Together We Stand - Prologue

Story written by MadeNew on Thursday 22, May 2008

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Prologue to a story of mine...a principal muses on the coming of a student.

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Dear Mr. Mark Hetsinga, It is with sorrow (accompanied by relief, I will admit) that I remind you of the swiftly approaching arrival of Heir Intuga, the new junior I informed you about last week. Though I should probably lie to you, we have been friends for a long time, Mark, so I will give you a heads up. When we met about Mr. Intuga - Heir, that is - I told you that he was leaving our school due to social difficulties. Well, Mark, that was a...bit of an understatement. To put it bluntly, the kid's got a juvenile record that would stretch to Mars and back. Social problems, sure. Not even the teachers dare to stand up to him. I know that it's procedure in your school to pair up a new student with an old one and have the latter show them around. Well...unless you've got the one student on this planet that could hold their own no matter what the opposition, I don't recommend it; you'd be signing this student up for a month of torture. That's the longest he's lasted at any school, Mark - a month. For us it was two weeks. I can't take it anymore! Heir is dangerous. Not spoiled, not stupid, just dangerous. He doesn't make empty threats. Be careful. And if you're smart, you'll get rid of him as soon as possible. I warned you. Good luck!
Sincerely, Julie Roberts Principal of Aidon Middle School
Mark Hetsinga put down the paper with a sigh. Wasn't that just like Julie, to dump this delinquent off on him? "Social problems," he muttered out loud. "Right. Thanks for the update, Julie." He could almost hear her all-too-perky voice replying: "You're welcome! Anytime, Mark! That's what friends are for!" Still, it was nice to have the information - even if it had come a bit late. She was right; it was protocol to have one student show a new one around. He wasn't willing to break that line; it would give Heir - what a crazy name - the idea that he'd won before the game was even set up. "The one student on the planet that could hold their own no matter what the opposition," Julie had said. Well, they definitely had some stubborn ones - Adie, Rachel, and Tyler to name just three - but Julie's school was known for being able to break down resistance. He was fairly certain that those three would fall prey to this Heir Intuga's yet unknown methods. There was one girl, though. Blaze Arizona. She was...well, not a normal girl. No one knew much about her past, except that she'd been going to this school since first grade, and had arrived already well able to read and write. She had been found on the steps to the school, a small girl, sound asleep. There had been a note in her pocket: Her name is Blaze Arizona. Take care of her. So the young child with midnight hair and sharp green eyes had been taken in by Mark Hetsinga himself and had come to the small private school ever since. He had been intrigued by her obvious brilliance and had decided to father her himself. She looked innocent enough, just the last person you would ask to stand against someone like Heir Intuga, but looks could be extremely deceiving. She had a fiery temper and feisty attitude. When she was angry and drew herself up, though still small for sixteen, she could make a grown man back down. She had, too, on several occasions. He remembered the last time he had entrusted a new student to her care (once). The girl, Jai, was sweet and shy, but for some unknowable reason, Blaze had taken her under her wing. Jai, within minutes of meeting her unexpected protector, had dozens of friends. Small and frail, with a shaky smile and wispy blond hair, she was an easy target for bullies. Mars, or so he was called, was the chief bully around school, but even he didn't mess with Blaze - since she had broken his nose and blacked his eye with a few well-aimed punches because he had thought she would be his new victim. The same day Jai arrived, he tried to pick on her - or so the stories went, and they seemed to be true, for only a half-hour after Blaze had been rumored to have defended her friend, Mark had seen the bully tearing down the hall past his office, a look of sheer terror on his face, sporting a newly broken bloody nose and fat lip. Only minutes later, Blaze and Jai walked by, a slightly frightened look on the latter's face, Blaze's eyes gleaming with unspent anger and triumph. Yes, if anyone could deal with Heir Intuga, it was Blaze Arizona. Mark doubted whether or not Heir would just have met his match, but might be forced into submission. The thought of writing to Julie with this good news was too tempting, and he slowly began leafing through Heir Intuga's file, an amused smile on his face as he envisioned the chaos ahead.

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