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The sequeal to choices

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After writing "Choices the farewell to Jessica Starnes my friends wanted a sequel. That was a true story so the best thing I could do was create a story based on what could have happened. Some of this may be true but most of it is not nor will it ever be true. This story is for my friends that have supported me all the way through my life. I also would like to add that it was fun writing this story and being able to think about some things while doing it. So sit back enjoy the second story of the Jessica Starnes Series. The year was 2008 and James was growing tired. Everyday he woke up and a pain cut through his heart. It was worse than anything he ever felt in his life. On the nightstand was a bottle of Jack Daniels. He picked it up and took a swig. The next few hours James spent packing his suit case. James had made some calls and got a decent trailer in Atlanta, Georgia. He was packing his stuff up when the phone rang. He thought about it but he didn't answer it. He grabbed the Jack Daniels and headed toward the door. Meanwhile across town a girl is pacing the floor. She is worried about James. Why wasn't he answering the phone? Had something happened to James? Had he hurt or worse killed himself like he promised. Meanwhile James looked over the house and then laid the key on the counter. He locked the door and closed it behind him. As he walked across the yard pain was tearing at his heart. His eyes got watery and he opened the car door and got in. He slammed the door closed and backed out of the driveway. Kid was on her way to James's house when she saw him. He was in a black Chevy truck. She hollered at him but he didn't stop. Instead he sped up and blew through a yellow light. Kid stared at the truck. What had happened? She continued towards his family's house. She looked in the window and saw a key and a cell phone on the table. She didn't see any note or anything. Two weeks came and went and James got moved in to his new home. He wasn't totally honest with himself. He made himself believe that he was happy where he was but he wasn't he was worried and afraid. He was free now but with a price. He had lost a very important piece of his life in the process. It hurt more than losing Jessica. Back in North Carolina kid was upset. She was trying to figure out what had happened. What had she done to drive him away? She started thinking about what happened between them. It had been a hot afternoon that Wednesday when James had the note delivered. The note simply said," Want to go out?" She had answered no because of the extensive drug uses James had. Now she was thinking about it again. Then the bell rang and she realized what had happened. He finally said," The hell with this." Would he come back or was he gone forever? In Georgia James sat at his desk writing a long letter. As he wrote a smile came over his face. He reached over and picked up the .44 Magnum on the table. He inserted the bullet in the chamber and put the gun under his chin and he sat there, everything that had happened came rushing at him. He could hear Jessica's voice saying," James do you love her?" Then he could it would change to kid saying," I don't want to lose another friend." He laid the gun down on the table. Tears were streaming down his face. He had become the monster that he feared. The days came and went and James wondered if he had done the right thing. He cared about Kid to much to go back to North Carolina. James would not be embarrassed by Kid anymore he was done with everything and everyone in North Carolina. He would lose the home sickness and besides he had already met some one named Amanda Watson. She was really beautiful and James really liked her. These days they were dating regularly. James was thinking maybe his heart had healed. Maybe after four years of living a lie he could finally be free. Now since Kid wasn't around anymore he had relationships that lasted. He was getting pretty confident about his relationship with Amanda. James had thought maybe his heart had healed. He was living on false hope that if he could make his relationship work then he would be fine. So with his false hope he asked Amanda to marry him. Amanda smiled and said," Yes I will." It took a year to plan the wedding. James called his parents to tell them. His parents were some what upset but happy about his decision. They told him they would be there. James's parents called someone who called someone and it eventually got back to kid. Kid couldn't believe it. James was getting married. It was the day of the wedding and James was nervous. He tied his tie and looked at himself in the in the mirror. Different thoughts raced through his mind. His best man laid a hand on his shoulder and said," Kid just showed up!" This brought a smile to James's face and he replied," So she found me!" The best man said," What?" James just stood there and smiled. He knew if kid found out she would be there. His best man was talking now. James said," Tell kid to leave! She is not welcome at my wedding." James's best man looked at him and said," Are you sure?" James nodded yes and the best man was gone to send kid away. James knew that if kid stayed the wedding would be a disaster. So she would be escorted out of the church and off the primacies. The wedding would take place and be perfect. Amanda was talking to her bridesmaid" It just seems so right," Amanda replied. Her bridesmaid replied," That's what you think now but wait till about four years in. You will be begging for mercy." The bridesmaid let out a laugh. Amanda asked," How does marriage work?" The bridesmaid looked at Amanda and said," Marriage is like a Cadillac. When it starts it is beautiful and then after the honeymoon life begins." Amanda laughed and the bridesmaid said." You're a beautiful bride. You will be fine." Amanda nodded and started to think is