then he called to the old woman , in order to confirming what his eye was seeing, but they could not believe what they were seeing; so the old woman take him in her arms, blessing God for the miracle that they have been wishing and waiting. The years passed until one day on his 5 birthday they given him a small and shaggy puppy, that also as to the owner, he had traversed the same luck. they called it Peluchin, because of he look like as a small, shaggy and tender one. Pedrito and Peluchin were growing together, sharing many moments of happiness and sadness, specially when one of them was punished for doing mischieves or something wrong., if one was punished the other one continued accompanying also in the punishment; so they were very good friends, they understood each other , and this way the years passed until Pedrito was 10 years old. Was a normal and common day like the same mornings each day in the community, all people were doing the same activities and routine that they were accustomed to do every day , when suddenly in the distance people could listen a strange sound very far and nearby at the same time , then the things started trembling and falling down , people were screaming for the streets losing hope, and the land was opened, the tracks, the paths also, seemed that the world was going to ended in these moments. The old person to hear and see all the catastrophe , they decided to go out of house, but forgetting stubbornly to Pedrito , who was sleeping Without any trouble, so when the elders noticed the absence of pedrito, they decided to enter , but the land`s wrath was so strong that the houses startet to collapse, and between them it was the house of the elders that collapsed like a sandcastle, the elders became very sad, because at least peluchin couldn't have escaped of such terrible tragedy, he had gone away with his dear owner together. When the earthquake passed , the elders went to see their destroyed house, and inside the rubbles they could listen a small groan, that was more intensenly that allowed them to know exactly the place where they were: ohh surprise to see peluchin had survived miraculously to the catastrophe, but pitifully Pedrito , didn`t passed the same luck. And in this way the years passed, but the elder`s life changed, it wasn't the same , they feeling remorse and a big emptiness in their souls, and they blamed each other for the tragedy years ago . The unique thing that seems to be useful and a consolation was that small, graceful and shaggy pupy that thy had gave him one day to Pedrito, who had grown and played with him. was so deepy and empties of their souls , that the elders didn't speak each other, not even any word, during all that time, the only thing that they were using of consolation was Peluchin, he was the only receptor of the words , when they want to talk or said something , they told to Peluchin , and in this way the other could listen. All this situation made that the elders lives with monotonous and more sadnees their lifes. One day , in a overcast and cold evening, the old man decided to go out of the house, but he didn't realized of the door was opened , Well when Peluchin notices this, he went out very hurry towards the street, He didn't have much opportunities to go out, because of the elders were frightened that something bad wil happen , and the last memory alive go away of their hands, for only a carelessness, But that evening they were careless , so Peluchin went out , towards a different world, new and unknown for him . Went out and looked around him contemplate the beauty of the world, he continued in these ways without any purpose , astonished and amazed for the beautiful world, like a child with his first toy. That evening Peluchin went out , but he never returned, maybe , he would have got lost to his way home , would not have found the way, maybe he found a new partner`s games, or maybe ; maybe ; maybe ; he was towards the meeting of his only one best friend, and partner`s game, this friend who never returned after the catastrophe, this friend for who he wait for years and years, but never returned , and now maybe he would have found , probably a little different or equal when he Ieave it, but it that wasn't matter, finally he would have met Pedrito . When The poor elders have noticed Peluchin's absence, it was very late, they couldn't do anything ; so, that day was the same to that day when they lost Pedrito . The elders distressed by fatal event, they hugged each other and began to cry like children without toys, desperate and without hope. They left this day the door opened , maybe he decided return, but he didn't come, the following days was the same, but Peluchin never arrived . When this happened, not exist any more that being they could go, and speak to him , or receive the messages whenever they were going out; they couldn't do nothing of it ; so the elders little by little began to speak and listened each other , like years ago. They began to do things together, until one day where was no even full moon, someone knocked at the door`s house with a fast and slow knock at the same time, so the old man stood up from the armchair, he opened the door, I looked up and there wasn't anybody, he looked downwards and he was paralyzed, he had found two small packet that it were moving; the old man opened his eyes very well with the face full of tears and he smiled. When the old woman saw that the old man wasn't moving, she) decided to go by herself to see what was happening , when suddenly she arrived to the door, and looked very amazing and shocked , remembering those das y when she saw for the fisrt time to Pedrito , she go down on her knees and took between her arms to the small packet that the same like the last one , it could fill their life with pleasure and happiness, inside there was a letter that said :" take care and love this baby, and also preserve this puppy that is the only gift that I could give to him , take care please ". Then after to read the letter , the old man took in his arms the other packet, that was the puppy and in this way the elders with tears in their eyes and the new tenants, they turn around and closed the door of their humble house.

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    A good story. Tragic and happy at the same time.