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Are girls the reason for all sexual related deeds? I know this question will probably tickle your veins but this is what every one is saying! dumping the blame for their own exploitation over girls could be the weirdest thing a human could do! Girls are of three types which are under groups that undergo sex related deeds. First are girls who are desperate, second are those who do it unknowingly and the third are the ones who are simply forced to do so. But the people around them blame girls as a reason for such deeds for no reason. Reasons may be enough available, but finding out reason is types of groups of girls. They are so desperate to get mans warmth that even if one true love ends the other true love's birth occurs within no time only for the same warmth she had got from her ex-true lover! The main things that inspires a girl is media and western culture as far as i know. The thought that virginity is nothing as long as you have a love vibrates their hearts! Love is something that no one can define....its something so pure that pushes out a sign of purity called trust. This trust which is so pure is the fact that the so called 'ture lover' use to trap innocent girls. Girls being so delicate at heart will give her heart and soul to the guys finally falling into the deep pit of provocation and seduction. They, in the name of love, lose theie virginity unknowing about the new thing that follows...they gradually find themsleves tagged as sluts or find themselves in an extra-special pronographic video! This even happens to married women! Trust gives them a pethetic future... Trust need not be there in places where girls are pushed to hell! I simply meant that it is not absolutely neccessary to win a girls trust to utilize her. Some manly stength is totally enough to force her to do things shes not willing to do. Finally the girl leaves the world out of shame ans awful fame... Now the total blame can't be put over girls because most of them are unaware! But,note it, awareness is not only the neccessary equipment!! Beware so that you stay a virgin!!!

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    Think you need to do a little homework here. Pigeonholing males and females doesn't quite work with mature adults. It is a complex issue. It might be a good idea to pull this argument off of the site, research it a little better, and then rewrite it.