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Blue Violet January 23 2019 17:26:05
Hello everyone! Will you please check my new story? It's not a whole story yet - just the prologue. Please review, rate, and comment! Thanks!
AlexScribe January 23 2019 03:12:35
BiGuy, just give it a working title. I've never ended up with a finished work having the same title it started with. Well, maybe a couple of times.
BipolarGuy January 23 2019 01:10:25
Thanks Alex! I've already started browsing through the library and I found some interesting. I do have my first chapter ready but I'm having trouble giving it a title Smile
AlexScribe January 22 2019 20:12:12
Welcome initiates into the Den of joys and horrors, and everything in between. Awaiting your writings and comments.
Blue Violet January 22 2019 18:37:40
Hey! I just joined as well, just today. I'll be looking forward to reading your materials. Hopefully you guys will be able to read my stories as well! Smile)
BipolarGuy January 20 2019 18:50:26
Thanks Hannah, looking forward to it too. I'm total beginner when it comes to writing but I do like to read novels and manga and books during free time Smile I'll post a chapter when it's
HannahsSuicidalThoughts January 19 2019 05:42:46
Hi BipolarGuy, im new here too.. joined a few days ago.. cool to see u here man. look forward to chatting with u. Smile
BipolarGuy January 19 2019 03:28:24
Hi everyone. Just discovered this site and decided to immediately join. I'm looking forward to learn more about writing with you guys Smile I'll be reading and commenting probably soon when I&#
HannahsSuicidalThoughts January 15 2019 11:07:10
No worries Alex Smile whimsy to the max Smile
AlexScribe January 15 2019 10:08:55
Hannah, damn, where did that handle come from? Hope it's whimsical -- otherwise you should seek help elsewhere (as well as post & comment here). Good luck.
AlexScribe January 15 2019 10:01:47
Tmay, "riff" so many meanings unsure what you want. Here we usually read & comment on writings (even if just to let writer know somebody read it), post our writings & get comments.
HannahsSuicidalThoughts January 14 2019 22:31:23
Hi guys.. first time viewer, first time well, everything really. Smile looking forward to talking with you all about our works Smile
Tmay January 12 2019 21:38:28
Anyone right now up to riff on ideas about your/mine book, story line, script or commandments?
SmippleRumpskin January 10 2019 01:17:13
Hi! I just joined and am about to post my first work, I’d love to talk to you all and read your work! Please feel free to message me whenever! Smile
Luzzzifer January 09 2019 17:15:50
I'm new around here and I just wanted to say HI to everyone!! Smile
AlexScribe January 05 2019 05:34:59
Welcome back, Rob. Glad to see your spelling has improved.
Rob Kosy January 02 2019 20:55:13
Hey, merry noo yea, Denizens.
Herobrine King January 02 2019 09:22:19
Hello. I am the new guy here and would really like some feedback on my first ever story.
Routh January 02 2019 02:17:08
Happy New Year folks.
AlexScribe December 26 2018 05:36:51
Happy whatever you celebrate, Denizens.