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421 May 11 2008 19:19:43
Both are my nicknames. Some people call Y, others R. Form what each say, those names suit me... Dunno why? Smile
Mythbhavd May 11 2008 19:14:43
Yep. Yautja's nickname is Rage.
Dnavarre May 11 2008 19:10:24
Mythbhavd May 11 2008 19:01:14
Hiya Rage. Smile
Dnavarre May 11 2008 18:38:34
Hey, Freeman came back for a minute.
421 May 10 2008 12:18:57
If anyone's interested, "Story of Rage, Part 2" is up. Please ponder on the message at the bottom of the page. Again, there was some screw up with the submition. The stroy was posted do
Mythbhavd May 09 2008 21:58:17
Anima has an article on Sports and Medicine that I've been thinking about over the last couple of weeks and...
Mythbhavd May 09 2008 21:57:50
I left a couple of comments. Jump in and let's discuss the idea. While you're at it, read Healthcheck by Scott Bolger. Both can be found under Latest Articles on the left
Dnavarre May 07 2008 21:46:51
its cuz its a free-willing site, there could be sex and bad stories on this site, as well as mssaging.
Dnavarre May 06 2008 03:24:41
I have a short--disturbing-- new story up. Check it out.
Mythbhavd May 06 2008 02:29:36
Yep, I'm on here everyday too. Have a lot of back reading I'm catching up on in here. I'm trying to rate and read as I go along. Y'all should too. Grin
421 May 05 2008 23:37:49
Heh, seems to me that new stories aren't very popular ;/
Dnavarre May 05 2008 21:52:35
its blocked at my school too. use a direct link (like the story link)
Sarah-Malaria May 05 2008 17:04:25's blocked at my school. T_T
howle May 05 2008 02:59:00
Sword-Bearer Diodera: The Last Elder's Return
Sarah-Malaria May 05 2008 01:51:11
Does anyone ever get on this thing?
Mythbhavd May 01 2008 22:05:28
Anything you write in fixed form, unless it's a 'work for hire' is protected under copyright laws. Laws may vary depending on the country. Check the forum for more info.
Dnavarre May 01 2008 21:47:22
yeah, read the bottom od the page
spartanpredator May 01 2008 19:02:21
I've written a 46-page story I'm quite proud of, but can't decide if I should post it or there any sort of copyright protection from the site?
Mythbhavd April 30 2008 19:56:29
I've added a new category to the forums. It's called "Just Read It". We want y'all to read each other's works. If you have, stick a quick post in there!