this really wanted? Did she want to be tied down with a husband? She looked at the bridesmaid and said," Leave me along." The bridesmaid left and Amanda made sure she was gone then she changed back in to blue jeans and a t-shirt and slipped out a window. She walked quickly toward a pay phone and made a call and fifteen minutes later she was gone. Meanwhile back inside the church everyone is looking for the bride. She was nowhere to be seen. James stood at the alter waiting but Amanda never appeared. James looked at his father and then headed for the door. No matter how long he waited Amanda would never show up. She had left him looking stupid. He walked out the door and headed for his truck. As he got in he noticed a silver Mustang. James looked at the car then he cranked his truck up and drove home. He was almost home when he noticed the Mustang following him. James slowed down and the Mustang slowed. James reached in the glove compartment and pulled out his .44 Magnum. He knew the gun was loaded. It always was. He laid the gun in his lap. Then he pulled on to the gravel road to his house and drove to his trailer. When he pulled in the yard and the Mustang pulled in behind him. James got out of the truck and tucked the gun under his shirt. He walked up to the car and noticed that the windows were tinted. He reached for the door handle and the window came down. Inside he saw kid. James looked stunned then he started to back up. Fear was written on his face. Kid could tell it by looking at him. His face was white and he had a hollow look on his face. Kid got out and walked toward James. He was backing toward the trailer. He turned around and walked toward the trailer with Kid close behind. James unlocked the door. He walked in followed by Kid. She closed the door and James turned around. He stood looking at her. That is when he noticed the swelling. The right side of her face was a bluish-purple. James looked at her face and said," What happened to your face?" Kid turned away and James laid a hand on her shoulder and said," What happened?" Kid turned and looked at James with her big sad eyes. Eyes that told the story better that Kid herself could. She said," He hit me!" James looked confused and said," Who hit you?" They sat down and Kid started to explain," His name was Robert Dobson and we were dating. He came home late and I met him at the door. We had words and he slapped me. Tears came in to her eyes and James went and got two beers from the refrigerator. He took one to Kid and opened it Kid said," No I can't." James got that stern look on his face and said," Take it you deserve it. Kid took the beer and sat it on the coffee table. James sat in his recliner and said, "I think there is more to the story." kid Picked up the beer and said, "We both partied hard. I thought he loved me but apparently I was wrong. His drinking got way out of control and I told him I was leaving hum. He grabbed my arm and pushed me in to a wall and told me if I left he would kill me. Then he told me to fix him something to eat. I told him to go to Hell. He grabbed me and hit me. He hit me several times." James was looking at her as he drank his beer. He said," You can stay here for as long as you want. You can have my room and I'll take the couch." She looked at James and said" What about my stuff?" He smiled and said," I'll replace it myself." Kid smiled at James and said" Why did you leave?" James looked at the floor and said," Well;. She looked at him and said," I want it straight. Why did you leave?" James stood up and said," I can't blame you for saying no." James turned toward her and looked in to those eyes that reminded him so much of Jessica. He said," I guess my cleaning up would help but it didn't. I wanted a relationship because I thought it could work but I guess it couldn't." He smiled a fake smile and ran his fingers through his hair and let out a low sigh. He looked kid dead in the eyes and said," I know that you thought I was out to get you buy I wasn't. I cared about you." He glanced at the hall clock and added," Go on to bed." She glanced at him and thought same old James. James awoke about 1:00P.M to a truck pulling up in the yard. James got up and pulled on his pants and his boots. He walked down the hall to his office and picked up his gun. He tucked it in his pants and walked to the bedroom door. The door was open so he looked in. Kid was gone. He rushed to the front door and opened it. He stepped outside and saw a Blue Toyota sitting in the yard. He looked around and saw Kid standing at the truck with a man. He could hear her screaming," Go to hell. I don't want to be with you anymore." The man hit Kid in the face. She fell to the ground and looked toward the house. She saw James walking toward her. She looked at James and the moonlight showed his features. His jaw was locked and his eyes were hollow. Kid tried to scream but nothing came out. James walked up to Robert and hit him. Robert fell against the truck. James pulled the pistol and fired two shots. Kid seen it but could not believe it Robert was dead. She looked at James and he simply said," Good enough?" She watched as he walked in and got his keys. He came back out and said," Tell the cops I left." He got in his truck and drove off. About an hour latter James noticed the blue lights behind him. He sped up and drove on. If he could get across the state line then he could be free. Why was he trying to get away he had nothing left? James stomped on the brakes and came to a screeching halt. The next thing James knew the truck was surrounded by cops. James put his hands on the steering-wheel and a cop pulled him out. James already knew that the state would kill him. He had just committed first degree murder. Right after James drove off kid called the police. They sent a car and got the description of the truck. Kid told the officers the gun was in the house and that she knew he was unarmed. Kid looked at Robert's body and though James