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Routh October 12 2018 17:12:56
I can't wait to get v5 done.
Routh October 12 2018 17:11:17
My code it outputting the writing exactly as it is in the DB, but the PHP-Fusion input sanitisation is stripping things. Looks like I'll have to modify more of their code.
Routh October 12 2018 17:10:05
I'm examining the issue. It's not with my output parsing, but rather the internal input-parsing that PHP-Fusion does. It's stripping the extra lines.
LornaSugden October 12 2018 15:05:56
Alex, did you sort out your issue with posting as I have just had the same problem?
AlexScribe October 12 2018 02:52:46
Routh, tried to edit KAT-Balls to double space per KT. Once updated, blank lines disappear. Tried 3-spacing: same result.
kt6550 October 12 2018 02:46:58
I know Saad El-Asha overloaded us with writings, but you should take a good look at these. They are quite good.
AlexScribe October 06 2018 22:48:27
Routh, OK now: 3rd time indeed the charm. When posting story, couldn't find "new page" icon; used to be there.
Routh October 03 2018 21:09:34
Not certain what has happened Alex, but it's not in the DB. Looks like it didn't save or it saved and then the transaction was rolled back.
AlexScribe October 03 2018 05:38:00
Tried to post; got "saved to database' but can't find in Latest, Newest, or my Manage list. Maybe concatenated, but to what?
Routh October 02 2018 05:12:07
Change is implemented. Tabs are now working. Any issues should clear if you use CTRL+F5 to force your browser to update the sites files.
Lonelyhearts1224 October 01 2018 21:44:57
So so beautiful love it
Routh October 01 2018 17:46:04
This is something users have asked about for years, and it's relatively easy for me to backport the functionality to v3, so I will be making that change this week.
Routh October 01 2018 17:45:05
While developing v5, I randomly stumbled across a relatively new CSS property that preserves whitespace and tabs in content.
Don Roble September 29 2018 23:49:32
Pirate has been busy writing and publishing. He's working with an illustrator. He's also very fussy with his work.
Don Roble September 29 2018 23:47:10
I once had a friend we caled Peon or Peeon. I never knew for sure. We didn't have any Latinos in town so I lean to the latter. I never heard him give any reason and I didn't ask
Don Roble September 29 2018 23:46:53
I mean, how do you ask a guy if he was peed on? Sure, when your drunk, but not sober. But drunk, you won't remember.
AlexScribe September 29 2018 08:04:03
Looking forward to your return, Don. Maybe you can even drag Rob & Pirate out of their caves. Be well.
Routh September 29 2018 04:43:20
That's great to hear Don, hopefully you can fully recover.
Don Roble September 29 2018 03:16:55
I may have my eyesight cleared towards the end of the year, The problem wasn't from diabetes. iT was a rwisted lens and a sever deep infection
Routh September 28 2018 00:03:11
Always quiet days around here, and some busier ones. I'm always around as I check the site several times a day for spammers.