Theres nothing like a true friendship

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"THERE IS A NOTHING LIKE A TRUE FRIENSHIP" ( Anita Alvarado Ledezma ) Two inseparable friends, Anais and Mayra who Always spent their time together. They were the best of friends since a very young age. As little girls, they used to go to school together, play together and sometimes even stay at each others places. They were next door neighbors and were in their school volleyball team.They really loved to play volleyball, so Everyday after the school they used to practice in the Mayra's house yard. They enjoyed to be together all the time and share their things, such as: flippers, Knee pads, ball, t- shirts, in other words they Were like sisters. They were the best friends of the World Until One day, the manager said at last minute that tomorrow at night they would travel because they would have a new meeting with the other schools in the new York city, so It was exciting for them and Quickly they Left the school and were to arrange their things (they were so thrilled). The next morning, Anais Said to Mayra: "At last, the long hoped-for day of our travel arrived" so, At night, when the bus arrived they ran so quiucky for winning seats. As always They sat down together and they started to talk about their friendship; Mayra said to Anais that she always would be her best friend whatever happens. In that moment Anais and Mayra huged each other.Unfortunately, they met with an accident on their way to New York City. The following morning, Mayra woke up blind and Anais was still unconscious. Dr. James was standing at his bedside looking at her health chart and medications with a thoughtful expression on his face. When he saw Anais awake, he beamed at her and asked." How are you feeling today Anais?" Anais tried to put up a brave face and smiled back saying, "absolutely wonderful Doctor. I am very grateful for all that you have done for me. "Dr James was moved at Anais's deed. All that he could say was, "You are a very brave girl Anais and God will make it up to you in one way or another". While he was moving on to the next patient, Anais called back at him almost pleading, "promise me you won´t tell Mayra anything". "You know I won't do that. You Only Trust in me." and walked away. "Thank you " whispered Anais. She smiled and looked up in prayer"I hope I live Up to your ideas...please give me the strength to be able to go through this.. Amen" 2 mounths later when Mayra had recuperated considerably, she stopped hanging around with Anais .She felt discouraged and embarrassed to spend time with a disabled person like Mayra. Mayra was lonely and disheartened, since she didn't have any body else other than Anais to count on. Things went from bad to worse. And one day died in despair. When Anais was called on his burial, she found a letter waiting for her. Dr Berkeley gave it to Her with an expresionless face and said" This is for you Mayra. Anais had asked me to give it to you when he was gone". In the letter She had said: " Dear Mayra, I have kept my promise in the end to lend you my eyes if anything had happened to them. Now there is nothing more that I can ask from God, than the fact, that YOU will see the world through my eyes. You will always be my best friend........Anais". When he had finished reading Dr. Berkeley said" I had promised Anais to keep her sacrifice she made a secret from you. But now I wish I didn't stick it Because I don't think It was worthy it". After that, Dr started crying and said to Mayra; I see that you were good friends, so let me tell you that True friends like you never leave each other even despite of death. I am sure that Anais always will be in your heart whatever happens.Besides that A true friend tries to correct the other in a way that it does not hurt the ego of the other friend as Anais dit, Right?? Mayra with watery eyes said to him: My dear friend Anais Was the Only person for me.We used to share everething together. She was very sensitive about my feelings and very helpful with all people.Then, The Dr said to her: Mayra Don´t forget that True friends are those who inspire others to become better like Anais, so the most important in this moment is that you have an operation in your ayes and you can see through Anais's eyes.I know that Anais is looking us since up. Mayra tried to be more calm and said: Dr I wants to be operated as soon as possible because I wants to feel my friend, my dear friend Anais! Dr James said: OK, It's good to hear that, but first we need to be Ready to confront all, ok Mayra? Mayra gave a sigh and Said: I'll do what you tell me Dr James! After one month, the doctor decided to operate to Mayra, but she wasn´t so happy, because of she couldn´t asimilate the new situation, But the most important was that the operation was successful.fortunately she recovered the sight.It was wonderful!!! However the Anais's death affected her so much. She didn´t want continue her Studies but somehow she had to go. But some days she didn't enter to classes and stayed out of her house.Until that Dr James went to visit to her and he found the other acting strange. She would remain withdrawn, sleep too much and turn violent if provoked. At first the doctor thought it was just the studies getting on to her. But with time, she became even more moody and frustrated. Finally her Doctor couldn't take it any longer and confronted her with the problem. She broke down and confided that she was involved emotionally with a guy and he was taking drugs and forcing her to take them too. The doctor listened to her tell the shocking story. She was not only forced to take drugs but was also forced to bring money every now and then and was threatened with dire consequences if she told anyone. Mayra started to crying and said: I Truly miss my best friend Anais so much and I WISH I had been there more for her at the end she was remarkable. Her Doctor was too shocked to think anything and advice her right then. So he Made sure that while Mayra cried herself to sleep, He would think of a way to help her. Finally He thought that he would come up straight to the point and tell her to leave this guy and get a life. He contacted the college counselor who was a psychologist and told her the problem. She offered to help and also said that matter would be kept under wraps. Mayra was then advised by her doctor to leave this guy as he was torturing her unnecessarily. Her doctor reminded her of her dreams of becoming a succesful player and that Anais would be happy if she become one of the best placer in The World. Mayra felt so bad and promised to him that all what she was going to do is for her friendo Anais. She finally agreed to leave the guy. She was given basic counseling and was weaned off drugs quite fast.Mayra huged to Dr James and said: if my friend Anais would be here I "m sure that she would never had Left me alone. All the time Mayra tried to be relaxed, but The face of her friend always was in her mind, consequently She remained the best moments with her best friendo and atarted crying.She let the Anais's death get her down, But not Only that, all Sundays in the morning, she used to go the burial to visit to her friend where she used to shout and cry looking the sky: why god; whyy!!!!! I miss my sister so much!!! Suddenly, In front of her Appeared a beautiful Light in form of angel and said to her "I am the Anais's angel and let me tell you that she is so sad because of your behaviour" " she wants that you enjoy the life and that you are a good sporty like you were in the school! " She always remaind you and say that you would follow be her best friendo" Don´t matter how far you are, the most important for her is know that you always will be together not personally but O f course you will are spiritually.Then Mayra Asked to the angel: Could you come to my house every night and tell me about my friendo; please? The angel looker her and said that it would be a pleasure for him.Since that mayra realized that her best friend always would be with her, she decided to study and practice her volleyball with more responsability as did with her best friend. Mayra efforted so much to became the best player of her school team and everything what she did always dedicated to her friendo.As usual mayra don´t let to visit her mayra's grave and tell everything, Despite of anais's angel visited to her. Since mayra had spoken with the angel she was more calmed and There was a big smile on his face. It was one of those smiles that showed real gratitude and a real friendship that she had with her friend anais. On the other hand, she always used to say that Anais were best in all. Suddenly the angel appeared, and approached to her and said: "hey Mayra! I have a message for you!! Anais: told me that you promised to her that you would never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture you can change a person's life. For better or for worse" never forget that' and Mayra said, ok!! So Anais said: So, Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly " ANGEL LOOKED TO HER AN SMILED WITH SWEET ¡!!!

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    A good story. A difficult story, however, for a beginner, and perhaps needs to be broken into two chapters.