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Routh June 05 2008 01:19:20
Yeah its good to have it back and be back on my feet... and hell I'm the first featured writer... hmm coolio - I think I will code a section for that feature, I like it
MadeNew June 03 2008 21:57:13
UGH!!!!!!!!! I hate exams with every particle of my being! Sigh... Sadness.
Mythbhavd June 03 2008 18:56:32
Check the news!
Dnavarre June 03 2008 18:36:48
I'm on every day for at least an hour.
Mythbhavd June 03 2008 18:21:08
I've been crazy busy trying to get the basement of the church sanded and we've had several programs we've been running. Rest assured, though, I've been here for a bit each day.
Dnavarre June 03 2008 17:40:42
Congrats, Routh. It only took you a little over a year, because you dropped when I signed up.
Routh June 03 2008 16:26:40
Internet once again.. yes...
Dnavarre May 30 2008 23:17:08
Myth, where u been?
Dnavarre May 29 2008 02:26:47
It is with great anticipation that I release the first 5 chapters of Jared today! It is a love, action, and adventure fantasy story I have been plotting out and writing.
Dnavarre May 29 2008 01:04:58
lol, saw pokemon on tv today. It's amazing how much it's grown over the last 10 years when it first came out.
Dnavarre May 28 2008 21:01:31
...I've been out for about 2 weeks.
MadeNew May 28 2008 20:51:20
LUCKY I don't get out until next Thursday!!!
Dnavarre May 28 2008 20:13:09
Hope everybody's enjoying their summer, I know I am
A_Rube May 24 2008 06:01:20
Bokononism is the shit.
Dnavarre May 23 2008 23:22:23
goin' to jubilee tonight to see Taylor Swift, 3 days grace, and others!
Dnavarre May 23 2008 19:57:56
MMMM! I got my haircut today! NO! My front now only reaches my eyes, compared to the below my mouth like ti used to, and my back is two inches shorter!
Mythbhavd May 23 2008 17:17:28
Sorry folks, been a bit busy this week. Hope y'all are helpin' me pick up the slack by reading each other's writings. Smile
MadeNew May 22 2008 19:23:53
Hey, just put up a prologue to a story I'm working on...hope it's okay...
MadeNew May 22 2008 13:17:19
Okay, I will give that a try...thank you!
Dnavarre May 22 2008 03:50:30
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