Vampires II: A Vampire War

Fantasy written by kt6550 on Thursday 11, June 2009

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A sequel to "A Vampire Tale".

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Susan and Cassandra
Susan had been working for a year at Beyer-Smythe, Ltd., in Exton, PA. After graduation, she applied for and got the job. Susan didn't know that Cassandra owned Beyer-Smythe. Susan did know that Cassandra owned the town house that the two women shared. Beyer-Smythe, Ltd., was a very exclusive and successful brokerage firm. They made a lot of money for their clients, and charged a lot in fees. If you didn't have one million or more to invest, Beyer-Smythe would not give you the time of day. Susan made an exceptional living for what was, basically, a glorified clerk's position. She dressed for work in business suits, banked her money, and was putting up a nice little nest egg. Now, it was a steamy Friday evening on the first weekend in June. The dog days of August had come early to Southeastern PA. Susan had worked late; she was doing some research on some mutual funds and the reports had to be on her boss's desk by Monday morning. She finished the report, printed four copies, emailed a copy to her boss, logged off her PC, and headed to the ladies' room. She rinsed her face, removed her pantyhose, left the ladies' room, said goodnight to a co-worker, and left the building. She hopped into her car and headed home. A hot bath and some white wine would be in order. Susan got home, finished undressing, took a long, soaking bath, and settled in front of her desktop. She cleared her one email account, and checked the email account used exclusively by Cassandra. Nothing was there. She web-surfed for thirty minutes, and then logged out. She headed back to the kitchen. She would have another glass of wine and head to bed. She was exhausted. She was a bit shocked when she saw Cassandra sitting on the sofa. "Well, my Little One," said Cassandra, using her pet name for her ghoul, "you have had a most exhausting week. But things will begin to change soon. I have an assignment for you. Come, sit beside me and we will discuss the assignment." As Susan sat down, Cassandra withdrew a thin folder from her briefcase. Susan noticed that Cassandra had a pink tint to her cheeks. She had fed. Cassandra had not neglected Susan's education on the vampire lifestyle. Susan knew the signs. She took a sip of wine and got comfortable. "Tell me, Little One," Cassandra began, "are you familiar with a club just north of Wilmington? It is called 'The Darke.'" "It's a Goth and Metal club, Cassandra," replied Susan. "Really not my style." "Excellent. Now, two men, Jack Williams and Henry Fields, run it. Jack Williams actually owns it," stated Cassandra, her tone and manner very business-like. "Jack is a vampire and Henry is his ghoul. One week from Monday, you will apply for a job. You will wait tables, dance, and do the books. In short, you will do whatever they ask of you. Understood? Three weeks from your hire, you will move in with the two men. Do not question this. It is delicate, and a great deal depends on it, understood?" Susan nodded. "Now," Cassandra continued, "sometime, probably a week or two, after Labor Day, you will make a trip to Berne, Switzerland. Henry will drive you to and from the Philadelphia airport. However, I will meet you at the club with your tickets, passport, and final orders. Understood? You will be in Berne four days. And then you will return. You will continue to live with Jack and Henry. Any questions?" "Switzerland!" exclaimed Susan. "I've always wanted to visit Europe! That will be lovely. I can hardly wait!" "It may, or may not be pleasurable," said Cassandra, as she opened the folder on the coffee table. The folder revealed the picture of an overweight middle-aged bald man. "I will give you the details, Little One, at the appropriate time," said Cassandra. "For now, all I can give is a rough sketch. Understood?" Susan nodded. "When you arrive in Berne, you will check into the Hotel Allegro. It is a lovely four-star hotel. The next day, you will report to this man. His name is Klaus Voerschafft. He is an officer at the Berner Kantonalbank. You will deliver a DVD to him, which the two of you will decode and then destroy. You know that procedure; you have done it before." "Yes, Cassandra," said Susan. She was very attentive. A ghoul who served their vampire master or mistress was richly rewarded. As for the procedure, Susan had done it a number of times. The banker would have a laptop or desktop computer in a private office. He would log into the box and then leave the office. Susan would place the DVD into the tray, and enter the first half of the password. She would leave the office; the banker would enter, and then enter the second half of the password. The banker would download the data. When he or she was finished with the download, Susan would reenter the office. She would watch while the banker shredded the DVD. Alternatively, the banker would watch while Susan shredded it. "Here is where things get touchy," said Cassandra. Susan's attention was rapt. "Herr Voerschafft," continued Cassandra, "is an overweight, balding, married, middle-aged man. He has a fat wife and three children. He also has passions for fine wine, rich food, and attractive young females. He may attempt to get you into bed. If he does, allow him to make love to you. But it must be at your hotel. Understood? Only at your hotel." "Is that really necessary, Cassandra?" asked Susan, grimacing. The man was old and ugly. "Yes, it is," stated Cassandra, flatly. "Now, he may or may not display interest. If he does not, just enjoy the rest of your stay in Berne. If he does, you will comply and make sure the act is done in your hotel room. Are we clear on this?" "Yes, Cassandra," said Susan, gulping. "My lovely Little One," said Cassandra, reaching over and hugging Susan, "as I said, he may or may not lust for you. If he does, you must submit. It will not be that terrible, I promise you. You will be richly rewarded when this affair is over. I promise you that. But it is necessary, for my plan to succeed, that this banker be compromised. The DVD will do that. The lovemaking is merely icing on the cake. I did not want to surprise you with this. That is why I am telling you now. It will give you time to think about it." Susan smiled wanly. Cassandra finished the remainder of the assignment description and left. Before she left, she stressed to Susan how important this assignment was. Susan lay in bed and slowly fell asleep. Well, no point in trying anything stupid. She knew how powerful Cassandra was. Just go with the flow and see what happens. Cassandra had always taken good care of her. There was no reason to think otherwise now.

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    Whoa, that was cool! Casandra was a cool ass sheila, why the hell will no one hear or see from her again damn it! lol Another great story mate, keep up the great work.

    By the way, I didn't like Susan lol
    i really enjoyed this, there was just the right amount of deciet,

    very entrancing,

    this writing makes you want to read more