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Mythbhavd November 03 2021 13:12:59
Good mornin', Dennies!
Mythbhavd October 29 2021 19:14:14
For some reason, I couldn't get it the shoutbox to accept it when I would type Storyteller. Who knows? Shoutbox has been wonky for me. lol
Routh October 29 2021 02:45:59
I think you mean the Storyteller's Fire section, unless that was a slip of the dropdown. Smile
Mythbhavd October 28 2021 15:05:08
Posted a link to an article by author L. E. Modesitt in the poetry section of our discussion forums.
Mythbhavd October 28 2021 15:04:35
Mornin' Dennies!
Routh October 27 2021 14:47:32
Morning @Mythbhavd
Mythbhavd October 27 2021 13:19:04
Good mornin', Dennies!
Mythbhavd October 26 2021 15:11:16
Do any of you experiment with micro-fiction or micro-stories? See the thread in the Storyteller's Fire in the Discussion area.
Mythbhavd October 26 2021 12:53:22
Good morning, Dennies!
Darkfire July 21 2021 18:08:53
Hello All!
Dnavarre June 14 2021 20:16:38
I hope everyone's having a great pride!
kt6550 May 14 2021 23:09:16
Hey hey! Been away for a bit. Had to buy a new computer. Well I did, and it's good to be back!
Mythbhavd March 18 2021 02:34:28
Routh March 17 2021 15:07:26
Happy 24th Denizens!
Mythbhavd March 02 2021 06:08:19
New question up in the general discussion forum. Smile t_3766
Via-Anghel Magahum February 22 2021 14:39:34
Haven't been on this forum in a while... so nostalgic.
Routh February 13 2021 19:13:00
The Den has been migrated to AWS and all email delivery for the site is using AWS SES now. Email delivery issues should be over.
Routh February 12 2021 19:17:33
I'm an engineer for the Cloud Infrastructure Engineering team in Cisco Umbrella, so I don't think I deal with any RMAs you might have. Smile
MissDartit February 10 2021 17:30:41
Well, yet again I seem to have missed part of life as work just takes over. Really hope it isn't you I argue with when i hand in my TAC/RMA cases Routh Pfft
Routh February 08 2021 04:36:47
Whoa, hey stranger!