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Routh March 19 2019 17:15:33
@recipeforferret - You'd think so, but I removed that feature a few years ago as the current version of the site isn't smart enough to track a logged in user vs an anon one
recipeforferret March 19 2019 15:33:07
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see how many clicks your writings receive?
octavian March 19 2019 09:02:17
Decided to upload a new Short story : Everlasting cigarette. Feel free to check it out!
JOSHU BUBA March 18 2019 23:02:39
Took a while but finally finished chapter 6 of the Slovian. Check it out
PseudoScribe March 04 2019 01:12:25
whats up always a pleasure to meet a fellow scribe
AlexScribe March 03 2019 12:37:02
Welcome to the newest member, my long-lost cousin PseudoScribe.
AlexScribe March 03 2019 12:35:45
Hey, if you must post in color, don't use purple: with some systems (e.g. mine) the result is illegible. And no, it could not possibly be the age of my eyes!
AlexScribe March 03 2019 01:22:51
Welcome back, Don. Your stories and comments have been missed. Hope the eyes don't give you too much trouble.
Don Roble March 03 2019 00:55:00
I am going to try my commenting soon.
Don Roble March 03 2019 00:52:53
My vision is as good as it's going to get. I have story I have started.
Don Roble March 03 2019 00:51:57
Colored text is at the bottom when you post a story.
Lonelyhearts1224 February 28 2019 16:55:56
Hi, blue violet if you could text me the instructions on how you post in color I would greatly appreciate it, thanks signs Lonely[/color]
JOSHU BUBA February 27 2019 22:05:50
Thanks for all comments so far. I have decided to work on them and write a new chapter of my Slovian series. THE SLOVIAN CHAPTER 5. enjoy.
kt6550 February 26 2019 22:16:41
Well, all of you newbies, write, post your work and read and comment on the writings of others!
MizzFury February 26 2019 10:23:37
Hola. I am very much an amature writer, I have in the past attempted to write a few fanfics with varying degrees of success. Looking forward to supporting other writers on here as much as I can and m
CliffordStone February 26 2019 02:26:32
Hello, how is everyone? I'm new and i'm very much new to writing as well. Like as new as one can possibly be. Hoping to learn and maybe write a story one day.
NvanGraan February 24 2019 05:19:17
Hi everyone. New here. I am a total amateur. I write down my feelings and views on situations I encounter in my life. Comments and thoughts welcome
AlexScribe February 23 2019 07:55:49
Welcome, Embalmerchick83. With a name like that, you better write horrors!
Blue Violet February 22 2019 23:40:24
Order of the Shadow: 48 is up. Please give it a read! This is the 3rd chapter of the series.
JOSHU BUBA February 22 2019 21:42:55
Just uploaded chapter 4 of my novel. Please check it out and leave your honest opinions in the comment section. PS:it's great