really did care about me. In the interrogation room two cops were talking to James. One of the cops was tall and dark haired, he had a nice build. While the other was older with white hair. He looked out of shape. One of the officers was Bobby White. Bobby was leading the interrogation. Bobby looked at James and said," You smoke?" James got a smirk on his face and said," Yea, smoked most of my life." Bobby pulled out a pack of cigarettes and pulled one out. He handed one to James and then took one himself. He put the pack away and produced a gold lighter. Bobby lit his cigarette then lit James. Bobby took a long drag and said," You're admitting to killing Robert Dobbson?" James inhaled and blew out a ring of smoke. He nodded his head yes. Someone knocked on the door and the old man opened it. James guessed it was his secretary. She told the old man something then left. The old man told Bobby. Bobby's eyes went hollow. He looked at James and said," that girl at your house is going to testify that you murdered Robert Dobbsion. You will be shipped to a cell at the Atlanta penitentiary. Your trail is in two weeks. Judge must really want you dead." The old man laughed. James said," Mister White I know I did it but promise me there will be no appeals. If I'm found guilty, which I will be make sure my lawyers just let me go." Bobby had heard a lot of stuff but this was crazy. Two weeks later the courtroom was packed with Robert's family and friends. The local reporters had got a hold of the story and went nuts. They called the murder a love triangle. When James heard that he laughed real hard. Kid just shook her head when she read the paper. She was in the courtroom when James was brought in. He had expected her to be crying or to have dark circles under her eyes but she didn't. She had sold him out. James didn't care about the trial. He already knew he was guilty. They played the confession and they question the cops that arrested James and the mortician. James did care anymore. He glanced back at kid and smiled. She didn't act like she saw him. James knew then that his days were numbered. It was after lunch when kid was put on the stand. She was telling a different story now. Now she said," I loved Robert and had told James. In a fit of rage James shot Robert. False tears ran down her face as she talked. She was questioned about my past and answered all that truthfully. When she was dismissed she glanced hard at James, She glanced hard at James and smiled. James nodded and kid went back to her set. James shook his head. The judge called for a break so the jurors could discuss the case. After an hour the jurors came back with the verdict. Guilty, with the recommendation of death. James stood as the verdict was read and said," Your Honor!" The judge looked at him and said," The verdict has been read file an appeal." James replied," That is it I don't want a appeal. Get the death warrant and lets get it over with." The judge looked shocked as he said," So you do not want to appeal your death sentence." James replied," Yes your honor. Set the date of execution and get my death warrant." James smiled at the judge and said," Give the people what they want. Give them the right to be able to publish a story about my execution. Then and only then will it be okay." The courtroom was quiet as James was lead out. A week later his death warrant was filed. He would die in four weeks on August the 30th. James had four weeks to get his life right. Kid had managed to get James's trailer at a good price. She was living there now. She wondered if James understood why she had done what she done. She had saved his life from a cell. She knew he would be happy dead. Then a thought crossed her mind she was going to see him before the execution. It was a cold August morning on the 30th. James sat on his bed and smoked a cigarette. He heard footsteps coming down the hall. Two guards stopped at his door James turned and back up to the door. They put cuffs and shackles on him. James was lead to a visiting room. A wall of Plexiglass separated the inmates from the visitors. James was lead to a chair and sat down. A few seconds later in walked Kid. James laughed when he saw her. She sat and picked up the phone. James thought what the hell and picked his phone up to. Kid said," How are you doing?" James laughed and said," I'm in prison. I die in a little while." Kid looked at the man she respected through the glass and said," I love you. I'm sorry it came to this. I wish I could change it." James nodded, he knew kid loved him. She always had. James smiled showing his teeth and said," You get to watch me be executed." Kid's face went white and she said," Why?" James replied," I need you there for me. Please." Kid nodded yes and two guards came in. Kid said," Where shall I go, what shall I do?" James got a grin on his face as he stood and said," Frankly my dear I don't give a damn." He dropped the phone and walked out of the room with the guards. Kid sat and watched him leave. The man she respected was walking to his death. He gave his life to protect her. James was laughing as they took him to the execution chamber. When they entered James could see Kid's face. She was actually crying. That was a surprise. He thought she would be happy. The guards pushed him on the table and strapped him down. His eyes never left kid's beautiful face. She saw his lips moving and she realized what he was saying. James was saying," I'm going home kid, home to see my family." He smiled that James smile as they put the needles in his arm. It took maybe fifteen minutes. Kid watched as James's body was removed and placed on a stretcher. Kid started to cry. Suddenly James sat up in his bed. He was covered in sweat. His dreams had gotten a lot worse since he proposed to kid. Some times he wondered if he would show up to the wedding. Then he would reassure himself and go back to bed. Tonight that wasn't going to happen. So James dressed and went out to