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Routh April 02 2008 21:39:07
Yeah an update to php-fusion erased my code that put the users writing on their profile... and since I just moved...
Aero March 31 2008 03:56:30
Mmm... you use to be able to view someone's profile and thier writtings were listed underneith. I don't see that anymore ^^" and I miss that...
Routh March 28 2008 23:44:01
I have never been able to recreate the error that some have.
Routh March 28 2008 23:43:21
I have attempted a change to stop the writing submission glitch where there is no user. It should give you and error and force you to try again now. Please let me know if anyone experiences issues as
Dnavarre March 28 2008 20:52:48
Always is lately. Bambi, J, Nina Charles, and a few others like me used to talk on here all the time. But most of them are gone, so its me, Bambi and J.
Dnavarre March 27 2008 11:57:35
J ! Welcome back!
Dnavarre March 24 2008 23:34:52
Bambi...WITHOUT YOU I WAS THE ONLY ONE FROM 2007 THAT GOT ON! At least warn me when you are leaving.
Bambi March 24 2008 11:30:04
ok I'm back, and I'm not so busy so I hope I will be actively contributing again. Hello to old members and salutations to new!
Scott Bolger March 24 2008 03:25:30
Never hurts to be early does it?
Dnavarre March 22 2008 17:34:24
easters tomorrow
Scott Bolger March 22 2008 17:12:06
Happy Easter everyone... hope you all get your fill of little chocolate eggs this year!