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octavian February 18 2019 10:37:55
Hi all, I've just published here a new short story. Any feedback is welcomed!
AlexScribe February 16 2019 13:04:25
Machel, Sounds interesting but may not be able to do weekly -- maybe monthly?
Machel February 16 2019 02:42:18
Hi everyone. I'm new. I was wondering if anyone would like to participate in a weekly writing prompt exercise.
Routh February 15 2019 20:12:07
XxDARKGHOSTZX9 - Send me a PM with the name of your old account and I will see if I can verify you own it. If it was here between 2009-2011 it should still be here.
AlexScribe February 14 2019 10:34:11
DarkGhost: The data loss was before my time, but I think it was for postings from about mid 2011 thru late 2015, so possibly some of your writings may still be in the data base.
XxDARKGHOSTZX9 February 14 2019 06:34:05
I had a profile back in 2009 to 2012.i would like to recover those writings can anyone help me?
JOSHU BUBA February 07 2019 21:21:55
I have just done two chapters on my light novel tittles The Slovian any comments will be appreciated. thanks.
Silvarian February 07 2019 12:56:27
I have uploaded my first piece of work, The Silver Knight, any feedback is welcome.
Blue Violet February 06 2019 14:31:36
Order of the Shadow: 49 has been published. Estimated time to read: 2 minutes.
octavian February 06 2019 09:01:31
Hi all, I've just published here a short story, named 'A hunter's wish'. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks
Blue Violet February 06 2019 02:06:16
I haven't been posting my Order of the Shadow continuations, due to some schoolwork. I will resume again immediately. Please read!
AlexScribe February 02 2019 05:21:41
Suggestion: update don't delete a piece to make changes or you'll lose the comments and maybe more from those who read it but haven't commented yet. Plus read & comment on others.
Routh February 01 2019 18:45:06
Hey guys, a small request for you to be vigilant for spam links in comments and forum posts. I usually catch the forum posts but just found some comments with it as well.
AlexScribe January 30 2019 21:18:33
Hey, Mike, praise for your latest. One thing though: I have been forced to agree with a couple of your recent comments: watch that!
Anushka Srivastava January 29 2019 18:40:47
Hi everyone, Please check out my poem as I have just joined this site and would like to communicate and learn more.
Mike L B January 26 2019 22:12:30
Hey everyone. Thanx to Alex for his excellent feedback. A lot of effort! But we must all make the effort as well. No one will judge your efforts and recpients will appreciate your critique.
Yuu Ventura January 26 2019 12:32:19
Criticize it to your hearts content, i just started out, and pretty new. So i don't have any experience at all. Help me out, Okay? Thanks!
Yuu Ventura January 26 2019 12:30:45
Hello everyone! Can i take a little bit of your time, and read my Prologue on the story i'm making...
Routh January 25 2019 16:51:12
The best advice to all new users I can give: Give what you wish to receive. Read and comment on the writings here, and people will reciprocate.
Yuu Ventura January 25 2019 14:05:56
Hey guys, im new here and i want to try writing some stories, im 15 years old, and i started getting interested in writing and reading novels, but the problem is i don't know how to start or even