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Tolemak85 August 05 2019 19:35:26
Is there such a thing as having to many project stories going at once?
Don Roble July 30 2019 16:51:45
Welcome back Madhatter
kt6550 July 25 2019 23:56:01
Welcome back, Madhatter.
kt6550 July 15 2019 23:09:47
@Don Roble: Let's hope it's ten years more!
Tolemak85 July 14 2019 17:04:10
Fair enough Smile
Routh July 13 2019 15:19:46
So you'd see 1000 views.. and 999 of those were a bot indexing the page for a search engine.... In v5 I am considering a viewed counter that only counts logged in member views.
Routh July 13 2019 15:18:53
@Tolemak85 Welcome, and yes. This was intentional. The viewed counter was sort of non-sense as it didn't take into account time on the page and bots.
Tolemak85 July 13 2019 13:42:57
The only thing I see this website missing a viewed counter. But, I am not sure if that is intentional, or not. But would still be nice to how many people have seen your work.
Lonelyhearts1224 July 08 2019 21:06:47
So sweet and it's rhymic, well done.
Madhatter July 07 2019 04:54:31
Wow, it’s been a while since I have been signed in here.itching to write again. Looking forward to reading all the new tells.
Don Roble June 29 2019 16:44:52
I just looked and saw I've been here ten years. Wow.
Fictitiously imaginative June 22 2019 20:39:19
Hey guys. Please read my latest work and let me know what you think Smile It's just a short prose bout a heartbroken girl's feelings.
Routh June 20 2019 23:12:21
The next person down from him, Don Roble, is 97 pages.
Routh June 20 2019 23:12:02
It also allows me to add activity pages on member profiles. If there was ever any doubt that kt6550 was the comment king, his activity page is 287 pages long.
Routh June 20 2019 23:10:56
I just passed a major milestone in developing version 5, which is the activity stream, from which user following, notifications and karma will be generated.
Mike L B May 20 2019 02:11:05
Thx for feedback guys, I'm doing a more careful edit and found numerous errors which I'm in process of fixing. It's funny how as a writer, it takes scrupulous editing to get things rig
Routh May 07 2019 20:34:42
Ah, I understand now. It is there, but Bootstrap creates a scroll. So, login, click your name to expand the user menu, and then scroll the menu up, and you'll see the options.
ShaneH May 07 2019 20:09:37
Ok i got through. So I was trying it on my cell phone and it appears that on the mobile site, the option isn't there. When i switched the browser to desktop mode, the manage writing options appea
Routh May 07 2019 15:52:46
Shows up here when logged in. Maybe try a CTRL+F5 to force your browser to reload all page content? Are you blocking javascript by chance?
ShaneH May 07 2019 02:53:13
Hi, I can't find the manage writings and submit writings in the menu. Anybody else getting this problem? Thanks