The Itch

Poem written by Routh on Sunday 6, April %21

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I've changed, even I can see that now...

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A year has past My heart's grown colder Is it that old pain? Or am I getting older? My soul has emptied My patience become weak No one gets my heart now Not even a peak The words "I love you" Are said without feeling Without any sentiment And without real meaning No one knows who I've become I don't even know me The deepest of my wounds Is the hardest to see My heart has been buried Deep in its own little shell No willingness to care Trapped in my own little hell My only goal in life Was to be a family man But could I do that now? I don't think I can Everything I was Destroyed by a bitch Now all I want is loving And nothing cures the itch...

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  • "Now all I want is loving and nothing cures the itch..." Of the entire poem, that was my favorite line. That line truly summed up the entire poem. There was a lot of emotion in this and I enjoyed it.

    On a grammatical note: watch out for its and it's.
    - April 29 2008 04:26:20
    • An impressive poem Routh. I particularly liked the lines...

      The words "I love you"
      Are said without feeling
      Without any sentiment
      And without real meaning

      The emphasis of the first line by the lines to follow has a very direct affect on the reader. Very powerful... genuine.
      - December 03 2008 19:46:35
      • Wow! amazing I love it!
        - September 11 2010 19:25:42
        • I really enjoyed this. I felt every word! But, I want more now Wink cause you can't give us that and nothing else, can you?
          - September 11 2010 22:53:27
          • A deeply felt and emotional piece. Poetry's not my thing, but I can sense the anger and frustration conveyed here.

            C'mon Chris; time to write again?
            - September 29 2010 09:41:26
            • We've all been there, Chris; most of us more than once I, would imagine.

              You just summed it all up here, and in a easy-flowing, memory-evoking way.

              Aye! Time to write again, Chris.
              - October 17 2010 18:20:55