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MadeNew May 21 2008 21:59:08
This may sound like a stupid question - but how do you send PMs? I can write the message and all that...but where is the 'send' button???
Dnavarre May 21 2008 04:04:44
just finished chapter 5 to Jared, and it takes up about a third of the story so far itself! THey keep getting longer, the second chapter was twice as long as the first!
Dnavarre May 21 2008 01:36:31
lol, I'm no longer a freshman!
MadeNew May 21 2008 01:15:20
Aw, no fair, Saviour! I still have two weeks...*scowls*
Dnavarre May 20 2008 15:55:08
lol, I'm already out. I don't have to take any exams.
Dnavarre May 18 2008 03:13:34
I will be releasing the first 3 chapters of my new series Jared this Monday.
Dnavarre May 18 2008 02:11:16 was a joke.
Mythbhavd May 17 2008 15:19:07
Saviour has submitted two new book reviews for our book review column! You can read them by clicking on them in the Latest Articles section on the left of the page. Thanks Saviour!
Dnavarre May 16 2008 23:55:30
congrats. How much blood, did you give exactly? I'm pretty sure it's not supposed happen like that
Mythbhavd May 15 2008 05:06:10
Have you read a book lately? Was it good? Bad? Mediocre? If you'd like to review it for our Articles and Columns section, let me know.
Dnavarre May 15 2008 03:18:11
Reposted all my poems from the last two years in one long post *Myth, you rated this as my VERY first post on this site*
MadeNew May 14 2008 18:34:52
Hey, myth, thanks so much! I can't wait to start reading and posting...
Mythbhavd May 14 2008 17:16:56
Hey y'all, don't forget to let our members know what you've read on the site! Tell us in the Just Read It forum!
Mythbhavd May 14 2008 16:58:19
Hiya Madenew! Glad to have ya with us. The biggest tip is enjoy the site. Jump in the forums, send in some writing, and take the time to read and comment on other's stuff.
MadeNew May 14 2008 16:56:59
Thanks. =) It's good to know.
421 May 14 2008 16:45:04
Just play nice and everything will be okay Wink Not much to say in that matter, if you ask me.
MadeNew May 14 2008 16:42:24
Hey, I'm brand new! Anyone want to give me any tips or anything...?
421 May 13 2008 07:39:27
Mythbhavd, you got my message?
421 May 12 2008 17:10:40
I understandwhat you are saying, Spart. My story is a "RFS" and yet... only Myth seems to read it...
spartanpredator May 12 2008 16:59:58
...and why do comments get cut off like that?