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Fantasy written by studentsofenglish on Wednesday 17, June 2009

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The meaning of the word "Friend" Once upon the time there were two friends who worked for the US military service. One of them named as John, who was very strict, strong and he never give up. The other, a woman named Meryl who was a beautiful girl, but she was a rookie using heavy weapons. The leadership of a criminal organization named as Julian kidnapped a military organization in Alaska. Julian who was an assassin and stubborn wanted a big amount of money to liberate the area. So the US government sent the two friends to that military area in order to defeat Julian and his terrorist group. But there was a problem, they were sent in different days and they did not know that they both were sent to this operation. John got into the military area by using a submarine, but he cannot use any weapon during the infiltration, that made that the operation would be hard to reach. There were a lot of surveillance cameras and soldiers who worked for Julian, so John might to be very quiet. He killed some terrorist because he needed to get into the military area. When he was into the building, he found a gun, so he could move easily into the building. Meryl, who was into the building hours ago, was kidnapped by Psycho Mantis, a man who had mental powers and can control people's mind. So she was dressed like a terrorist and she was in a jail. John was moving in the building, he was looking for a man who could give him some information. He was the DARPA chief; he was in a jail next to the jail where Meryl was. John got into a ventilation hole that communicates him to the jail where the DARPA chief was. He got into the jail and talked with the chief, but something was wrong while they were talking the chief had a heart attack and died. It was strange. Suddenly the door of the other jail was opening and a person left the room, it was Meryl but John did not know that. He opened the door and left the room, while he was leaving the room, she pointed him with a FAMAS (a fusil for assault) in the head. John could not recognize her because her face was covered, she was possessed by Psycho Mantis while they were talking and alarm rang and some terrorist got into the room. John and Meryl killed them using their weapons. Then she run into the elevator and disappeared. John did not know what was happening, but he continued his infiltration. He was in the second floor of the building. When the chief died, he got a card level 1, so he can open all the doors in the level 1 of security. Then he moved to the third floor, and found that a person who was the president of Arms Tech Kenneth Baker was prisoner of a terrorist named Revolver Ocelot, who was an old man but he was gifted shooting. They were shooting until something strange happened a ninja with a covering and a stealth camouflage cut Ocelot hand and made free Baker. The ninja went away and Ocelot too. John was trying to safe Baker but suddenly he got a heart attack. That was a very strange situation. Two people died by the same way. John got a card level 2 and left that room. He returned to the first floor and a level 5 door opened. He got into that door and he found a free area where there was tank. Inside the tank was another terrorist, Vulcan Raven. John destroyed the tank using grenades, but Raven run away. He moved into the next building finding new weapons that could help him to achieve his goal, defeat Julian organization, and safe the military area. While he was moving in this building he saw that somebody was killing the soldiers and a one of them told that a ghost was killing them. He got into a room and found the ninja, and fought with him. The ninja told him that they fought together long time ago, and John remembered him, after that the ninja left the place. John found a scientist, Robert Fox who developed the stealth camouflage. Then he moved to another room where he found Meryl again and he recognized her. She was in her mind and she take off that clothes that made her seems like being a terrorist. They moved to another place in this building, but suddenly she started to act in different way. John did not know what was happening, so they moved into a room where she pointed him with a gun. John did not know what to do, so hit het into the head and she fell down unconscious, that was the moment were Psycho Mantis appeared, he had the ability to read people's mind, and while Mantis was reading John's mind, he discovered something strange, John was half brother with Julian. They both were sons of a man named Big Boss, but they were genetically created by using Big Boss DNA. But Mantis just only told John that was an honor for him to fight with the person with the same DNA of the boss. John killed him by hitting because he cannot use weapons. When Mantis died Meryl recovered his mind, and the moved to another area. The new area was very cold and there were a lot of wolves who loved Meryl, but they attacked John. They got into a place that was mined, Meryl could pass without any difficult and John did the same, but a sniper shot her three times she fell down but John could not do anything. He went back looking for a sniper gun. And when he found it, he returned to the place where Meryl was hurt. But there was no Meryl; there was only blood in the floor. He was moving ahead when suddenly the sniper attacked again. He used the sniper gun and hurt her. He moved ahead but he did not notice that everything was a trick to chase him. He was chased and got in to a jail. Robert using a stealth camouflage saved John and made him free. John was afraid because of Meryl, they were friends long time ago, and he thought that Meryl sacrificed her to safe him, so he wanted to found her. Fox disappeared and John was looking for Meryl. While he was searching he received a call from his boss. He must complete a new goal, to deactivate the new nuclear weapon: Metal Gear Rex, which was a bipedal tank that had the capability to launch warheads. So it was a dangerous weapon in the hand of the terrorist. John moved swiftly to find the new weapon and when he found it, he started to deactivate using a special card that Baker gave him. But something was wrong, the terrorist never activated Rex, so John activated it. That was what Julian was waiting for; he got into Rex and made it work. John did not know what to do, all the future of the world was in his hands, so he used a lot of weapons like a stinger to defeat Rex and Julian, he made everything and he defeated it. Julian was angry because he lost the opportunity to be the most powerful man in the world. But it did not matter to John. Julian wanted to fight with John, hand to hand like real men. Julian was stronger than John. But John was hurt because he felt that he lost Meryl. He wanted to kill Julian because he thought that Julian was guilty of Meryl disappear. Julian told John that they were half brothers and he explained everything about his father and the project to conquer the world. That made John to feel angry and they started to fight. Julian was hitting John and he thought about Meryl and that made him to find a reason why to defeat his brother. He wanted revenge. They both were fighting in the top of Rex. John hit Julian so hard and Julian fall down and died. John had the heart broken, so he went to the floor and he found a surprise. Meryl was unconscious and he took her and left the building. John was so happy because he recovered his friend, and she gave him a reason why to live and defeat the terrorist. John and Meryl learned the meaning of the word friendship was to leave everything for your friends, to support them when they are down and encourages them to achieve their goals. THE END

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    A good plot. I could easily make this into eight or ten chapters (ocho o diez capitulos.) I think the young writer has just taken on a bit too much with this story. However, an excellent effort. Cool