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Don Roble April 27 2019 19:57:36
I'm back. Still have a few problems but this is as good as I get.
Mark Zemla April 17 2019 08:11:10
Hey check out my short story 'Heroine'.
Routh April 13 2019 19:24:22
Sorry for the outage. Deployed a new cluster technology and ran into a multi-pronged issue that took a day to resolve, mostly due to the lack of time i had.
Lonelyhearts1224 April 13 2019 17:59:07
Routh, just was able to log in was so worried something has happened to this website. Overjoyed the problem has been solve, signs lonely hearts1224
pirate60 April 11 2019 22:01:27
Just dropped in. It has been a long while. Hi Chris, You too KT and everyone else here on the Den. KT, I do keep in touch with Don Roble too. Be well all.
Routh April 10 2019 04:25:57
502's resolved! Sorry folks.
Routh April 07 2019 15:49:52
May have spoken too soon. Situation has improved but 502 errors are still happening.
Routh April 07 2019 06:15:38
Site has been stabilized. Sorry for the inconvenience folks.
Routh April 07 2019 00:54:14
Hi folks, I'm troubleshooting an issue with the site where we are getting random 502 errors on requests. If the site looks odd, reload.
Blue Violet March 25 2019 21:14:03
Hello everyone! Would anyone be interested in co-writing a fiction series with me?
Routh March 22 2019 15:13:01
@blaackhat As mentioned in the shouts before, we currently do not track hits.
2789 March 22 2019 00:24:11
Hi! It's been a while since I last wandered around here. Just wanted to let you know that I uploaded the prologue of a story I'm writing and I'd love to know what you think. Thanks! Smile
Blaack Haat March 20 2019 22:05:21
Hi! How do I check how many hits my stories get? Also, I would like to post a story with strong sexual content. Can I do that? If so, where? Thanks!
recipeforferret March 19 2019 17:53:02
Fair enough. It's a shame.
Routh March 19 2019 17:21:00
In version 5 I'll add a tracking system that will only track clicks by logged in users, then it will be somewhat useful.
Routh March 19 2019 17:17:12
"Why have 4000 people read my writing but no one has commented?" - Because two people read your writing.. and 3998 bots loaded the url.
Routh March 19 2019 17:16:24
Thanks to bots on the internet, 99% of the 'clicks' are just bots, and seeing that stat just creates anxiety.
Routh March 19 2019 17:15:33
@recipeforferret - You'd think so, but I removed that feature a few years ago as the current version of the site isn't smart enough to track a logged in user vs an anon one
recipeforferret March 19 2019 15:33:07
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see how many clicks your writings receive?
octavian March 19 2019 09:02:17
Decided to upload a new Short story : Everlasting cigarette. Feel free to check it out!