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Dnavarre April 18 2008 22:52:34
well look at the brght side, many more people are reurnng to the site
Routh April 17 2008 03:49:53
Im 'borrowing' a wireless signal with the Wii.. No internet to the PC yet at the new place
Si-Shen April 15 2008 02:21:38
Your using the Wii? What happened to the PC Routh?
Dnavarre April 13 2008 01:58:41
I guess u red my mydeardiary?
Dnavarre April 13 2008 01:16:44
I know, I've been thinking of how to do a story and I didn't want anything from someone else' getin' in my head. I'll rate sumtin soon
Routh April 13 2008 00:51:44
Hey guys, I see lots of people logging in and yet none of the writings or articles have any new ratings or comments... I have troublr getting much done from the Wii.. But please, do your part to help
Routh April 13 2008 00:42:05
Chat room anyone?
Dnavarre April 13 2008 00:21:55
holy crud, jumped on and had 3 people online!
Mythbhavd April 10 2008 20:40:33
I've added a new poll. It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately and have been working on changing my writing style. What do you think?
Scott Bolger April 09 2008 19:00:50
I have SMB 1,2,3,DK Country,the original Zelda, along with the Ocarina of time. I want Mario 64 next
Dnavarre April 09 2008 12:56:05
lol, i have all the original zeldas on their real things
Routh April 09 2008 12:28:25
Oh dude, you know I had to get SMB and DK Country right off the hop. Now I need to get all the zelda's.
Dnavarre April 09 2008 00:34:35
Dnavarre April 08 2008 22:04:19
i have a wii and have tons of classic games
Scott Bolger April 08 2008 15:23:27
The Wii is awesome... have you downloaded any of the classic games?
Routh April 08 2008 13:26:51
Hey guys I figured out a way to do php editing from my Wii - Profiles are fixed and show users writings once again.
Dnavarre April 05 2008 02:21:23
the truth will set u free? dont tell a police officer you stole sumtin.
Dnavarre April 05 2008 02:16:01
Dnavarre April 05 2008 02:14:59
angels lead you in
Routh April 02 2008 21:40:49
All I have for net right now is some stolen wireless on my Wii... So I cant fix the code right now... as soon as I can it will be fixed