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Mythbhavd April 29 2008 01:50:27
Don't forget we have chatrooms folks! If you're hangin' out at your computer, then jump into a chatroom! Then, as people come in, they can get to know ya. Grin
Mythbhavd April 29 2008 01:11:11
dormouse, I'd review alkiline, but french is not among the languages I read yet. Smile
Mythbhavd April 28 2008 23:52:10
If you see anyone who has spam posted comments into your writings or articles, please let me know. I'm trying to go through, clean them up, and ban the spammers. Thanks
Routh April 28 2008 11:30:29
For those who haven't yet, please check out and comment on the two articles that have been submitted to the site recently. Feedback is an important part of the site!
Dnavarre April 24 2008 22:03:24
lol. bomb drill? Never heard/had one of those
Routh April 22 2008 03:54:52
YES - After a year I found a spot to get the missing peice for th pentium 4 laptop I had kicking around - WOOT WOOT - I can code again!
Dnavarre April 18 2008 22:52:34
well look at the brght side, many more people are reurnng to the site
Routh April 17 2008 03:49:53
Im 'borrowing' a wireless signal with the Wii.. No internet to the PC yet at the new place
Si-Shen April 15 2008 02:21:38
Your using the Wii? What happened to the PC Routh?
Dnavarre April 13 2008 01:58:41
I guess u red my mydeardiary?
Dnavarre April 13 2008 01:16:44
I know, I've been thinking of how to do a story and I didn't want anything from someone else' getin' in my head. I'll rate sumtin soon
Routh April 13 2008 00:51:44
Hey guys, I see lots of people logging in and yet none of the writings or articles have any new ratings or comments... I have troublr getting much done from the Wii.. But please, do your part to help
Routh April 13 2008 00:42:05
Chat room anyone?
Dnavarre April 13 2008 00:21:55
holy crud, jumped on and had 3 people online!
Mythbhavd April 10 2008 20:40:33
I've added a new poll. It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately and have been working on changing my writing style. What do you think?
Scott Bolger April 09 2008 19:00:50
I have SMB 1,2,3,DK Country,the original Zelda, along with the Ocarina of time. I want Mario 64 next
Dnavarre April 09 2008 12:56:05
lol, i have all the original zeldas on their real things
Routh April 09 2008 12:28:25
Oh dude, you know I had to get SMB and DK Country right off the hop. Now I need to get all the zelda's.
Dnavarre April 09 2008 00:34:35
Dnavarre April 08 2008 22:04:19
i have a wii and have tons of classic games