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Essay written by PseudoMoniker89 on Tuesday 3, June 2008

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A non-formal letter to all the teenage girls obsessing over a guy who's broken their hearts over and over. Inspired bu the non-stop "oh woe is me" notes by someone I know in this situation. Sometimes everyone needs a reality check.

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Reality bites. Hard. When a love has gone wrong, reality will hit you with great force. I have felt its teeth sink into me as well: love can blind you to the truth, and break down your resolve piece by piece until your self esteem is lower than you ever thought possible. It can put us in places we thought we'd be able to handle with some form of dignity; such an intoxicating emotion can inebriate you with pain as quickly as it elates you. To lose it is more painful than to be without it. Regardless of this, however, there comes a point where you have to let it go. I may know where you're coming from, but I want you to end up somewhere other than where you've chosen to place yourself. This will most likely offend you in some way, but it still has to be said. GET. OVER. IT. No matter how many notes you write, no matter how many MSN status changes you make, no matter how much you sob, when the same person breaks your heart over and over, it's done. Leave it. Stop it. Stop wondering; stop idealizing; stop lying to yourself. Stop writing; stop crying and stop throwing your ideas around. You have expressed yourself already; I'm not asking you to bottle up your emotions, but the pity of others begins to wear itself thin on you. There is much more to life than just what you're fixating on. I'm tired of your incessant analyzation, your cock-eyed optimism and your subsequent victim mentality. Yes, you were hurt. I feel your pain; as I mentioned before, I have been in your boat. After a certain amount of time though, it's time to row for shore and get your feet on dry land before you drown yourself in a river of your own tears. Knowing that someone has it worse never makes me feel better either, but when you're talking about suicide and self-injuring over having your heart broken for the 11th time, why don't you give some thought to the millions dying of cancer. Instead of pitying yourself and feeding off the charity of your friends, how about you ponder the terminally ill. As opposed to praying for a text message, say a few words to your God in hopes He will save the lives of those in mortal danger from war and political demonstration. Life is not all about you. Have your time to be bitter, heal, and move on. I'm tired of your saturnine views and your constant need to project your easily correctable problems on others. He's not going to call you back and it's not going to be different this time. The only question is how many more times are you going to waste your computer's memory in desperate attempts to reword your repeated cliches. No one cares anymore. If he cared, you wouldn't be asking these questions, writing this prose, or crying those tears. You have strength from within, even if you don't believe it. You have many more people who genuinely care about you; you needn't rely on someone who's clearly not interested in ever being faithful to you to support self-esteem (or lack thereof). When you lose yourself over a teenage love affair gone sour, you become a disgrace to yourself. Where is your pride? Where is your family? What of your job, your education, your future? Why are you wasting it away complaining in a thousand different ways? Forgive me if I'm coming off as insensitive. I'm just trying to give you a reality check. And hey, you've forgiven worse I'm sure.

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    love the truth
    An interesting read, as always... I don't see how this relates to our conversation at all, but I enjoyed it all the same. And, to tell you the truth, I've already forgotten most of our conversation. Glad that you're back! Sorry it's under such terrible circumstances... And that you're forced to relinquish such adventure for this... well, you know.

    Keep writing, and let me know when you have new stuff, because I don't check much.. Pfft