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421 May 12 2008 16:04:59
Actual? I what way, spartan?
Dnavarre May 12 2008 03:36:07
i hate those people. lol, not really a people though. whatever, night Myth, ill be on tomorrow. I'm on everyday.
spartanpredator May 12 2008 03:33:20
If you guys are frothing for an actual story, (though I hate to shamelessly self promote) read my latest submission and let me know what you think.
Mythbhavd May 12 2008 03:32:54
Sorry, Imlay got deleted. He was spam posting porn sites.
Dnavarre May 12 2008 03:29:23
imlay, welcome to the site. Our moderators are mostly gone (except Myth, here) and Routh is coming back. Hopefully youl stay long enough to see the site grow big like I have. Ive been here for a year
Dnavarre May 12 2008 03:25:09
I'm waiting for new stories to come up, becuase you've gotten the newest ones. Black Halo...*sigh* good story, bad visuals.
Mythbhavd May 12 2008 03:23:46
Hiya Spartan!
Mythbhavd May 12 2008 03:23:21
I'll be reading your Black Halo series next. Wink
Mythbhavd May 12 2008 03:22:02
I've been posting the stories I've read and commented on in the "Just Read It" section of the forum. I've been hoping that others would do the same.
Dnavarre May 12 2008 03:19:06
"I had run for 3 years, two months, three days, and sixteen hours." --Forrest Gump
Dnavarre May 12 2008 03:16:52
btw, Myth, why don't you just post for people to rate and stuff on the main board.
Dnavarre May 12 2008 03:10:39
First we need more people to post! And only long-time runners like me, and you actually post real stories. Others post short stories or just msgs.
Mythbhavd May 12 2008 03:08:08
I'd like to encourage everyone to take the time and read some of the writings people have submitted and comment on them. Help us encourage our writers!
Dnavarre May 11 2008 22:12:33
I read it, I didn't have time to reply.
426 May 11 2008 21:37:13
Angelic-Saviour, please check your PM postbox.
Dnavarre May 11 2008 19:52:38
421 May 11 2008 19:40:32
So i told u why. Hope u don't mind? Wink
Dnavarre May 11 2008 19:30:10
just wonderin why Myth said Rage
421 May 11 2008 19:19:43
Both are my nicknames. Some people call Y, others R. Form what each say, those names suit me... Dunno why? Smile
Mythbhavd May 11 2008 19:14:43
Yep. Yautja's nickname is Rage.