Poem written by Kissing_Fool on Monday 18, February 2002

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I feel like am alone. Nay, it is a wake up call, so pick up the fucking phone. I want to see, rather I want to be shown, this gunman isn?t lone. And with no direction home. How dry I am, dry to the bone. This is not to delay, or postpone. Sinking in depressions black ocean like a stone. Exactly what was this penalty? Did I forget to pay some fee? What was wrong with my cup of tea? What in the world could it be? I have so much love left in me. Yet I drown in this empty sea. I?m too nice a guy you see. And I should be scattered to the wind like so much debris

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    I actually enjoyed this. Clever. Unpredictable.
    Worth a 2nd read.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Sometimes love is about building and rebuilding upon the ruins of the current or previous inhabitants of your heart, enigma explained. Well portrayed; bravo!