his garage. He backed his Harley out of the garage and drove off. James drove to Virginia. It was a long drive but it was worth it. He pulled up in the yard and put the kick stand down. He got off the bike and headed toward the house. He stopped in front of the steps and he waited for a moment. Years earlier Jessica would have coming running out the door and jumped in to his arms. The memories are really bad things now. Then he started up the stairs. His feet felt like led. He reached the top and pulled out his keys. He put one of the keys in the lock and turned it. He turned the knob and the door opened. James went in. He looked around but he knew no one was there. Jessica's parents had got a house some where across town but they still kept this old place up. James walked up the stairs to Jessica's room. He was standing outside the door when he thought he heard humming. James opened the door but no one was there. He walked in closed it and sat on the bed. Again he could swear he heard someone humming. James stood and looked at the window and what he saw made his jaw drop. There at the window stood an image. James said," Jess, Jess, Jessica?" The image turned around and saw two blue eyes staring at him. Jessica said," James I'm amazed by what I have seen." James replied," I thought you would be in Heaven." Jessica's eyes sparkled like diamonds as she replied," I wanted to watch over you and make sure your okay. I just couldn't leave without knowing your happy. James said," I can never replace you Jessica but you deserve to be resting now. I happy and you don't need to worry about me." Jessica said," I've been watching you long enough to know that you are in love with kid. Do you really love her? James replied," I love her as much as I do you." James had tears coming down his cheeks. Jessica looked at James and said," You have my blessing to marry kid. Now I have completed my task." The image disappeared and James was alone again. He stared at the window. All of a sudden his cell phone started to ring. James answered the phone and said," Hello." Kid's voice came back sweet but stern. She said," Where the hell are you?" James thought about it and said," I'll tell you later." James hung up the phone and walked outside where the sun was starting to come up. James smiled and headed for his motorcycle. He jumped on, started it, and then rode away. Six months later on a beautiful moon lit night James stood outside the church. James was searching the stars. He found the brightest one and made a wish. He was brought back to someone tapping him on the shoulder. He turned to see his brother Robert. Robert said," Hey James calm down. Its time to get married." James followed Robert in to the church and everyone took his or her places. James stood at the altar a nervous man. He had the shakes really bad. Then a sudden sense of ease over took him. His eyes grew big as kid came walking down the aisle. She looked beautiful in her wedding dress. A big smile crossed James's face as he wished Jessica was here. Jessica and kid never actually met face to face. That was one thing James had tried to arrange but it never happened. Everyone took their places and the wedding began. When the ring bearer presented James with the ring James noticed that the ring had been changed. This ring was a golden band with a diamond in the middle. The inscription read: To the sweetest girl J.S. This was Jessica's ring. James looked at the two big doors and placed the ring on kid's finger. James was still wondering how the ring had been switched when the lights went out. Candles were lit and the wedding ceremony was finished. After the wedding James walked out to his motorcycle. On the seat lay a box and a note. James picked up the box and opened it. Inside was the ring that was meant for kid. He read the note that simply said," I'm going home. Will be watching you from a V.I.P box, I hope you enjoy my gift. Kid deserves it and you two deserve each other. I love you and I'll see you one day," Love Jessica. James felt the tears rolling down his face even before he saw them. At the after party James smacked kid in the face with a piece of cake. Kid returned the favor by smacking James with a pecan pie. Next thing everyone knew it was a food fight. After it was said and done both families laughed. Kid couldn't help but noticed James seemed a little gone. She instantly became worried. Was he using again? Had she just made a big mistake that would hurt her later on? James stood outside looking at the sky when he heard kid's voice. It accrued to him that to her he was probably acting strange. He turned to face her and in her eyes he could see those damn diamonds. Kid's eyes shone bright as she walked over to James. Kid said," James what is wrong?" James smiled and said," Remember I told you that I had a guarding angel?" Kid nodded yes. James continued," I got her blessing kid." Kid was confused and said," who's blessing?" James turned around and she saw a smile on his face. Kid started to wonder what was going on here. James said," Remember the day you called my phone and asked me where I was?" Kid nodded yes and James continued," I went to Virginia for a visit." Kid wondered what had happened to make James so weird. Kid said," What happened?" the smile on James's face faded and he said," You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Kid kept pushing till James told her what happened. She looked at James like he was crazy. He said," I knew you wouldn't believe me." James handed the note to kid. She read it then looked at James. She said," Are you happy now?" James fell silent for a few moments. Kid was scared he would say," No I'm not happy with you." Then he replied," Happy as I'll ever be." Kid and James headed back to the party. The End

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  • Good story. It could be cleaned up a bit and formatted. You also might want to split it into chapters.
    - February 07 2009 04:57:08