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Routh December 03 2019 16:18:35
I am hoping to address this with the Karma system in V5, much like sites like Stack Overflow have implemented. New users will have enough Karma for 2 writings to be posted.
Routh December 03 2019 16:14:26
Yes @madhatter that has been an issue in recent years. A symptom of the "social network" age. Too many networks like Twitter and Instagram encourage one sided participation.
Madhatter December 03 2019 03:31:25
I have noticed since being back, that not a lot of people comment. Well in order to make this site work there has to be give and take... so someone needs to start commenting.
Don Roble November 22 2019 21:08:26
Go to the drop down menu in upper right. Click on submit writing.
muhammed woru sulyman November 22 2019 09:08:12
Hello! I am new here and I can't figure out how to post my writings
Darkfire November 10 2019 20:09:55
Thanks @Pirate60 ! Here's to trying to make deadlines! lol
Madhatter November 10 2019 15:09:52
Welcome to the Den Setu and Samir!! I look forward to reading more entries, and hearing your feedback on others'. Smile
Madhatter November 10 2019 14:38:36
I got a rating?? haha, well I am a little rusty Smile
Don Roble November 10 2019 14:05:24
Whoever rated Madhatter should be ashamed of that disgrace.
Don Roble November 10 2019 13:57:11
Use colored text from the menu. You shouldn't do anything that childish.
pirate60 November 10 2019 13:36:58
@ Darkfire: Dec 31. Can't wait DF. Looking forward to getting it.
Madhatter November 09 2019 02:33:53
Smile sometimes its best to stick with the old ways
Don Roble November 08 2019 22:50:13
I can't type on a phone.
kt6550 November 08 2019 22:29:02
@madhatter : Forgive me, I am old, and still prefer using a desktop or a laptop to a smartphone. Cool
Madhatter November 08 2019 03:26:30
Hello, again, who knew trying to do things on my smartphone would be such a pain. Well I have my laptop and can finally function on this site.
Darkfire November 06 2019 04:17:39
Not yet sir! Looking to publish Dec31st! You'll be the first I let know!
Don Roble November 06 2019 00:24:56
I was wrong. The ratings show in the story but not the toc
Don Roble November 05 2019 17:05:28
The ratings won't hold.
pirate60 November 05 2019 10:37:42
Been a long time Darkfire. Have you gotten that book published yet?
kt6550 October 23 2019 20:55:59
Just thought I would say hello to everyone, and, since Halloween is right around the corner, I will post a small story concerning same.